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Reebok Promotes Speed – Naturally

Reebok Promotes Speed – Naturally


An uncompromisingly high quality display in tune with Reebok’s brand image was deployed to great effect.


Client: Reebok

Industry: Consumer Goods

Objective: To provide a dazzling backdrop to a brand event within an extremely short time.

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor

Brief: Reebok is among the best known fitness brands in the world with appeal across several segments of the market and a premium focus. The brand went through an overhaul and the launch event had to represent those values so they turned to the MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor to give the event the backdrop it deserved. The only problem was the lack of time to put the installation together. This was further complicated by the sheer scale – a 60 feet long walkway in a high end hotel. The fact that the event turned out as successful as it did was down to the advanced technology that we were able to bring to the occasion. The Edge blending capability of our solution allowed a smooth installation despite the extreme length. As a matter of fact the multiple sensors connected over a network present such flexibility that displays of virtually any size can be deployed in a very short time given extremely robust, content development and support teams, like our very own. The Reebok event turned into a dual showcase – the brand as well as the technology and the extremely speedy deployment!

Impact: An uncompromisingly high quality display in tune with Reebok’s brand image was deployed in the time available due to the capability of the advance technology.



KLIM Bone Challenge – A Unique Interactive Experience

MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall helped Nestle Klim connect with the people both live and online about the importance of bone health.

Client: Nestle Klim

Industry: Food & Beverage

Objective: To connect with the audience both live and virally online about the importance of bone health and the benefits of KLIM milk using a unique interactive interface.

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall

Did you know that women need to take special care of their bone health? Two glasses of calcium rich milk daily are a must to look after bone health and to promote strength and well being, especially for a woman on the go. Nestlé KLIM Milk organized its latest event to create this awareness.  This event was called the ‘KLIM Women of Strength Challenge’ and was held at different outdoor locations in Dubai. KLIM booths, appropriately cup shaped, were set up at these locations and making this event interactive and engaging was the MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall. A 65 inch interactive screen with full body skeleton tracking technology developed by TouchMagix™ was deployed. An on-screen skeleton mimicked the actions of the participants in the booth. This skeletal partner of the participants had to catch the items being randomly dropped on the screen and collect points to win the challenge. They jumped and dived to catch the locks and KLIM packs that were being dropped and had a fantastic time while doing so. There were two cameras which were installed in the booths taking pictures and videos of the participants. On completing the challenge, the participants could mail these videos and pictures to their personal email accounts or post and share them on Facebook or You Tube from the booth itself thus establishing a great offline-online connect. From the reaction of the audience it seemed that the MotionMagix skeleton challenge gave enough reason to bond with your milk!

Impact: Aligned to the intent of capturing a wider audience and viewership, the event was a huge success because of its engaging and interactive format and online- offline connect.


An Interactive Display With Drive for Skoda

An Interactive Display With Drive for Skoda

The MagixFone™ enabled a wide participation while educating Mumbaikars in fun and entertaining ways.

Client: Skoda Automobiles

Industry: Automobile

Objective: To give a completely new and memorable dimension to the re-launch of a well-known luxury brand

Product: Multi-Touch MagixKiosk™

Brief: Automobile brands lead the way when it comes to the use of new techniques and technologies to create a differentiated experience for their customers and this starts at the time of the launch itself – or in this case the re-launch. The Skoda Octavia is a familiar name for luxury car fans in India and when the latest variant was released in India to the media, the channel and partners the event had to be spectacular. A tool Skoda leveraged heavily was a 3D Visualizer that allowed visitors to get a complete experience of the car – everything except actually driving it that is! Multi-Touch MagixKiosk™ with specially designed content allowed visitors to view different variants and colours of the newly launched variant with a touch or a swipe. The inner state was maintained consistent with the model chosen as the visitors viewed the interiors of the car. Once virtually inside they could open doors and windows and also the boot, retract mirrors, adjust handles, open the glove box, turn on and switch off the lights and see the seats as they actually would be. The interactivity brought the 3-D effects to life, a new dimension as it were, while allowing the visitors to get a truly up-close and personal feel of the car.

Impact: Visitors were left dazzled with the new car as well as with this completely unique way of allowing each of them to experience it at their own pace.



Green is Volkswagens Colour of the Season

Green is Volkswagen’s Colour of the Season

MagixKiosk™ & MagixFone™ increased awareness of Volkswagen’s environmental policies.

Client: Volkswagen

Industry: Automobile

Objective: To increase awareness of Volkswagen’s environmental policies and to demonstrate their commitment to the environment among employees

Product: MagixFone, Multi-touch Magix Kiosk

Brief: As one of the largest automobile makers in the world Volkswagen has always demonstrated an admirable commitment to the environment. Their policies are extensive and often visionary. On the occasion of the World Environment Day they wanted to re-iterate this commitment in the eyes of employees and also to drive up awareness of the various policies and methods. They chose to do this in an engaging game show like format using a combination of the Magix Kiosk & MagixFone. Questions about the environmental policies of Volkswagen appeared on the screen and employees were invited to send in their responses using their phones. The responses were associated with the mobile numbers of employees and tracked through MagixFone. The contest drew such a tremendous response that Volkswagen has decided to run such contests at other locations and around the year. The employee that scores the highest across all of these could be eligible for a grand prize. Policies sometimes get the rap for being dry & un-interesting – not when presented in this manner!

Impact: The interesting approach adopted to drive up awareness of the policies among the many employees was a great success.




Google Showcases Advertising Avenues for Unilever Brands

The Interactive capabilities of the MagixKiosk™ played a key role in successfully showcasing Google’s advertising channels.

