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It’s no child’s play keeping kids busy

Interactive technology kept kids engaged while parents were busy shopping.

Client: Seematti Textiles

Industry: Retail

Objective: To engage kids in an interactive manner so that customers can have a comfortable buying experience.

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor

Brief: Taking kids shopping is a mammoth task by itself. With the advent of the new age shopping malls kids, at least, give parents some respite all thanks to the presence of kids play areas and gaming zones. But most parents have to reconcile with bored and annoyed kids when they have to visit a standalone store. Seematti textiles in Kochi understood and identified this major gap in providing a pleasant shopping experience and decided to have a separate gaming zone for juniors of the sari lovers who visited their huge store. Instead of having just a play area for kids, Sematti decided to look towards new technology keeping in mind the young, extremely informed and hard to please demographic. To capture the imagination of the varied age group a MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor was placed in the store and the projector for the same was concealed above the false ceiling. This interactive floor was powered with 20 interactive games designed for kids of all ages to capture their imagination and keep them engaged. While there are single and multi player options, these games are designed to keep many kids engaged all at the same time. So the children could go and play while the parents shopped away peacefully. A well designed strategy by the store owners to keep the cash registers ring.

Impact: The use of interactive technology made it possible to keep the kids engaged for a longer period of time facilitating focused buying and increased turnout and generate an overall great customer experience.


The Big Task of Engaging The Little Ones

9 Interactive Engagement Game Packs designed to be a mix of fun and education for kids.

Objective: To attract, inform and engage Kids

Products: MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall, MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor

Brief: It has been said that child is the father of man but ask anyone tasked with the job of entertaining children and you will hear that doing so if the mother of all battles. The brunt of this responsibility falls to the schools, crèches, day cares and game centers. TouchMagix™ has for long been the innovative leader in the field of Interactive solutions that successfully capture the imagination of kids of various age groups. We have now distilled our experiences in this space and put together 9 Interactive Engagement Game Packs. These comprise 4 packs for Wall and 5 packs for Floor Games. The games have been specifically chosen to be fun and engaging, promote physical exercise and develop team work. The games are also specifically designed for deployment in smaller or more constrained spaces. Single Player or Multi-Player options are available. The Multi-Player games have been found to drive coordinated activity and collaboration among the players along with obviously having the benefit of keeping multiple kids engaged at the same time. The games have found a place in many schools, crèches, day care centers, games and fitness areas and establishments, community centers and the like.

Impact: Interactive games have long been known to be one of the more effective ways to engage kids and promote a variety of good habits and personal and social behaviour. These games reflect some of the most popular content we have delivered in the past in this line.

Kidzania – The Goal is Kids Engagement

Kidzania – The Goal is Kids Engagement


TouchMagix recreated a soccer stadium experience in Kidzania Mumbai with MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall that served as the goal net.

Client: Kidzania

Industry: Kids, Entertainment

Objective: To leverage the full capabilities of Interactive technologies to provide an extremely engaging experience for kids

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall

Brief: Brand marketers, event managers and everyone associated with the business of attracting and retaining the interest of customers will agree that the toughest audience to cater to is kids. Their standards are impossibly high at the best of times and even more so when gaming technology is concerned . This was the challenge facing Kidzania, a unique role-playing experience targeting kids, when they were recreating a soccer stadium experience at their Mumbai outlet. The kids signing up for training to become “professional footballers” in the Kidzania world were no exception to this rule especially because they were spending their own money, well “Kidzoes”. A Real soccer ball, a real goal post and real “professional” players taking shots at targets showing up on the screen while being measured for their speed, accuracy and response times do not leave much tolerance for error in the MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall that serves as the goal net. The degree of difficulty and the accuracy demanded of the Wall rose with the age of the players. This was serious stuff for the kids – after-all they did get a detailed “system printed” report card mentioning every detail of their effort down to the last fraction of a second. The Psuedo-Touch Sensing technology we used here was up to the task though. The near-real life experience extended to the extreme care taken in mapping the virtual net to the real goal post down to the last nail – as most will agree nothing is too good for the kids!

