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Global pharmaceutical giant gets its employees moving and jumping to technology

Interactive games at a corporate event for employee engagement

Client: Sanofi

Industry: Pharmaceutical

Objective: Employee engagement at a corporate event for leading Pharma Company.

Product: MotionMagixTM on 60” LCD TV

Brief: Employee engagement is a big priority for any major corporation and it has been ours too over the years. Major businesses like Sanofi in this case look to TouchMagix to create meaningful, memorable and sheer fun filled experiences.
TouchMagix enables corporates to choose from a set of more than 100 games, some more popular than others for purposes of employee engagement. The games are played through bodily gestures and are extremely addictive and challenging.
For Sanofi, we installed a MotionMagixTM front sensing Interactive wall with a set of 10 games customized to reflect their corporate identity. We used a 60” LCD TV as the display.
As people discovered the installment and games, the desire to personally experience the game play caused a huge rush at the venue. And before the event was even over people started pouring in with request for more such events. If you count success of an event by sheer joy on people’s faces, this was certainly a successful one. We thank our partners and the clients for the overall success of the event.

Impact: The event became successful and served purpose of employee engagement with interactive games on LCD screen.


Real estate giant uses interactive technology for a project launch

Launching new project in interactive format enhanced the brand image among visitors!

Client: Lodha Group

Industry: Real Estate

Objective: To have an engaging and innovative property project launch

Product: MultiTouch Kiosk

Brief: Lodha Group is a one of India’s premier real estate groups and have developed over 350 million square foot of premium real estate. Some of their landmark constructions have changed the landscape of Mumbai and they are recognized as one of India’s most trusted brand in the real estate category. This group recently held a huge event to launch their swanking new property. Just like the group itself, the display through this interactive medium was to be viewed had to be equally impressive and dramatic. TouchMagix gave them the perfect solution and provided them with a huge 32 inch MagixKiosk™ on which their entire web content was ported in HTML 5. The MagixKiosk™ gave the visitors browsing options so that they could navigate the site easily and also zoom in on required areas. The high quality display gave the visitors the true look and feel of the real estate giant’s projects as could browse the layouts, plans, picture gallery and all other project related information just as they were displayed on the website quite easily through the kiosk. The interactive display generated a great deal of interest amongst the guests and communicated quite clearly the level of excellence that they could expect from them.

Impact: Visitors got a chance to view the company website in an interactive format which enhanced the brand image and facilitated deeper discussions.


Disseminating information through Interactive Technology

Multi-touch MagixKiosks™ that can easily adjusted on any screen


With the progress in technology most organizations today are looking at innovative ways and methods of dispensing information. Many of these large corporations have looked towards our hardware solutions to disseminate corporate information and run presentations for their employees or clients in a manner that is more interactive. From Multi-touch MagixKiosks™ that can easily adjusted into four form factors, Multi-Touch Thru-glass Film as touchfoils that fit any screen or glass façade to Multi-Touch Snap-on Frames that transform any LCD display into a multi – touch screen, TouchMagix’s hardware systems go a long way in creating experiences that leave a powerful impression. Our hardware systems have been installed in a number of tech companies, banks, hotels, real estate companies and have the ability to seamlessly work with AV integrators and AV partners to implement their technology and meet customized requirements of the client to create futuristic, hi tech displays.


TouchMagix Makes Samsung Enterprise Solutions Expo Interactive

Samsung Enterprise Solutions Expo 2014 explored the interactive capabilities of TouchMagix

Client: Samsung Enterprise Solutions Expo 2014

Objective: To showcase the various possibilities of Interactive technologies in a variety of industries.

Product: MagixKiosk™, MagixScreen, MagixTable, Multi-Touch Overlay

Samsung Enterprise Solutions Expo 2014 showcased innovation and leadership of Samsung’s Enterprise Business. A two day event, the expo presented a whole host of technologies from Samsung and its partner companies for a variety of industries. The Samsung Enterprise Solutions Expo 2014 also explored the interactive capabilities of TouchMagix’s technology in different environments such as retail, customer experience centres and banks. For this, TouchMagix used a MagixKiosk™, 46” MagixScreen™, MagixTable™. Along with this TouchMagix also deployed a 3*3 video wall with gesture technology to showcase Samsung’s rich history and corporate vision.