Client: Google / HUL

Industry: Consumer Goods

Objective: Using the interactive capabilities of the MagixKiosk™ to supplement the appeal of Google’s advertising channels.

Product: Multi-touch MagixKiosk™

Brief: Google hosted an event at the Hindustan Unilever office and used interactive technologies to showcase the array of advertising avenues available to the various iconic Unilever brands within Google’s portfolio. A key part of the effort was the MagixKisok. Touchmagix’s pioneering technology was instrumental in presenting the information in a refreshingly different light. The presentation was informative, interactive and visually appealing – a combination that served to make it memorable. This allowed the content to be shown off to maximum advantage with nothing being lost in translation – surely the best way to convince the Unilever brand advocates of the potential of the medium.

Impact: The Interactive capabilities of the MagixKiosk played a key role in the successful showcasing of Google’s content.


Airtel Interactive Bowling Alley via BrandBox

Airtel Interactive Bowling Alley via BrandBox

The primary target audience, the youth, found this a fun, innovative way to engage with the brand & the new logo.

Client: Airtel

Industry: Telecom

Objective: To launch a brand logo targeted at the young consumer in a manner guaranteed to get their attention

Product: MotionMagix Interactive Floor

Brief: Airtel, one of India’s most media conscious brands, was aiming for high recall and engagement on the occasion of a brand overhaul. They chose a variety of media platforms to reach out to the young audience that was the focus of the brand. Among the most memorable events was an Interactive Bowling Alley that was “rolled out” in premium locations in 4 cities. The lanes became the scene of a blazing Airtel logo that chased the ball to the pins & then raced back to the player for a visually stunning & memorable game experience. You could say it was a “strike”!

Impact: The primary target audience, the youth, found this a fun, innovative way to engage with the brand & the new logo.

Media Coverage:

Google Showcases the Cutting-edge Image of Google Play

Google Showcases the Cutting-edge Image of Google Play

The display communicated the salient qualities of the brand fundamental to its experience.

Client: Google

Industry: High Tech

Objective: An advertising display as cutting edge as Google Play itself

Product: Multi-touch Magix Kiosk

Brief: When Google wanted an advertising display to bring home the cutting-edge image of Google Play to an appropriately elite audience, they adopted a concept as pioneering as the brand itself. Visitors to Delhi International Airports T3 were wowed by a 42” Magix Kiosk based Android Tablet simulator that magnified the screen of the tablet without sacrificing its touch based capabilities.

Playing with the giant screen left a lasting impact of the experience as well as the brand in their minds.

Impact: The display was able to communicate a lasting impression of the salient qualities of the brand and also some features of the tablet fundamental to its experience.



MotionMagix Interactive Floor at Michelin Conference

MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor at Michelin Conference


At the Michelin Annual Conference, Interactive Floor gave employees, their families and friends an unforgettable experience.

MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor used by our Indian Partner at the Michelin Annual Conference at the entry point. Employees, their families and friends walked in impressed with the “Wow” like branding exercise.

65″ Multi-touch Experience at the Auto Expo with Royal Enfield

65″ Multi-touch Experience at the Auto Expo with Royal Enfield

Visitors made aware of the fascinating journey of Royal Enfield in an unforgettable manner.

Client: Royal Enfield

Industry: Auto

Objective: To drive home the extremely strong historical context of the brand and to reinforce the connect with its many fans.

Product: MagixTouch Multi-Touch technology on a 65 inch screen

Brief: Royal Enfield is an iconic brand steeped in history. As the oldest bike in continuous production in the world it has legions of followers across the globe who consider themselves experts at every twist and turn in the story of the company and the brand values this sentiment tremendously. To give these committed brand advocates access to the complete history of the bike in one place and to indulge their need to check into specific points in the timeline Royal Enfield has provided an Interactive Timeline at the reception of their main factory in India. MagixTouch Multi-touch technology on a 65 inch screen brings to life this time line containing information about the bikes of the time, the designers, specifications, advertisements, press clippings and several nuggets of visually appealing information. Visitors can go forward and back in time and home into specific years and feed their fancy to the fullest. What a way to really get to know a brand and its fascinating journey through time !

Impact: The visitors are made aware of the fascinating journey of the brand in an unforgettable manner.

Breezer Bustle Launch with MotionMagix Interactive Floor

Breezer Bustle Launch with MotionMagix Interactive Floor

Reinforcing association of Bacardi with music with Interactive Floor.

Client: Bacardi

Industry: Consumer

Objective: To reinforce the association of Bacardi with music and to create greater awareness about the different variants of the brand.

Product: MotionMagix Interactive Wall, MotionMagix Interactive Floor

Brief: Bacardi is known world-wide for its colourful, fruity flavours and also for its strong association with fresh, youthful music. Digital media and online connections also form a key part of the communication strategy of the brand. Among its most popular promotions in India was associated with the Breezer Bustle Music CD and promotional online game – a massive effort spread across 108 days and 36 pubs across the country. Pub visitors were invited to join the on-screen character in a dance and points were earned by following instructions to step on mats representing the different flavours of the brand.

The engagement was further deepened as players were encouraged to publish their scores to Facebook and Twitter thus also ensuring the virality of the message. A significant challenge was posed by the space constraint in the various locations –an innovative combination of the Interactive Floor and Interactive Wall helped overcome that. The movements of the players were tracked on the floor but the resulting interaction with the on-screen dancer was visually represented on the wall. All in all this was one of our most satisfying projects bringing together several uniquely challenging needs like the space-constrained deployment, the offline – online connect and the content into one launch.

Impact: The launch ensured that the Bacardi Breezer Bustle was one of the most talked about launches for the brand and also drove home the message of the various variants in a fun and engaging manner while staying with the musical theme of all Bacardi’s communications.