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  • MotionMagix’s Interactive Floor at Columbia Basin Health Association

    Kids gets engaged With MotionMagix interactive floor.

    Client: Columbia Basin Health Association (CBHA), Othello, Washington
    Industry: Health (Hospital)
    Objective: To Engage Kids In Hospitals Waiting Area.
    Product: MotionMagix Interactive Floor
    Brief: Childrens hospitals & pediatric clinics are investing in innovative technology tools to engage patients and families during their stay as well as in the waiting area

    Play is a very important part of every kid’s life, even when they are in pain. MotionMagixTM delivers innovative approach to engage children and their families by leveraging Interactive Floor technology. CBHAs waiting area is converted into an interactive playground for children under medical care.

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  • MotionMagix’s Interactive Floor at Shopping Mall, Myanmar

    Visitors gets engaged With MotionMagix I40 feet interactive Walkway.

    Company Name : The Gioi Vang Pte. Ltd. (SOTRACO Group), Vietnam
    Industry: Events
    Objective: On the Occasion of lighting festival in Myanmar, Client wants more fun and interactive platform to engage people.
    Product: Retail (Shopping Mall)
    Brief: The Client Company is dedicated to providing product technology solutions that spans into many fields such as advertising media, entertainment, and many more. On the occasion of lighting festival in Myanmar client wants to engage people in an interactive way.

    To facilitate above objective a 40 feet interactive walkway (Interactive Floor) created at HAGL Center (The biggest shopping center in Myanmar) using MotionMagixTM Ultimate the most powerful software, 4 projectors and 4 MagixSense sensors. This made the fun at HAGL Center for everyone present there.

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  • Aditya Birla Group wants to engage event visitors in an Interactive Way!

    Visitors shared their opinions in an interactive way!

    Client: Aditya Birla Group
    Industry: Corporate and Industrial
    Objective: MTo induce interactivity and engagement in an event, for guests.
    Product: MotionMagix Interactive Wall and MagixKiosk
    Brief: Aditya Birla Group interests in sectors such as viscose staple fibre, metals, cement (largest in India), viscose filament yarn, branded apparel, carbon black, chemicals, fertilizers, insulators, financial services, telecom (third largest in India),
    BPO and IT services. At their annual Aditya Birla Group Awards 2015 function, they wanted to have their guests engaged in an interactive manner.
    Thus to process this objective, MagixKiosk was installed, on which guests typed their wishes which were further shared by displaying them on a MotionMagix Interactive Wall. This made the event delightful and memorable for everyone present there.

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  • A state of the art airport gives a state of the art welcome to its visitors

    Welcome passengers in Style! Interactive Wall gave the visitors a personalized feel in a public environment like airport by leveraging modern day technology.

    Client: TIMDAA / Pioneer AV / IGIA

    Industry: Transportation Services

    Objective: To give a personalized welcome to all visitors at the T3 Arrival.

    Product:MotionMagix Interactive Wall

    Brief: That the Indian airports are coming of age to match their counterpart across the globe isn’t news. Indian airports are seeing a fantastic amalgamation of art, infrastructure and technology in order to provide a truly international experience to its visitors. The T3 Terminal in the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi is no exception to this. Greeting the visitors at the arrivals in this terminal was a 40 feet MotionMagix Interactive Wall displaying several welcoming effects. Employing 28 LED panels and 6 motion sensors this screen tracked the motion of every individual passing by this Interactive Wall and played out a welcoming effect. A school of fish swimming by, or a group of people waving at the visitors were just some of the effects that played. The intuitive installation generated a lot of buzz since people could gesture and motion at these effects and the sensors responded to each of their movements individually. After all when one world’s largest airports and one of India’s swankiest terminals decides to give a special welcome to its visitors it has to be an experience to remember!

    Special thanks to TIMDAA, DIAL and PIONEER AV!

    Impact: The MotionMagix Interactive Wall gave the visitors a personalized feel in a public environment by leveraging modern day technology.

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  • Posing with the finest rides in town!

    At Saudi International Motor Show, our client Nissan used Augmented Reality to gain best possible exposure and engagement from the visitors.

