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A little dream is on the way

A little dream is on the way


Moms-to-be, love getting showered with love and so should they be, after all this is their day! Today, technology has shadowed every sector of our lives. A baby shower is not left far behind, getting all digital and fancy, adding to that fun and amusing element at the event!

At this event, guests were welcomed with an interactively cute welcome floor, complete with scattering images of milk bottles, stars, toys etc. in a powdery blue and yellow theme. Upon gesture and interaction detected, these images would scatter to reveal a baby shower text underneath. The effect was complete with baby shower themed songs playing!




MagixSuite™ – Flick and display your case study!

Client: Capgemini
Industry: IT – ITES
Objective: To have a prodigious interactive experience center that provides a radical understanding of case studies to clients.
Product: MagixSuite™
Brief: Capgemini, providing IT services, is one of the world’s largest consulting, outsourcing and professional services companies. Capgemini has crafted a structured storyline around transformation through its focus on “one path” strategy that is wrapped around an “everything digital” core. Its Applied Innovation Exchange is a contemporary and global business platform and IP-based design and delivery model for the application of business innovation and for achieving proficiency in Applied Innovation as an enterprise competency.
Such a great platform requires a savvy yet easily comprehensive display solution, which will meet the objective of showcasing case studies to clients. With MagixSuite™ you can flick images from a primary display to a secondary display. This means images and videos of a case study can be simply pushed physically by gesture, from one display to another.
Impact: Good understanding of case studies, expanded client base.

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Healthcare events can be fun too, the interactive way!

MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor at Novartis’ event creates interactive entertainment.

Client: Novartis / Collective Heads
Industry: Healthcare
Objective: Entertain guests with an interactive welcome.
Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor
Brief: Novartis, Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, is a world leader in the research and development of products to protect and improve health and well-being. The company has core businesses in pharmaceuticals, vaccines, consumer health, generics, eye care and animal health.
For an event, they wanted to enthrall guests with a captivating welcome. Our Tile Flip effect for MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor was implemented to serve their purpose. In this, a cluster of tiles that first appear still, flip when interaction in the form of footsteps taken occurs! This amusing effect is actually a dual effect, where first tiles appear still on the projected area, upon touch, these texture tiles flip, to blue colored files with fish going around and ripples being formed.
Thus creating the much objected entertainment at visitor’s welcome.
Impact: The audience left captivated with an unforgettable experience.

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A Smash Hit Event – InfoComm ’15, Mumbai!


InfoComm Floored with TouchMagix!!

InfoComm India is the nation’s foremost pro-AV and Info-Comm Technology show. It is where industry players and experts showcase, share and incubate ideas. It is also where Influencers and decision-makers seek and find solutions to propel their businesses. Just two years in India and the show has gained global recognition.

The event looked forward to by all Augmented Reality lovers and followers, is a huge platform for us to showcase our latest software, products and cutting edge demos of advancements in Multi-Touch Tables and Kiosks! The event saw enthusiastic participation from exhibitors as well as visitors and we are happy with the superb footfall that we received.

This year, amongst our other technologies, we displayed our latest, which are –

• MagixCast – Simply the best software ever created for WiFi screen-casting, annotation and collaboration

• MagixSuite – Flick images from touchscreen to video wall

• Android kiosks

• Cutting edge demos of advancements in Multi-Touch Tables and Kiosks

• Gesture based Engagement and much more…

InfoComm ’15, Mumbai was a smash hit being highly interactive with TouchMagix as its official Interactive Screen Partner. The ‘Wow’ which stirred the entire experience of InfoComm was the MotionMagix technology for interactive floor in collaboration with Panasonic which was set up right on the main entrance amusing everyone walking over with delight.

What took the show away was TouchMagix’s bi-directional annotation and screen collaboration solution where the most prominent names in the industry appreciated this awesome invention.  A big thank you to all those who helped us, our partners, InfoComm and especially our visitors, in making this event such a huge success.

A musical social interaction using gesture technology

A musical social interaction using gesture technology


The installation using gesture technology generated a lot of buzz both online and offline because of its unique content and technology capability.

Client: eyeSight

Industry:: Media and Entertainment

Objective: To use gesture technology to boost social interaction

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall

Gesture recognition is all set to change the way we interact with almost everything. What would you say if we told you that you could DJ a beat box on the street? Our partner wanted to see how people react to gesture recognition technology and if this technology could boost social interaction. TouchMagix developed the content and software for this installation for this very purpose. At the heart of this interaction lies the technology behind MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall. A hand icon flashed on the screen and people had to copy the motion displayed on the screen to start the program. As in a music mixer the content was designed to split into smaller parts, this screen and the music could be controlled by many people at the same time. A large number of people gathered to check out and interact with this installation. It was a lot of fun to see people grooving to the tune of this gesture controlled beat box. This novel public interaction program was a huge success and generated a lot of interest even online because of its unique interactive content. It got its share of appreciation even in social media and received close to a 100,000 views soon after it was uploaded.

Impact: The installation generated a lot of buzz both online and offline because of its unique content and technology capability becoming a viral sensation.


It’s no child’s play keeping kids busy

Interactive technology kept kids engaged while parents were busy shopping.

Client: Seematti Textiles

Industry: Retail

Objective: To engage kids in an interactive manner so that customers can have a comfortable buying experience.

