A Walk with the Stars


An innovative way to launch the new message from YouTube.

Client: YouTube

Industry: Technology

Objective: To use Interactivity to provide a dazzling accompaniment to the launch of a new media property

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor

Brief: YouTube is a household name. Sometimes being such a well-known brand can be a problem especially when the intent is to launch a sub-brand or a service that goes even a little away from the traditional perception of the brand. YouTube is still largely known as a location for user generated and possibly somewhat “home grown” content so when they wanted to launch a media property focused on the online movie watching experience they wanted to make the launch memorable. Such content is obviously much more professionally produced and with the trademark showbiz “razzle dazzle”. The obvious intent was to leverage the star power resident within the content and they chose an Interactive method to drive home that message. The venue featured multiple installations of the MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor. The first with a dazzling display of “Flip Card” style albums containing collages of still images as well as popular movie clips of the day & the second providing a “halo” effect at each spot that the guest interacted with. As visitors walked with, or rather on, the stars the connect between YouTube and their new focus on movies was amply reinforced.

Impact: An innovative way was found to supplement the altered message for the new service from an established brand.

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