Impact: Samsung and Samsung partners found Inspiration and business use for the entire range of TouchMagix’ interactive products.


A cutting edge window display for a really smart smart phone

Creating buzz with interactive display and attracting potential buyers to explore the new offering from Nokia.

Client: Nokia Priority Store

Industry: Mobile Retail

Objective: To create a window display that educates and creates awareness using interactive technology

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall

Nokia mobiles are back and how! The Nokia X series smartphones definitely belong to the next generation smartphone category. So when a Nokia Priority Dealer in Mumbai decided to showcase this smartphone, the window display could be nothing less than a showstopper. Using the MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall, a large 65 inch LED screen with a 3D depth sensor with ‘through the glass’ gesture and silhouette tracking technology became the store’s window display. Unlike most stores where the display shut when the store closed, this display was live 24X7. Displayed on the screen were a number of Nokia X apps and interacting with those apps was a shadow. The apps on the screen were static and became dynamic as soon as someone passed past or stopped in front of the display. The ‘through the glass’ gesture tracking technology enabled people to interact with the shadow and play games and use the several other apps displayed on the screen using silhouette tracking technology. The unique nature of the content displayed on the window managed to generate a huge amount of interest among the crowd and also managed to showcase the unique capabilities of the new Nokia smartphone in an engaging format. The window display for this Nokia store, much like the tagline for the Nokia X, was definitely ‘not like everyone else’.

Impact: The display generated a lot of buzz regarding the smartphone and encouraged potential buyers to explore the new offering from Nokia


Amdocs Uses Interactivity to Boost Employee Engagement

Greater employee engagement and enthusiastic participation with MotionMagix™.

Client: Amdocs

Industry: IT Services and Solutions

Objective: To promote greater employee engagement and participation in the recent team building exercise

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall

Brief: We are all moving towards a world that is hyper connected. So when a company that prides itself in offering differentiated experiences in their IT Services offering decides to have an internal team building exercise, it can be nothing else other than hi tech while offering an elevated employee engagement experience. To achieve this Amdocs asked TouchMagix to make use of our Corporate Engagement Game Pack. Amdocs felt that interactivity during such employee events was a necessary since physical activity and relevant corporate team building exercises needed to be amalgamated in a fun and engaging manner. The MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall was installed in their cafeterias – 3 in Delhi and 1 in Pune. 10 specially designed games targeting the corporate audience were used in these events. Along with the regular football and tennis games to check the participants’ physical agility, there were special games tailored for the company to promote a sense of camaraderie and team work between employees. The unusual mix of games generated a great sense of interest amongst the employees and ensured enthusiastic participation making this team building exercise a great success.

Impact: The agenda for this meet was to promote greater employee engagement during the internal team building activity. The interactive games were not only effective in ensuring that the participants had fun but also helped in engaging and generating a wider employee interest in the exercise.


HP’s Printer Launch Left an Imprint

The launch of a common product like printer became “interactive” with MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor.

Client: HP

Industry: Technology

Objective: To enliven up a product launch in a product category seen as staid and mundane

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor

Brief: Printers as a product category sometimes suffer the disadvantage of being so common place that building up excitement for a launch may present a challenge. The products are extremely high tech and almost by definition “colourful” – the problem facing HP while launching the latest OfficeJet Pro X in Africa was how to make these virtues apparent to the consumers? The approach they settled on was to make the launch event in a premier mall reflect these very qualities. Apart from the suitably dazzling displays of the printer the event space itself was jazzed up using the MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor. Visitors to the event location walked in over the projection of a giant HP logo and a message welcoming them to “The HP Elite Experience”. The floor responded to the footfalls of the visitors with 3 different display effects – a scattering into small HP logos, a swipe effect and a smash effect. Even as early as walking to the venue a subtle reinforcement was provided to the central messaging of the product – perhaps helping the visitors view the product and the category in a different light. The entire effort was wonderfully supervised, serviced and supported by our partner in Africa, Quintech.

Impact: The interactive floor played well into the High Tech and Colourful messaging for the product being launched.


The Interactive Way To Employee Engagement

Corporate game engagement packs for building leadership, teamwork, problem solving attitude in employees.

