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  • A musical social interaction using gesture technology

    The installation generated a lot of buzz both online and offline because of its unique content and technology capability.

    Client: eyeSight

    Industry:: Media and Entertainment

    Objective: To use gesture technology to boost social interaction

    Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall

    Gesture recognition is all set to change the way we interact with almost everything. What would you say if we told you that you could DJ a beat box on the street? Our partner in Israel wanted to see how people react to gesture recognition technology and if this technology could boost social interaction. TouchMagix developed the content and software for this installation for this very purpose. At the heart of this interaction lies the technology behind MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall. A hand icon flashed on the screen and people had to copy the motion displayed on the screen to start the program. As in a music mixer the content was designed to split into smaller parts, this screen and the music could be controlled by many people at the same time. A large number of people gathered to check out and interact with this installation. It was a lot of fun to see people grooving to the tune of this gesture controlled beat box. This novel public interaction program was a huge success and generated a lot of interest even online because of its unique interactive content. It got its share of appreciation even in social media and received close to a 100,000 views soon after it was uploaded.

    Impact: The installation generated a lot of buzz both online and offline because of its unique content and technology capability becoming a viral sensation.

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  • Kidzania – The Goal is Kids Engagement

    TouchMagix recreated a soccer stadium experience in Kidzania Mumbai with MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall that served as the goal net.

    Client: Kidzania

    Industry: Kids, Entertainment

    Objective: To leverage the full capabilities of Interactive technologies to provide an extremely engaging experience for kids

    Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall

    Brief: Brand marketers, event managers and everyone associated with the business of attracting and retaining the interest of customers will agree that the toughest audience to cater to is kids. Their standards are impossibly high at the best of times and even more so when gaming technology is concerned . This was the challenge facing Kidzania, a unique role-playing experience targeting kids, when they were recreating a soccer stadium experience at their Mumbai outlet. The kids signing up for training to become “professional footballers” in the Kidzania world were no exception to this rule especially because they were spending their own money, well “Kidzoes”. A Real soccer ball, a real goal post and real “professional” players taking shots at targets showing up on the screen while being measured for their speed, accuracy and response times do not leave much tolerance for error in the MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall that serves as the goal net. The degree of difficulty and the accuracy demanded of the Wall rose with the age of the players. This was serious stuff for the kids – after-all they did get a detailed “system printed” report card mentioning every detail of their effort down to the last fraction of a second. The Psuedo-Touch Sensing technology we used here was up to the task though. The near-real life experience extended to the extreme care taken in mapping the virtual net to the real goal post down to the last nail – as most will agree nothing is too good for the kids!

    Impact: The exacting standards of the children were met by combing the capabilities of the technology and the extreme attention to detail during deployment.

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  • Reebok Promotes Speed – Naturally

    An uncompromisingly high quality display in tune with Reebok’s brand image was deployed to great effect.


    Client: Reebok

    Industry: Consumer Goods

    Objective: To provide a dazzling backdrop to a brand event within an extremely short time.

    Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor

    Brief: Reebok is among the best known fitness brands in the world with appeal across several segments of the market and a premium focus. The brand went through an overhaul and the launch event had to represent those values so they turned to the MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor to give the event the backdrop it deserved. The only problem was the lack of time to put the installation together. This was further complicated by the sheer scale – a 60 feet long walkway in a high end hotel. The fact that the event turned out as successful as it did was down to the advanced technology that we were able to bring to the occasion. The Edge blending capability of our solution allowed a smooth installation despite the extreme length. As a matter of fact the multiple sensors connected over a network present such flexibility that displays of virtually any size can be deployed in a very short time given extremely robust, content development and support teams, like our very own. The Reebok event turned into a dual showcase – the brand as well as the technology and the extremely speedy deployment!

    Impact: An uncompromisingly high quality display in tune with Reebok’s brand image was deployed in the time available due to the capability of the advance technology.


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  • KLIM Bone Challenge – A Unique Interactive Experience

    MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall helped Nestle Klim connect with the people both live and online about the importance of bone health.

    Client: Nestle Klim

    Industry: Food & Beverage

    Objective: To connect with the audience both live and virally online about the importance of bone health and the benefits of KLIM milk using a unique interactive interface.

    Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall

    Did you know that women need to take special care of their bone health? Two glasses of calcium rich milk daily are a must to look after bone health and to promote strength and well being, especially for a woman on the go. Nestlé KLIM Milk organized its latest event to create this awareness.  This event was called the ‘KLIM Women of Strength Challenge’ and was held at different outdoor locations in Dubai. KLIM booths, appropriately cup shaped, were set up at these locations and making this event interactive and engaging was the MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall. A 65 inch interactive screen with full body skeleton tracking technology developed by TouchMagix™ was deployed. An on-screen skeleton mimicked the actions of the participants in the booth. This skeletal partner of the participants had to catch the items being randomly dropped on the screen and collect points to win the challenge. They jumped and dived to catch the locks and KLIM packs that were being dropped and had a fantastic time while doing so. There were two cameras which were installed in the booths taking pictures and videos of the participants. On completing the challenge, the participants could mail these videos and pictures to their personal email accounts or post and share them on Facebook or You Tube from the booth itself thus establishing a great offline-online connect. From the reaction of the audience it seemed that the MotionMagix skeleton challenge gave enough reason to bond with your milk!

