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A little dream is on the way

A little dream is on the way


Moms-to-be, love getting showered with love and so should they be, after all this is their day! Today, technology has shadowed every sector of our lives. A baby shower is not left far behind, getting all digital and fancy, adding to that fun and amusing element at the event!

At this event, guests were welcomed with an interactively cute welcome floor, complete with scattering images of milk bottles, stars, toys etc. in a powdery blue and yellow theme. Upon gesture and interaction detected, these images would scatter to reveal a baby shower text underneath. The effect was complete with baby shower themed songs playing!




MagixSuite™ – Flick and display your case study!

Client: Capgemini
Industry: IT – ITES
Objective: To have a prodigious interactive experience center that provides a radical understanding of case studies to clients.
Product: MagixSuite™
Brief: Capgemini, providing IT services, is one of the world’s largest consulting, outsourcing and professional services companies. Capgemini has crafted a structured storyline around transformation through its focus on “one path” strategy that is wrapped around an “everything digital” core. Its Applied Innovation Exchange is a contemporary and global business platform and IP-based design and delivery model for the application of business innovation and for achieving proficiency in Applied Innovation as an enterprise competency.
Such a great platform requires a savvy yet easily comprehensive display solution, which will meet the objective of showcasing case studies to clients. With MagixSuite™ you can flick images from a primary display to a secondary display. This means images and videos of a case study can be simply pushed physically by gesture, from one display to another.
Impact: Good understanding of case studies, expanded client base.

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Healthcare events can be fun too, the interactive way!

MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor at Novartis’ event creates interactive entertainment.

Client: Novartis / Collective Heads
Industry: Healthcare
Objective: Entertain guests with an interactive welcome.
Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor
Brief: Novartis, Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, is a world leader in the research and development of products to protect and improve health and well-being. The company has core businesses in pharmaceuticals, vaccines, consumer health, generics, eye care and animal health.
For an event, they wanted to enthrall guests with a captivating welcome. Our Tile Flip effect for MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor was implemented to serve their purpose. In this, a cluster of tiles that first appear still, flip when interaction in the form of footsteps taken occurs! This amusing effect is actually a dual effect, where first tiles appear still on the projected area, upon touch, these texture tiles flip, to blue colored files with fish going around and ripples being formed.
Thus creating the much objected entertainment at visitor’s welcome.
Impact: The audience left captivated with an unforgettable experience.

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A Smash Hit Event – InfoComm ’15, Mumbai!


InfoComm Floored with TouchMagix!!

InfoComm India is the nation’s foremost pro-AV and Info-Comm Technology show. It is where industry players and experts showcase, share and incubate ideas. It is also where Influencers and decision-makers seek and find solutions to propel their businesses. Just two years in India and the show has gained global recognition.

The event looked forward to by all Augmented Reality lovers and followers, is a huge platform for us to showcase our latest software, products and cutting edge demos of advancements in Multi-Touch Tables and Kiosks! The event saw enthusiastic participation from exhibitors as well as visitors and we are happy with the superb footfall that we received.

This year, amongst our other technologies, we displayed our latest, which are –

• MagixCast – Simply the best software ever created for WiFi screen-casting, annotation and collaboration

• MagixSuite – Flick images from touchscreen to video wall

• Android kiosks

• Cutting edge demos of advancements in Multi-Touch Tables and Kiosks

• Gesture based Engagement and much more…

InfoComm ’15, Mumbai was a smash hit being highly interactive with TouchMagix as its official Interactive Screen Partner. The ‘Wow’ which stirred the entire experience of InfoComm was the MotionMagix technology for interactive floor in collaboration with Panasonic which was set up right on the main entrance amusing everyone walking over with delight.

What took the show away was TouchMagix’s bi-directional annotation and screen collaboration solution where the most prominent names in the industry appreciated this awesome invention.  A big thank you to all those who helped us, our partners, InfoComm and especially our visitors, in making this event such a huge success.


Using interactivity to teach children!

Jumpstart Pre-school, Daycare and Activity Center creates new standards of learning and development for students by MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor.

Client: Jumpstart Pre-school, Daycare and Activity Center

Industry: Education and Kids

Objective: To create new standards of learning and development for students.

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor

Brief: In the education industry teachers are always looking for innovative ways to engage children in fun & educational activities. Children tend to have very short attention spans thus it may get a little difficult to keep them focused. This leads to many educational organizations resorting to latest technology as a part of their curriculum. On doing so, they create new standards of learning and development for their students.
Jumpstart Pre-school, Daycare and Activity Center have equipped their State-of-the-art Infotainment Room with MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor for students to interact with the learning and development tools.

Impact: Educational activities carried out with a better attention span of children, apart from children’s enjoyment and teacher’s teaching carried out effectively.


Create potential consumers using interactivity.

British Council, informs their prospective students, audiences about the investment plans and higher degree programs using interactive technology.

Client: British Council, Bangalore

Industry: Government

Objective: To engage audiences in their promotional activities.

Product: MagixFone™

Brief: British Council creates opportunities to expand knowledge of the English language and to connect to the UK. Whether you want to learn or teach English or take an exam, study in the UK or acquire a qualification from a UK university, or if you want to network, this is the place to start. At this event, British Council, while promoting their foundation wanted their prospective students, audiences to know about the investment plans and higher degree programs. MagixFone™ was used to engage the audiences in a fun question and answer round, entailing questions from History and Finance. MagixFone™ is Any Display Any Phone interactive technology which gives your audience the ability to control the screen for playing games, answering quizzes, sending social messages and much more.