    Client: NISSAN KSA

    Industry: Consumer and Retail, Automobile

    Objective: To Gain best possible exposure and engagement from the visitors at their stands in the Jeddah Motor Show

    Product: Augmented Reality

    Brief:Saudi International Motor Show is the regions largest and longest established automotive event consistently providing the automotive industry with a unique and unrivalled direct marketing opportunity.
    Nissan, never to be a step behind the latest style briefed our partner agency to develop an experiential solution geared towards the young sports car enthusiasts and visitors at the motor show.
    Linking the activity to social media (Facebook) was another key requirement.
    Majority of the visitors to Jeddah Motor show are sports car enthusiasts and almost all of them love to take pictures / Selfies with such cars and share them on social media. We gave them something they could never forget!
    We developed an interactive solution to let the visitors choose from a selection of cars (virtual) to take pictures with. Cars that arent even there at the event. Select the car of your choice, pose with it and then click a picture with it. The pictures could then even be edited in an instagram like fashion. This meant getting the coolest clicks from the motor show!
    The visitor could then share the photos directly on Facebook or take a colour photo print as bragging point to their friends.

    Impact: More people clicked their pictures and shared on Facebook from the Nissan stall than any other in the show because of the customisability and quality of pictures.

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  • Wayfinding – The fun and interactive way!

    Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC) used Wayfinding solution on multitouch kiosk with various features.

    Client: Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC)

    Industry: Events and Exhibitions

    Objective: Wayfinding solution at EEPC event

    Product: MagixKiosk

    Brief: Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC), an arm of the Ministry of Commerce, India works to advance export of engineering goods, projects and services from India. With a membership of 12,000 among large Industrial Corporate Houses, Small & Medium Scale Units (SME), and trading houses in the engineering business, its annual exhibition (IESS) promised to be nothing short of big and busy.
    Grappling with the problem of an simple wayfinding solution which gives not only directions but company information too, EEPC came to TouchMagix.
    In every exhibition, a major problem visitors face is not being able to visit every stall or not knowing the correct way to reach desired stall.
    We designed a customised wayfinding solution for EEPC on multi touch MagixKiosk. 3 MagixKiosks by TouchMagix were installed at the exhibition. The wayfinding software, had advanced search and category functions and gave visitors a glimpse of the companies they wanted to visit.
    It would be quite right to say that the exhibition began from the Wayfinding Kiosks and thats where everyone got their first dose of the exhibition at large and plan their way through Indias largest such confluence.

    Impact: An exhibition of around 200+ exhibitors became a less intimidating affair to negotiate!

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  • And the writing on the wall,’Happily Ever After’!

    Making 25th wedding anniversary memorable by showing guests best-wishes SMSes on the big screen.

    Client: Wedding party,Dubai

    Industry: Event and Media

    Objective: Making 25th wedding anniversary memorable.

    Product: MagixFone


    It was their 25th wedding anniversary and for their silver Jubilee, the hosts wanted something that makes the business of sending best wishes as elegant as it can be!
    TouchMagix MagixFone was the perfect solution for this event. The seamlessness of MagixFone, which doesnt ask you to anything more than just send a message through your phone the usual way made it a joy to interact with. The easy setup of MagixFone installation easy. The guests could send Anniversary wishes as phone texts to the couple and they were projected live on a big screen using a projector.
    The UI for the message wall was specially designed for the occasion and reflected the theme and dcor of the event.
    Guests and couple both loved the concept and event was hugely successful. More than 200 people attended the party and an even larger number of messages were shown on the wall.

    Impact: The event became more alive when guests could see their best-wishes SMSes on the big screen

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  • Microsoft raises the bar

    For launch of the Xbox One gaming console in India, Microsoft used Interactive bar to give visitors a unique interactive experience at this high end launch.

    Client: Microsoft

    Industry: Gaming

    Objective: To give visitors a unique interactive experience at a high end launch

    Product: MotionMagix Interactive Bar

    Brief: Microsoft launched the Xbox One gaming console in India in a sparkling celebration in Mumbai much to the delight of thousands of gaming fans. Gaming in India is growing at an unprecedented pace with gaming fans always on the lookout for entertainment experiences. Xbox One is positioned as one such destination where amazing experiences will always be in store for the users. The launch party of the Xbox One was a glittering event held at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel and saw spectacular music and dance performances. Just like everything else in this event, the bar too was nothing but extraordinary. Microsoft decided to use the cutting edge interactive technology of TouchMagix to provide their guests with a unique experience by installing a 16 feet long MotionMagix Interactive Bar to create a great ambient experience. This was the only functional bar in the event and blended effortlessly with the futuristic technology of the product itself. The intelligent tracking system of the bar detected any object touching the surface and used this input to interact with the movement on the bar counter. When the Xbox logo was displayed on the bar and tracking system in the bar identified the movements on the table and would make the logos glow and then scatter into multiple logos across the table. This interactive bar mesmerized the visitors and gave them a very unique way to engage with the brand.