    Impact: Aligned to the intent of capturing a wider audience and viewership, the event was a huge success because of its engaging and interactive format and online- offline connect.


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  • An Interactive InfoComm MEA in Dazzling Dubai

    TouchMagix Media exhibited a range of Interactive solutions at InfoComm Middle East.

    InfoComm Middle East & Africa 2013 in Dubai was held between Oct 20 – 24, 2013 and it was buzzing with excitement. The biggest event in the region for all things Pro-AV and Digital Signage offered an obvious choice for us at TouchMagix Media to exhibit our range of Interactive solutions. Crowds flocked to the event and we got more than our fair share of visitors marveling at the Touch and Gesture based interactivities on display. Here’s big thank you to all our partners who helped put the show together for us and especially to all those who stopped by our stall – until InfoComm MEA 2014 !

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  • Larger Than Life Virtual Aquarium at Oceans Café Lounge

    MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall installation plays up the Ocean theme wonderfully and creates an unforgettable environment for diners.

    Client: Oceans Café Lounge

    Industry: Hospitality, F&B

    Objective: To create a completely unique experience guaranteed to make the location the talk of the town

    Product: MotionMagixTM Interactive Wall

    Brief: The restaurant industry is one of extreme competition with the “Next Big Thing” always waiting in the wings to take over from the current favourite. Apart from the food and the location a major factor that drives success is the dining experience. Customers will become loyal patrons who return again and again only if their visit is unique, memorable and enjoyable and visitors to the Oceans Café Lounge in Nagpur certainly have that. As the name suggests the dominant theme is the Ocean and a massive MotionMagixTM Interactive Wall plays a key role in giving an appropriate feel. At 20 feet X 8 feet the installation is huge – as wide as an ocean you could say.

    Enthralled visitors can interact with several exotic aquatic creatures in the fish tank. A seamlessly blended image from 2 projectors serves to make this an experience to remember and to talk about.

    Impact: The installation plays up the Ocean theme wonderfully and creates an unforgettable environment for the diners.


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  • An Interactive Birthday Party for Uncle Sam

    The MagixFone™ enabled much wider audience participation and education at US Consulate in India.

    Client: US Consulate in India

    Industry: Government

    Objective: To share US history, culture and values with the people of Mumbai in fun and entertaining ways.

    Product: Magix Fone

    Brief: Among the primary charters of the US Consulate in India is to deepen the connection between the people of the two countries. They carry out several activities intended to promote greater understanding of the history, culture and values of USA. One of these events was a day-long celebration of the US Independence Day in one of Mumbai’s major shopping destinations. The event was packed with several fun activities and one that caught everyone’s eye was the US Knowledge Quiz. This was a game show themed Trivia Quiz that came alive as members of the audience phoned in, well sms’ed in, their answers to the questions related to history and culture of US that came up on the screen using the interactive capabilities of the MagixFone. This allowed simultaneous participation of many visitors thus engaging a much larger portion of the audience than would otherwise have been possible. The operating principle being the more the merrier – it is a birthday party after-all !

    Impact: The MagixFone enabled much wider audience participation and education via gamification  - a key benefit for an event held in an outside location over a limited period of time.


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  • Snickers Sweetening the Deal for Vegetarians

    The new positioning for Snickers as a “Vegetarian” product was amply demonstrated – both on location & in the social media.

    Client: Snickers

    Industry: Consumer Goods

    Objective: To drive home a very specific positioning approach to a completely new category of consumers in a manner guaranteed to ensure recall.

    Product: MotionMagix Interactive Wall, Multi-touch Magix Kiosk

    Brief: Snickers is among the most loved chocolate brands in the world with a well-known positioning. With a large vegetarian population in India Snickers saw an opportunity to take a  unique positioning as a completely vegetarian chocolate and chose to make a big push into the markets identified as having a substantial number of people fitting the target profile. They held events in malls across such locations that included a high degree of interactivity. On the Interactive Wall visitors were invited to assemble a Snickers bar complete with a prominent “Green Dot” designating the vegetarian nature of the finished product. The Wall ensured very high visibility at the location. In an innovative demonstration of the offline-online connect there was also a game that the visitors could play on an Interactive Kiosk to claim a free Snickers bar – but only if they shared the experience on their personal Facebook Page. Visitors were clamouring to play the game & then log into their personal Facebook accounts to share the experience as also the brand positioning thus extending the reach of the promotion from the location to all over the web via the thousands of friends of each booth visitor. An innovative way to multiply the visibility of the brand beyond the boundaries of the physical site !

