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The Walls at Tata Housing Tell a Story

Tata Housing impresses the visitors to their office using a differentiated approach to present corporate and project information.

Client: Tata Housing

Industry: Real Estate

Objective: To use a differentiated approach to presenting corporate and project information.

Product: MotionMagix Interactive Wall

Brief: Tata Housing is among the fastest growing real estate companies in India. Their focus is on higher end, highly differentiated projects aimed at discerning buyers. The promotional materials and approaches they adopt have to adhere to the sensibilities of this audience. In a customer experience centre that is coming up at their corporate office in the heart of New Delhi is a prime example of this approach. A MotionMagix Interactive Wall is deployed with visually appealing content from the corporate brochure and one of their upcoming projects in the hills of Himachal Pradesh. The effect is dazzling and the interactive possibilities magnify the impact. Visitors can get the information they want and at the same time cannot escape the conclusion that this is a real estate developer with a difference. In a crowded space with a lot of established players vying for the attentions of the premium buyer this goes a long way in creating a stamp of Tata Housing’s image in their minds.

Impact: The prime need is for Tata Housing to impress upon the visitors to their office a perception of themselves as a company that stands apart from the competition – an effect that the Customer Experience Center goes a long way to support.


Green is Volkswagens Colour of the Season

Green is Volkswagen’s Colour of the Season

MagixKiosk™ & MagixFone™ increased awareness of Volkswagen’s environmental policies.

Client: Volkswagen

Industry: Automobile

Objective: To increase awareness of Volkswagen’s environmental policies and to demonstrate their commitment to the environment among employees

Product: MagixFone, Multi-touch Magix Kiosk

Brief: As one of the largest automobile makers in the world Volkswagen has always demonstrated an admirable commitment to the environment. Their policies are extensive and often visionary. On the occasion of the World Environment Day they wanted to re-iterate this commitment in the eyes of employees and also to drive up awareness of the various policies and methods. They chose to do this in an engaging game show like format using a combination of the Magix Kiosk & MagixFone. Questions about the environmental policies of Volkswagen appeared on the screen and employees were invited to send in their responses using their phones. The responses were associated with the mobile numbers of employees and tracked through MagixFone. The contest drew such a tremendous response that Volkswagen has decided to run such contests at other locations and around the year. The employee that scores the highest across all of these could be eligible for a grand prize. Policies sometimes get the rap for being dry & un-interesting – not when presented in this manner!

Impact: The interesting approach adopted to drive up awareness of the policies among the many employees was a great success.



Airtel Interactive Bowling Alley via BrandBox

Airtel Interactive Bowling Alley via BrandBox

The primary target audience, the youth, found this a fun, innovative way to engage with the brand & the new logo.

Client: Airtel

Industry: Telecom

Objective: To launch a brand logo targeted at the young consumer in a manner guaranteed to get their attention

Product: MotionMagix Interactive Floor

Brief: Airtel, one of India’s most media conscious brands, was aiming for high recall and engagement on the occasion of a brand overhaul. They chose a variety of media platforms to reach out to the young audience that was the focus of the brand. Among the most memorable events was an Interactive Bowling Alley that was “rolled out” in premium locations in 4 cities. The lanes became the scene of a blazing Airtel logo that chased the ball to the pins & then raced back to the player for a visually stunning & memorable game experience. You could say it was a “strike”!

Impact: The primary target audience, the youth, found this a fun, innovative way to engage with the brand & the new logo.

Media Coverage:


JSW Giving a Strong Appeal to its Exhibition Booth

Visitors of JSW booth at the FICCI India Summit were addressed in a manner designed to inform & impress at the same time.

Client: JSW Steel

Industry: Industrial, Exhibition, Event

Objective: To showcase product & corporate information in a manner designed to stand out from other exhibitors

Product: Multi-touch Magix Kiosk

Brief: The customer was participating in the FICCI India Summit with the objective of showcasing their corporate & product information to international delegates. The booth comprised a large video wall & a Magix Kiosk interactively displaying appropriate information. The objective was to give a strong visual appeal to the booth and also to promote higher engagement with more serious subject matter and in the process differentiate the company from the other exhibitors.

Impact: The booth visitors got the information they required in a manner designed to inform & impress at the same time



A big show at The BIG Show

At The BIG Show Muscat, TouchMagix exhibited the various interactive capabilities and made sure they had a never before experience.

TouchMagix via its partner in Oman exhibited the various interactive capabilities & the display possibilities of the Multi-touch MagixKiosk and gesture based MotionMagix Interactive Wall at The BIG Show Muscat one of the most important events in the Middle East for the building & construction industry.


Customer Experience Center Befitting Brand Value & Innovative Spirit

Customer Experience Center Befitting Brand Value & Innovative Spirit

Interactivity provided the deisred impact in line with the customer’s status as a Global giant.