Impact: The exacting standards of the children were met by combing the capabilities of the technology and the extreme attention to detail during deployment.

A Smaaashing Bowling Experience

A Smaaashing Bowling Experience

The “bowling like never before” promise that Smaaash makes to its patrons is reinforced by the dazzling interactive experience at the bowling alley.

Client: Smaaash Mumbai

Industry: Gaming and Entertainment

Objective: To elevate the bowling alley experience above the commonplace with a unique blend of the real and the virtual.

Product: MotionMagixTM Interactive Floor

Brief: Smaaash sees itself as a “first of its kind interactive experience” and as a pioneer of sports simulation technology. Each element of the experience is replete with unique touches intended to drive home this message. The Bowling Alley is among the most memorable of these with a unique Twilight Bowling experience under UV light. Adding to the attraction of the alley is the smaaashing MotionMagixTM Interactive Floor that lights up with spectacular visual effects as the players rack up points from frame to frame. Previously in bowling alleys the area to be covered with projections presented a special challenge but a recent upgrade in the software allowed us to achieve spectacular results with roughly half the number of sensors and projectors for twice the previously covered area. Installations are much faster and more cost effective now – this kind of interactivity may well become the norm. Get set for lanes of fire and blazing bowling.

Impact: The “bowling like never before” promise that Smaaash makes to its patrons is reinforced by the dazzling interactive experience of the bowling alley.


An Interactive Birthday Party for Uncle Sam

An Interactive Birthday Party for Uncle Sam

The MagixFone™ enabled much wider audience participation and education at US Consulate in India.

Client: US Consulate in India

Industry: Government

Objective: To share US history, culture and values with the people of Mumbai in fun and entertaining ways.

Product: Magix Fone

Brief: Among the primary charters of the US Consulate in India is to deepen the connection between the people of the two countries. They carry out several activities intended to promote greater understanding of the history, culture and values of USA. One of these events was a day-long celebration of the US Independence Day in one of Mumbai’s major shopping destinations. The event was packed with several fun activities and one that caught everyone’s eye was the US Knowledge Quiz. This was a game show themed Trivia Quiz that came alive as members of the audience phoned in, well sms’ed in, their answers to the questions related to history and culture of US that came up on the screen using the interactive capabilities of the MagixFone. This allowed simultaneous participation of many visitors thus engaging a much larger portion of the audience than would otherwise have been possible. The operating principle being the more the merrier – it is a birthday party after-all !

Impact: The MagixFone enabled much wider audience participation and education via gamification  – a key benefit for an event held in an outside location over a limited period of time.


Snickers Sweetening the Deal for Vegetarians

Snickers Sweetening the Deal for Vegetarians

The new positioning for Snickers as a “Vegetarian” product was amply demonstrated – both on location & in the social media.

Client: Snickers

Industry: Consumer Goods

Objective: To drive home a very specific positioning approach to a completely new category of consumers in a manner guaranteed to ensure recall.

Product: MotionMagix Interactive Wall, Multi-touch Magix Kiosk

Brief: Snickers is among the most loved chocolate brands in the world with a well-known positioning. With a large vegetarian population in India Snickers saw an opportunity to take a  unique positioning as a completely vegetarian chocolate and chose to make a big push into the markets identified as having a substantial number of people fitting the target profile. They held events in malls across such locations that included a high degree of interactivity. On the Interactive Wall visitors were invited to assemble a Snickers bar complete with a prominent “Green Dot” designating the vegetarian nature of the finished product. The Wall ensured very high visibility at the location. In an innovative demonstration of the offline-online connect there was also a game that the visitors could play on an Interactive Kiosk to claim a free Snickers bar – but only if they shared the experience on their personal Facebook Page. Visitors were clamouring to play the game & then log into their personal Facebook accounts to share the experience as also the brand positioning thus extending the reach of the promotion from the location to all over the web via the thousands of friends of each booth visitor. An innovative way to multiply the visibility of the brand beyond the boundaries of the physical site !

