A hotel lobby can be an interesting place maybe an interactive place?

The interactive floor livened up the lobby and visitors enjoyed the different experience.

Client: Hotel Pullman Dubai

Industry: Hospitality

Objective: To add a “fun” element to the experience of a hotel guest

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor

Brief: Let’s face it – a hotel lobby is not the most interesting place in the world. For a hotel guest or a visitor it is often just a place to pass through while going about their business but it is also the one place that every single visitor passes through. The Pullman Hotel in Dubai saw this as an opportunity to reinforce the brand and to stand out. The objective was to use the lobby space creatively to add an element of visual appeal different from that usual experience their visitors would have been accustomed to. A MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor was deployed close to the main entrance with a ripple effect and the Pullman logo reacting to the footsteps of visitors. The net impact expected was that visitors would notice the distinctly different lobby and associate the different and fun approach with the brand.

Impact: The interactive floor livened up the lobby and visitors were seen interacting with the content and retracing their footsteps to enjoy the different experience.

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