65″ Multi-touch Experience at the Auto Expo with Royal Enfield

Visitors made aware of the fascinating journey of Royal Enfield in an unforgettable manner.

Client: Royal Enfield

Industry: Auto

Objective: To drive home the extremely strong historical context of the brand and to reinforce the connect with its many fans.

Product: MagixTouch Multi-Touch technology on a 65 inch screen

Brief: Royal Enfield is an iconic brand steeped in history. As the oldest bike in continuous production in the world it has legions of followers across the globe who consider themselves experts at every twist and turn in the story of the company and the brand values this sentiment tremendously. To give these committed brand advocates access to the complete history of the bike in one place and to indulge their need to check into specific points in the timeline Royal Enfield has provided an Interactive Timeline at the reception of their main factory in India. MagixTouch Multi-touch technology on a 65 inch screen brings to life this time line containing information about the bikes of the time, the designers, specifications, advertisements, press clippings and several nuggets of visually appealing information. Visitors can go forward and back in time and home into specific years and feed their fancy to the fullest. What a way to really get to know a brand and its fascinating journey through time !

Impact: The visitors are made aware of the fascinating journey of the brand in an unforgettable manner.

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