ATOS Redefining Customer Experience Through Interactive Engagement

ATOS presented company information in an innovative manner using MagixTouch™ Multi-Touch displays.

Client:  ATOS

Industry : Technology

Objective: To present company information in an engaging and innovative manner

Product: MagixTouch™ Multi-Touch System

Brief: ATOS is a global Information Technology Services leader which aims at powering progress for its clients by helping them power their business technology. With clients across Telecom, Media, Technology, Financial Services, Energy, Retail, Manufacturing and Healthcare amongst others, ATOS is 76,000 employees strong and has a presence in over 46 countries. They have been innovative, dynamic and driven in their approach towards their clients. Their Customer Experience Center aligns to this approach by creating a differentiated customer experience with two, large 65 inch interactive screens from TouchMagix. These MagixTouch™ Multi- Touch systems give customers seamless access to company information that they can browse through, take a quick peek at power point presentations, look at solutions and view success stories in an interactive and impactful environment powered by these large screens. This Customer Experience Center is truly built to leave a lasting impression.

Impact: A whole new customer experience by creating an impactful environment by sharing information in a visually distinctive and innovative manner using interactive displays.



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