Objective: To move employees – physically as well as in tune with corporate values

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor, MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor, Magix™ Table, Multi-touch MagixKiosk™

Brief: Employee engagement is becoming key and corporates are recognising that special effort has to be continuously made to keep employees involved and happy. This is full-time occupation – be it while at work as usual or during company events and outings. Games and other fun activities play a key role in this strategy for most companies and the role that Interactivity can play here is immediately apparent. With this in mind we recently released focused corporate game engagement packs for deployment in the office as well at corporate events like outings. The pack has 10 specially designed games targeted at corporates, 5 each for the floor and the wall. These games include favourites like soccer and tennis along with other, more unusual games testing balance, reaction time and speed.
The games promote not only physical exercise but also have themes relevant to corporate culture building like leadership, teamwork, problem solving and taking the initiative among others.
Versions of the games are also available on the MagixTable™ and the MagixKiosk™ for offices with space constraints.

Impact: Interactive games have been proven to be effective at promoting employee interest and engagement within the corporate context and the games packs should go a long way towards that objective.

HSBC Annual Event Becomes An Instant Hit with Interactive Technology

HSBC Annual Event Becomes An Instant Hit with Interactive Technology


HSBC annual Day made fun by MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor and quizzes with MagixFone™.

Client: HSBC

Industry: Banking

Objective: To add an element of interactive fun to the event location at a corporate event

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor, MagixFone™

Brief: The company Annual Day is an occasion for employees to take a step away from the day-to-day and the mundane and HSBC gave it’s thousands of employees just that opportunity in simultaneous events spread across multiple locations. Employees visiting each location walked in over a MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor of impressive proportions. On each floor the HSBC logo was playfully interwoven with 4 different “scatter” effects that came alive as people walked across it. Given the size of each floor 3 separate projectors had to be deployed for a truly interactive experience. A key role was played by the templatized content library developed by the TouchMagix™ team. Selecting the scatter effect from the wide range of effects available in our standard selections enabled the design, installation and deployment of the entire floor across all the locations in an incredibly short time span. Completing the interactive experience was a quiz the employees participated in by using their phones using our MagixFone™ technology. Upto 10 Questions played out in rotation and the participants messaged in their responses. The unusual mix of interactive technologies played a key role in engaging the event visitors.

Impact: The Interactive Floors and MagixFone™ based quiz added a special interactive touch to the Annual Day event.

Getting Up-close and Personal with the Latest Car Models at Auto Expo

Getting Up-close and Personal with the Latest Car Models at Auto Expo


At the Auto Expo, Volkswagen deployed 5 Multi-touch MagixKiosk™’s with custom content.

Client: Volkswagen

Industry: Automotive

Objective: To provide a fresh, new feel across the display space and the allow the visitors to virtually touch and feel the cars.

Product: Multi-touch MagixKiosk™

Brief: The Auto-Expo was a landmark event in the calendar of pretty much every car maker worth the name. Given the large number of high quality brands clamouring for the attention from the visitors, each exhibit had to lay extra emphasis on means to attract and engage them. Volkswagen chose to take the Interactive route towards this goal. They deployed 5 Multi-touch MagixKiosk™’s across their exhibit. Each kiosk was fitted into a custom developed casing that provided additional messaging and branding space. The kiosks were equipped with custom content that contained visuals and simulations along with specs other details of the new models being exhibited. Visitors could view different variants and colours of the newly launched model with a touch or a swipe. They could zoom in or out, rotate the view and capture different perspectives of the car. The inner state was maintained consistent with the model chosen as the visitors viewed the interiors of the car. Once virtually inside they could open doors and windows and also the boot, retract mirrors, adjust handles, open the glove box, turn on and switch off the lights and see the seats as they actually would be in each case in addition to discovering other features of the models. Visitors could also access videos of the high-tech manufacturing plant where the cars were made and also view videos of the testing of the cars. The entire experience was designed to give visitors as close a look and feel of the vehicle as could be given without actually getting in and driving away in it and in the process inform them about the capabilities of the models even as they were entertained.

Impact: Even in an event as dazzling as the AutoExpo the Interactive kiosks ensured that visitors left with an indelible impression of the Volkswagen exhibit.