A cutting edge window display for a really smart smart phone

Creating buzz with interactive display and attracting potential buyers to explore the new offering from Nokia.

Client: Nokia Priority Store

Industry: Mobile Retail

Objective: To create a window display that educates and creates awareness using interactive technology

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall

Nokia mobiles are back and how! The Nokia X series smartphones definitely belong to the next generation smartphone category. So when a Nokia Priority Dealer in Mumbai decided to showcase this smartphone, the window display could be nothing less than a showstopper. Using the MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall, a large 65 inch LED screen with a 3D depth sensor with ‘through the glass’ gesture and silhouette tracking technology became the store’s window display. Unlike most stores where the display shut when the store closed, this display was live 24X7. Displayed on the screen were a number of Nokia X apps and interacting with those apps was a shadow. The apps on the screen were static and became dynamic as soon as someone passed past or stopped in front of the display. The ‘through the glass’ gesture tracking technology enabled people to interact with the shadow and play games and use the several other apps displayed on the screen using silhouette tracking technology. The unique nature of the content displayed on the window managed to generate a huge amount of interest among the crowd and also managed to showcase the unique capabilities of the new Nokia smartphone in an engaging format. The window display for this Nokia store, much like the tagline for the Nokia X, was definitely ‘not like everyone else’.

Impact: The display generated a lot of buzz regarding the smartphone and encouraged potential buyers to explore the new offering from Nokia

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