Impact: The interactive capabilities of the MagixFone™ were used to engage a larger number of people from the audience and educating them in an innovative way.

Making kid’s birthday parties a fun-filled success!

Making kid’s birthday parties a fun-filled success!


An easy way to get kids engaged & physically active in a controlled environment.

Client: Party

Industry: Kids

Objective: Giving unique gaming experience at kid’s party.

Product: MotionMagixTM Interactive wall

Brief:A 10 year olds birthday is a big deal! And to match the inexhaustible energy levels of those between the age groups of 8-14 and give them the best fun filled moments of the day, MotionMagixTM Interactive wall is the ideal match for any such birthday parties. MotionMagixTM Interactive wall for birthday parties is a complete solution offered by TouchMagix and through its partners throughout the world.
The entire MotionMagixTM hardware/software bundle along with 5-10 games is available for per day rentals for birthday parties. The speed of installation and the total physical fun filled and unique experience it offers kids ensures you can execute the best possible experience for a birthday party.
We provided this client of ours with a set of games including Ice Cream Catch game, Car Race, Table Tennis, Balloons, Coconut Catch and Basketball. These are some of the most loved games by the age group between 8-14.
And just to show much the kids loved it, we saw total number of kids who played on the 8 X 10 projected interactive wall to be around more than 100 in a brief 2 hour period.

Impact: Kids loved playing games like ice cream catch, car race on interactive wall!


An Interactive Arsenal

Puma created a unique ‘Arsenal Tunnel of Time’ along with Interactive Floor football games

Client: Puma

Industry: Retail

Objective: To create an experience zone to impress at a high profile and high energy event

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor

Brief: When a leading sportswear brand and a legendary football club team up to launch club kits to kick off the 2014-15 football season, the event has to be spectacular. Puma introduced the much celebrated Arsenal Football Kits in a stunning 4 day event held in Bangalore’s iconic UB City. Puma created a unique ‘Arsenal Tunnel of Time’ as a tribute to the legendary club and showcased Arsenal memorabilia, trophies from the FA Club, the Invincible Trophy, special moments from Arsenal history and photographs of Arsenal legends. This event also saw a special appearance from the former Gunner, Freddie Ljungberg, who flew down especially for this mega event. Puma employed the capabilities of TouchMagix’s interactive technology to create a special experience zone for the event visitors. TouchMagix deployed an 8X6, specially customized, MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor with the Puma and Arsenal logos to reflect the brand identity. This floor was loaded with a number of interactive football games for the visitors to enjoy and test their football skills. The highly engaging format of the games and the interactive capabilities of the floor with single and multi-player options attracted the attention of many visitors and saw great participation. After all entertainment targeted at one of Arsenal’s largest fan bases in the world has to be legendary as the Club itself!

Impact: The MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor provided entertainment which was in tune with the high energy levels of the event and generated great participation from visitors while making a brand impact.


Unveiling healing spaces for kids

Waiting in the hospital is no longer boring!

Client: Harkishandas Hospital, Mumbai

Industry: Healthcare

Objective: To create an entertaining space to engage children using interactive technology

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor


A trip to the hospital is no fun, more so if you happen to be a kid. Normally seen as bleak, sterile spaces, hospitals are the last place where you would find kids enjoying themselves to the fullest instead of crying, panicking or sticking to parents like glue. A great example of how technology can be put to great use to distract children is at the Harkishandas Hospital in Mumbai. In order to keep the children in the pediatric ward busy and to keep their mind off ailments, the hospital management decided to employ a large MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor loaded with a number of interactive games in the waiting area. These games were highly engaging by nature and effectively helped distract the kids from their hospital related fears. With single and multi-player options, this floor allowed to keep a number of kids busy, happy and laughing at the same time and helped reduce anxiety. This creative initiative by the hospital is indeed a reminder that sometimes laughter is the best medicine!

Impact: : The use of Interactive Technology not only enabled the hospital and parents to keep kids engaged without additional effort but also made the environment stress free for kids.


An interactive contest for junior interior designers

Example of great branding exercise by Promoting an Online property for kids in the Offline world.

Client: Worldoo

Industry: Online Entertainment

Objective: Promoting an Online property for kids in the Offline world.

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall


One of the fastest growing and hardest to impress demographics in the entertainment segment is children. With the elevated exposure that kids have, it becomes imperative to design entertainment to match their intellect. The internet, thus, has become a go-to for most kids and parents in search of entertainment and games. Making such online content more child driven is Worldoo, an online portal where kids can experience a virtual world where they can play age appropriate games and learn new and exciting things. In their promotional event with Hamleys across four locations, Worldoo used the power of TouchMagix’s Interactive Technology to bring this fantasy world to life. Kids played the Worldoo ‘Home’ game, an Augmented Reality 3D game using the power of TouchMagix’s gesture tracking technology. The aim of the game was for participants to decorate a room displayed on the MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall as aesthetically and creatively as possible. Different objects such as furniture, appliances etc. were placed around the room and the children had to drag and drop them into place using gestures. They could also choose different layouts, wall colors and interiors to create their personalized 3D home.

Once the layout was complete the kids could post the pictures of their creations on the Worldoo Facebook page and solicit ‘likes’ to win. This helped to establish a great offline-online connect. The promotion saw great and enthusiastic participation from kids owing to the interactive content and also ensured high visibility that went beyond the physical space.

Impact: : The event saw great participation because of its engaging content and also proved to be a great branding exercise by establishing an offline-online connect.