Building consumer connections with interactive newsletters


Interactive technology helped in displaying content in a very engaging format and increasing footfall at Dion Wired Mall, Johannesburg.

Client: Dion Wired Mall, Johannesburg

Industry: Retail

Objective: To increase the reach of the company newsletter and excite people to become registered users

Product:MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall with Microsoft Kinect Tracking

Brief: Businesses view newsletters as an extremely valuable marketing tool. In the retail industry especially, newsletters help in maintaining contact with customers, create awareness regarding the brand and products, help in brand positioning and allow people stay better informed about the business. However, what if the contact base of customers was ever increasing? What if there was a huge target audience sitting right at the doorstep but you had no idea how to reach out to them?
Dion Wired store, one of South Africa’s premier consumer electronics and appliance concept store, aims at staying connected. They realized that they could reach a much larger number of people and generate more sales if their newsletter reader base would increase. Since not all the walk –in customers of the store were registered users, Dion Wired needed to come up with an innovative solution to bring the newsletter to all the people who visited them. To help them achieve this TouchMagix installed a 56 inch LED full HD screen MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall at the store powered by Kinect Microsoft gesture technology. We created a template for their newsletter which could be displayed on this MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall. The visitors could take a look at the latest products and innovations and could scroll up or down and even click on the displayed content using gestures. The people walking into the store were extremely impressed with the huge display and the cutting edge gesture technology. They scrolled though the newsletter getting informed about all the latest products and store deals with a lot of interest because of the immersive quality of the display. This installation generated was quite a buzz amongst the store goers and was a huge success since it saw people queuing up to view the latest products on offers and also witnessed quite a large number registering to receive their newsletters online as well!

Impact: TouchMagix’s interactive display and cutting edge technology helped in displaying content in a very engaging format that generated a lot of interest amongst customers and encouraged them to become registered users of the store.

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