Client: Tier 1 Business & Technology Consulting Company

Industry: Corporate

Objective: Build a Corporate & Customer Experience Center befitting their brand value & Innovative spirit.

Product: MotionMagix Interactive Wall, MagixTable, MagixKiosk

Brief: One of the largest shared services center of this tier 1 consultant in India offers support services like Software Development, Markets, Finance, Knowledge, Business & Creative Services & Human Resources to over 100,000+ employees of the firm worldwide. Innovation has always been highly valued & this is amply reflected in the Innovation Center equipped with multiple MultiTouch Tables & an Interactive Wall. These displays showcase corporate information as well as powerful presentations & impactful training materials. A specially unforgettable visual element is provided by the Interactive Wall stretched across multiple side-by-side displays.

Impact: The Interactive elements provide an impact in line with the customer’s status as a Global giant & truly reflecting the value of Innovation.


A Walk with the Stars

A Walk with the Stars


An innovative way to launch the new message from YouTube.

Client: YouTube

Industry: Technology

Objective: To use Interactivity to provide a dazzling accompaniment to the launch of a new media property

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor

Brief: YouTube is a household name. Sometimes being such a well-known brand can be a problem especially when the intent is to launch a sub-brand or a service that goes even a little away from the traditional perception of the brand. YouTube is still largely known as a location for user generated and possibly somewhat “home grown” content so when they wanted to launch a media property focused on the online movie watching experience they wanted to make the launch memorable. Such content is obviously much more professionally produced and with the trademark showbiz “razzle dazzle”. The obvious intent was to leverage the star power resident within the content and they chose an Interactive method to drive home that message. The venue featured multiple installations of the MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor. The first with a dazzling display of “Flip Card” style albums containing collages of still images as well as popular movie clips of the day & the second providing a “halo” effect at each spot that the guest interacted with. As visitors walked with, or rather on, the stars the connect between YouTube and their new focus on movies was amply reinforced.

Impact: An innovative way was found to supplement the altered message for the new service from an established brand.

GE Educates Visitors using MultiTouch Display

GE Educates Visitors using Multi-Touch Display

A highly successful installation where the delegates couldn’t stop appreciating the way information was laid out for them.

Client: GE Healthcare

Industry: Healthcare, Exhibition, Event

Objective: To display product information in an “easy-to-find” manner for extremely knowledgeable booth visitors.

Product: Multi-touch Displays and MagixKiosk

Brief: The customer was exhibiting at a leading International conference focused on a very specific field within the medical discipline. The delegates were doctors & other eminent experts in the area & the objective was to design the stall in a manner allowing the delegates to explore the exhibited products & models & find the information they were seeking. The media was made available in formats like PDF’s, videos, Image galleries, PPT’s and the visitor could browse and email the same. The Multi-touch MagixKiosk was the ideal system for the purpose – delegates were able to go through the presentations on the new technology & the innovations displayed & get all the information they needed.

Impact: The display attracted a high delegate turnout & the feedback was that the delegates appreciated the way the information was laid out for them.


Interactive Augmented Reality With Interactive Wall

Interactive Augmented Reality – With Interactive Wall

An Augmented Reality Experience for Associate Decor’s customers that made them feel various climatic conditions.

TouchMagix takes Augmented Reality one step ahead by creating this interactive Augmented Reality Experience for Associate Decor – India’s largest particleboard manufacturing plant. TouchMagix setup an Interactive Wall where people standing in front of the wall got an experience of standing in rain, sun and various such climatic conditions and learnt about unique offerings of Associate Decor. A very effective educative branding for sure!



Not Just Information…Delivering More

Not Just Information…Delivering More


The interactive display proved to be the perfect channel to deliver rich content and keep visitors engaged in an IT exhibition.

Client: Dell

Industry : Technology

Objective: To increase footfalls and provide the company overview and showcase customer case studies in an innovative manner

Product: MagixKiosk™ Multi-Touch

When one of the world’s leading technology solution providers decided to participate in an IT exhibition, they had to make sure that their displays were as cutting edge as their solutions and products. Since their inception in 1984, Dell has been driven towards providing long term value and customer driven innovation. To showcase this aspect they decided to use the MagixKiosk™ Multi-Touch systems to engage their visitors at this IT exhibition. Multiple MagixKiosk™ Multi-Touch systems were placed at the Dell Systems exhibition booth. A special log in screen with hand reading capabilities was created for them. When the visitor touched his palm to the screen it converted to the Dell logo. The visitor then could navigate through the exhibit and take a look at the Dell success story, discover Dell products and read about customer case studies. The MagixKiosk™ Multi-Touch allowed the customers to browse through interactive graphs and also match data with their facts. A unique wipe effect allowed the customers to uncover underlying stories left visitors feeling fascinated. This interactive experience left the visitors not just well informed but immensely impressed as well.

Impact: The interactive display proved to be the perfect channel to deliver rich content and keep visitors engaged.