    Impact: The new positioning for Snickers as a “Vegetarian” product was amply demonstrated – both on location & in the social media world in a truly memorable manner.


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  • Prominent Builder Advertises Premium Projects using Interactive Technology

    Rohan Builder exhibited at Property Expo.



    Client: Rohan Builders

    Industry: Construction and Real Estate

    Objective: Advertise different projects at Property Expo

    Product: MotionMagix Interactive Wall

    Installation Type: Single Overhead Projection on Wall

    Brief: Rohan Builders is a leading real estate development and infrastructure management company in India. With multiple projects and work streams under their work band, they wanted to use innovative methods to display all their work in one way. They wanted a fun and entertaining way to educate their target audience of their work. We created a MotionMagix Interactive wall with capabilities of interacting with the content using simple hand gestures. A carousel menu, which could be rotated by moving a hand sideways, displayed icons of all projects they had done. On pointing towards a specific icon, it would flash open related PDF, Pictures of Videos. Users could flip through pages, sees videos, see pictures by moving hands sideways and pointing to icons. All this was backed by an electrifying background, stopping people on their way and inviting them to interact with this fabulous display.

    Impact: Rohan Builder exhibit at the Property Expo won accolades for showcasing information in an innovative way. The exhibit saw most number of walk-ins, interactions and enquiries in the expo.


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  • Interactive Wall at NIKE Store

    Nike engaged shoppers in the most unique fashion with Interactive wall.




    Client: Nike

    Industry: Retail

    Objective: Enhancing the retail store experience

    Product: MagixTouch Multi-Touch

    Brief:  Nike leads the world when it comes to branding, marketing and retailing of sportswear. When they wanted to revolutionize the retail experience within their flagship Nike stores they decided to go futuristic with a MagixTouch Multi-Touch displays. Shoppers were invited to browse the catalogue of shoes on a virtual shoe rack and flick through the many different models with a simple touch or gesture. The shoppers could also narrow down to a specific model and view more details like shoe-type, features such as cushioning, weight, model name, colors, including a 360 degree view. The shoppers were engaged more deeply with the product and this experience provided a vital connection right up to the actual trial and purchase – a futuristic concept for a product that is well-known for driving the future.

    Impact:  Nike continues to drive the future along with engaging the shoppers in-store in the most unique fashion. The installations also resulted in more educated shoppers.



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  • Interactive Bar Table in Jordan

    An exclusive 11 feet long interactive MotionMagix table at a branded lounge mesmerized patrons with its exclusive effects.


    Our partner in Jordan recently installed an exclusive 11 feet long interactive MotionMagix table at one of their clients branded lounge. With exclusive effects to mesmerize the patrons, the lounge bar creates a unique experience for visitors to engage with the brand.



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  • Cisco’s Future Perfect Partner Meet

    Cisco showcased its vision for the future to its partners in an equally progressive manner with MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall.

    Client: Cisco

    Industry: Technology

    Objective: To present the company’s vision for the future in an engaging manner using MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall

    Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall

    Cisco is a name that has always been associated with pushing boundaries and creating unprecedented value for its customers and partners worldwide. This networking leader has pioneered networking solutions and has played a key role in transforming the way people connect and communicate. When it came to presenting their future predictions to their partners, it was but natural for them to use an engaging and interactive medium to do so. Using the MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall, Cisco created a Prediction Wall for this partner meets. This Interactive Wall allowed the partners to take a peek into the predictions that Cisco made for their future using a gesture based tracking technology. The wall was activated with the wave of a hand. The user could then point at the menu section at the bottom  of the page which listed the years ahead. The specific year being pointed at would then open and allow the partner to see what the company was going to achieve during that period. The MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall livened up this partner meet by providing the Cisco partners all the insight and information that they needed in an engaging and interactive manner and presented a clear outlook of what they could expect from this networking giant in the future.

    Impact: An innovative and progressive technology company needed to showcase its vision for the future to its partners in an equally progressive manner. This was well demonstrated and amply achieved using the MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall.


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  • Airtel Interactive Bowling Alley via BrandBox

    The primary target audience, the youth, found this a fun, innovative way to engage with the brand & the new logo.

    Client: Airtel

    Industry: Telecom

    Objective: To launch a brand logo targeted at the young consumer in a manner guaranteed to get their attention

    Product: MotionMagix Interactive Floor

    Brief: Airtel, one of India’s most media conscious brands, was aiming for high recall and engagement on the occasion of a brand overhaul. They chose a variety of media platforms to reach out to the young audience that was the focus of the brand. Among the most memorable events was an Interactive Bowling Alley that was “rolled out” in premium locations in 4 cities. The lanes became the scene of a blazing Airtel logo that chased the ball to the pins & then raced back to the player for a visually stunning & memorable game experience. You could say it was a “strike”!

    Impact: The primary target audience, the youth, found this a fun, innovative way to engage with the brand & the new logo.

    Media Coverage:

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