    Impact: The MotionMagix Interactive Bar created a futuristic user experience which blended with the marketing theme of a high end product

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  • An incredible InfoComm 2014

    TouchMagix showcased our latest products and interactive technology solutions with some of our iconic content solutions which were used by industry giants at Infocomm 2014.

    Brief: Indias largest AV and ICT event, InfoComm2014, held recently in Mumbai was buzzing with excitement. The Mecca for all AV technology lovers, this event gave us a huge opportunity to showcase some of our latest products and interactive technology solutions. The event saw enthusiastic participation and we are happy that we got quite a high share of visitors (in fact, we are told we probably had the highest number of footfalls). Our displays had the visitors marveling at our cutting edge touch and gesture based interactive technology solutions. We displayed two of our new technologies; a collaboration screen for BYOD solution and the new MotionMagix 5.0 hardware solution. Apart from this we had our visitors admiring our other tech displays, the multi- touch MagixKiosk and the multi- touch MagixTable. We also showcased some of our iconic content solutions which were used by industry giants such as Royal Enfield, Reebok, Cisco, Lakeview and Volkswagen to make their company and branding events a mega success.
    InfoComm is also a great place to update yourself on the latest in AV technology via the seminars conducted by industry stalwarts. Our CEO Anup Tapadia conducted one such session on interactive technology which saw a packed house. We spoke to some of the attendees and were overwhelmed to find that many had traveled across the globe to attend this session specifically.
    Heres a big thank you to all who helped us, our partners, InfoComm and especially our visitors, in making this event such a huge success.

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  • A musical social interaction using gesture technology

    The installation using gesture technology generated a lot of buzz both online and offline because of its unique content and technology capability.

    Client: eyeSight

    Industry:: Media and Entertainment

    Objective: To use gesture technology to boost social interaction

    Product: MotionMagix Interactive Wall

    Gesture recognition is all set to change the way we interact with almost everything. What would you say if we told you that you could DJ a beat box on the street? Our partner wanted to see how people react to gesture recognition technology and if this technology could boost social interaction. TouchMagix developed the content and software for this installation for this very purpose. At the heart of this interaction lies the technology behind MotionMagix Interactive Wall. A hand icon flashed on the screen and people had to copy the motion displayed on the screen to start the program. As in a music mixer the content was designed to split into smaller parts, this screen and the music could be controlled by many people at the same time. A large number of people gathered to check out and interact with this installation. It was a lot of fun to see people grooving to the tune of this gesture controlled beat box. This novel public interaction program was a huge success and generated a lot of interest even online because of its unique interactive content. It got its share of appreciation even in social media and received close to a 100,000 views soon after it was uploaded.

    Impact: The installation generated a lot of buzz both online and offline because of its unique content and technology capability becoming a viral sensation.

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  • Disseminating Mahatma Gandhi’s Life Lessons & Ideology through Interactive Technology

    The life & teachings of Mahatma Gandhi’s lessons & ideology in an interactive manner.

    Objective: Disseminate Mahatma Gandhis life lessons & ideology in a state of the art interactive manner.

    Product: TouchMagix’ MotionMagix, MagixTouch, MagixTable and MagixKiosk

    Brief: The Gandhi Research Foundation in Jalgaon aims to be the premier international center for Gandhian Study, Research & Dialogue. It houses a state-of-the-art Interactive multi-media Museum that includes an Experience Center targeted at the youth. The GRF aim was to attempt a close encounter between Gandhiji and the visitor, engaging them in an imaginary yet almost-real dialogue without any human interface or intermediary. This was achieved by utilizing over 20 Interactive exhibits incorporating the latest in gesture & touch technology & creating a hand-on environment that touches & inspires at the same time.

    Impact: The primary target audience, the youth, are finding the life & teachings of Gandhiji engaging, appealing & worth following.


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  • Airtel Interactive Bowling Alley via BrandBox

    The primary target audience, the youth, found this a fun, innovative way to engage with the brand & the new logo.

    Client: Airtel

    Industry: Telecom

    Objective: To launch a brand logo targeted at the young consumer in a manner guaranteed to get their attention

    Product: MotionMagix Interactive Floor

    Brief: Airtel, one of Indias most media conscious brands, was aiming for high recall and engagement on the occasion of a brand overhaul. They chose a variety of media platforms to reach out to the young audience that was the focus of the brand. Among the most memorable events was an Interactive Bowling Alley that was rolled out in premium locations in 4 cities. The lanes became the scene of a blazing Airtel logo that chased the ball to the pins & then raced back to the player for a visually stunning & memorable game experience. You could say it was a strike!

    Impact: The primary target audience, the youth, found this a fun, innovative way to engage with the brand & the new logo.

    Media Coverage:

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