A dealer event with an interactive touch


MotionMagix video wall with augmented reality gave brand an opportunity to reach a larger audience through an offline-online connect.

Client: A leading FMCG company

Industry: FMGC

Objective: To build brand image with the dealers and establish an offline-online connect to reach a larger audience

Product: MotionMagix on video wall

Brief: Dealer events today are not just forums where companies can showcase best practices, trends and other information relevant to the company but are also exciting venues for companies to connect at a more personal level with their dealer network. Dealer events are also a great platform to recognize the contribution the dealers make towards the company’s success and for this the company’s go all out to ensure that the dealers have a great time. A leading FMCG company organized one such event in Delhi for their dealers. Apart from the business discussion that went on, the company also wanted to make sure that their dealers have their fair share of fun and have a unique experience. For this they employed the futuristic capabilities of TouchMagix’s technology and clubbed gesture technology with augmented reality. TouchMagix deployed a huge MotionMagix video wall which displayed some spectacular monuments from across India. The guests using gestures could choose and select the monument in front of which they wanted to be photographed. Once selected, the monument would be displayed on the large screen and the guests could take their picture standing in front of their favourite structure. Once clicked the guests could then post their picture directly from the screen on to their Facebook page. This exercise helped this leading FMCG company to not only engage with the audience present at the location of the event but also provided an excellent way to optimize brand visibility by connection with the thousands via the social media channel using the offline-online connect.

Impact: The interactive technology not only engaged the visitors at the venue but also gave the brand an opportunity to reach a larger audience through an offline-online connect.

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