Impact: The new positioning for Snickers as a “Vegetarian” product was amply demonstrated – both on location & in the social media world in a truly memorable manner.


Many Mini Michael Jordans on the Floor at Chicago Bulls Sox Academy

Many Mini Michael Jordans on the Floor at Chicago Bulls Sox Academy

The Bulls Sox academy’s mission is to create a fun, safe and invigorating environment. TouchMagix made sure.

Client: Chicago Bulls Sox Academy

Industry: Sports / Entertainment

Objective: To induce the kids to greater levels of physical activity by engaging them through a video game like medium

Product: MotionMagix Interactive Floor

Brief: The Bulls / Sox academy is a leading youth player development program with the imposing heritage of 2 iconic sports teams backing it. Among the most popular facilities is The Vault where fitness meets gaming. The facility boasts a variety of exercise – game combinations including an Interactive Floor that occupies pride of place. The floor has eye-catching visuals and invites kids to practice their moves on the floor in a game kind of environment while interacting with the floor as well as other kids. In a day and age where parents and teachers alike are struggling with the challenges posed to them by the need to keep their children entertained, exercised and educated here in The Vault the kids get active while having a great time. The Interactive Experience goes beyond just the interface with a computing device & extends to the way an activity is performed – an opportunity to be immersed and participate in an Interactive experience for the kids to learn from, play with and enjoy.

Impact: The Bulls Sox academy’s mission is to create a fun, safe and invigorating environment to nurture the athletic ambitions of the youth and the Interactive Floor fits right into that mission.


Its playtime at the party

It’s playtime at the party!

An easy way to get kids engaged & physically active in a controlled environment is through interactive games.

Client: Party

Industry: Kids

Objective: To engage the children attending the event through interactive games

Product: MotionMagix Interactive Floor

Brief: The challenge at any event that expects children among the attendees is how to keep them engaged. This is even more so when the number of kids is large. At a recent party at a leading hotel the hosts solved this problem by installing an Interactive Floor with games. The kids jumped, ran & kicked their way to a great time all the way through the event as these photos will show.

Impact: An easy way to get the kids engaged & physically active in a controlled environment.


Differently abled Kids Explore Techno Games

Differently abled Kids Explore Techno Games

TouchMagix with Lions Club of Pune organized a festival to provide entertainment for specially abled children.

TouchMagix, in association with Lions Club of Pune recently organized a festival at Bal Kalyan Sanstha for differently-abled children.

The purpose of this activity was to provide a sense of entertainment as well as achievement to these specially abled children. They played games which they would’ve never been able to play in real life and the best part is that they responded very well to the MotionMagix interactive floor.


The activity was well appreciated by various newspapers as well


NIT Trichy Showcases Interaction Between Man & Technology in an Unusual Manner

NIT Trichy Showcases Interaction Between Man & Technology in an Unusual Manner

Interactive displays at NIT Trichy to promote the co-existential relationship between Man & Technology!

Client: National Institute of Technology – Trichy

Industry: Exhibition, Education

Objective: Showcase the interaction between Man & Technology in an unusual manner

Product: MotionMagix Interactive Floor, Magix Touch Multi touch displays

Brief: The National Institute of Technology at Trichy is one of the premier educational institutions in the country offering Engineering education & Pragyan is their flagship techno-management festival. This year the exhibition invited visitors to “Explore the power of touch”. The MotionMagix Interactive floor allowed visitors to play games like soccer on the floor & have the visuals & sounds react to their movements. The Multi touch displays created a mind-boggling display allowing multiple users to interact with the system simultaneously & get it to perform the tasks set of it.

Impact: The interactive displays fit in remarkably well with the overall attempt of the festival to promote & foster the co-existential relationship between Man & Technology !

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