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor

Brief: Taking kids shopping is a mammoth task by itself. With the advent of the new age shopping malls kids, at least, give parents some respite all thanks to the presence of kids play areas and gaming zones. But most parents have to reconcile with bored and annoyed kids when they have to visit a standalone store. Seematti textiles in Kochi understood and identified this major gap in providing a pleasant shopping experience and decided to have a separate gaming zone for juniors of the sari lovers who visited their huge store. Instead of having just a play area for kids, Sematti decided to look towards new technology keeping in mind the young, extremely informed and hard to please demographic. To capture the imagination of the varied age group a MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor was placed in the store and the projector for the same was concealed above the false ceiling. This interactive floor was powered with 20 interactive games designed for kids of all ages to capture their imagination and keep them engaged. While there are single and multi player options, these games are designed to keep many kids engaged all at the same time. So the children could go and play while the parents shopped away peacefully. A well designed strategy by the store owners to keep the cash registers ring.

Impact: The use of interactive technology made it possible to keep the kids engaged for a longer period of time facilitating focused buying and increased turnout and generate an overall great customer experience.


Amdocs Uses Interactivity to Boost Employee Engagement

Greater employee engagement and enthusiastic participation with MotionMagix™.

Client: Amdocs

Industry: IT Services and Solutions

Objective: To promote greater employee engagement and participation in the recent team building exercise

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall

Brief: We are all moving towards a world that is hyper connected. So when a company that prides itself in offering differentiated experiences in their IT Services offering decides to have an internal team building exercise, it can be nothing else other than hi tech while offering an elevated employee engagement experience. To achieve this Amdocs asked TouchMagix to make use of our Corporate Engagement Game Pack. Amdocs felt that interactivity during such employee events was a necessary since physical activity and relevant corporate team building exercises needed to be amalgamated in a fun and engaging manner. The MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall was installed in their cafeterias – 3 in Delhi and 1 in Pune. 10 specially designed games targeting the corporate audience were used in these events. Along with the regular football and tennis games to check the participants’ physical agility, there were special games tailored for the company to promote a sense of camaraderie and team work between employees. The unusual mix of games generated a great sense of interest amongst the employees and ensured enthusiastic participation making this team building exercise a great success.

Impact: The agenda for this meet was to promote greater employee engagement during the internal team building activity. The interactive games were not only effective in ensuring that the participants had fun but also helped in engaging and generating a wider employee interest in the exercise.


The Big Task of Engaging The Little Ones

9 Interactive Engagement Game Packs designed to be a mix of fun and education for kids.

Objective: To attract, inform and engage Kids

Products: MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall, MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor

Brief: It has been said that child is the father of man but ask anyone tasked with the job of entertaining children and you will hear that doing so if the mother of all battles. The brunt of this responsibility falls to the schools, crèches, day cares and game centers. TouchMagix™ has for long been the innovative leader in the field of Interactive solutions that successfully capture the imagination of kids of various age groups. We have now distilled our experiences in this space and put together 9 Interactive Engagement Game Packs. These comprise 4 packs for Wall and 5 packs for Floor Games. The games have been specifically chosen to be fun and engaging, promote physical exercise and develop team work. The games are also specifically designed for deployment in smaller or more constrained spaces. Single Player or Multi-Player options are available. The Multi-Player games have been found to drive coordinated activity and collaboration among the players along with obviously having the benefit of keeping multiple kids engaged at the same time. The games have found a place in many schools, crèches, day care centers, games and fitness areas and establishments, community centers and the like.

Impact: Interactive games have long been known to be one of the more effective ways to engage kids and promote a variety of good habits and personal and social behaviour. These games reflect some of the most popular content we have delivered in the past in this line.


An Interactive Driving Game that Teaches and Entertains

Annual GCC Traffic Week in Qatar, visitors played a racing game on a MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall while learning about traffic safety.

Client: Qatar Police

Industry: Public / Government Services

Objective: To drive road and traffic awareness in an interactive manner

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall

Brief: The prosperity of the Gulf countries has brought with it a mini crisis on the roads. The authorities across the region are cognizant of the problem and among the many initiatives they have taken to try and improve the situation is the annual GCC Traffic Week. Held in Darb El-Saai the event this year saw enthusiastic participation from a number of government and other bodies with a stake in the issue. The Qatar Police was prominent among the participants. Their thrust was on creating awareness about road safety, reducing accidents and finding solutions to traffic problems. The approach was to target the youth and the young ones with a traffic exhibition, a safe driving simulator and games. A big hit with the visitors was an interactive racing game played on a MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall. The visitors could use their moves and gestures to control their cars and race through the course – while learning about traffic safety of-course. What better way to drive home these rather dry concepts into the consciousness of the visitors.

Impact: The Interactive game played a big role in re-enforcing the traffic and road safety concepts among the visitors.


The Interactive Way To Employee Engagement

Corporate game engagement packs for building leadership, teamwork, problem solving attitude in employees.

Objective: To move employees – physically as well as in tune with corporate values

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor, MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor, Magix™ Table, Multi-touch MagixKiosk™

Brief: Employee engagement is becoming key and corporates are recognising that special effort has to be continuously made to keep employees involved and happy. This is full-time occupation – be it while at work as usual or during company events and outings. Games and other fun activities play a key role in this strategy for most companies and the role that Interactivity can play here is immediately apparent. With this in mind we recently released focused corporate game engagement packs for deployment in the office as well at corporate events like outings. The pack has 10 specially designed games targeted at corporates, 5 each for the floor and the wall. These games include favourites like soccer and tennis along with other, more unusual games testing balance, reaction time and speed.
The games promote not only physical exercise but also have themes relevant to corporate culture building like leadership, teamwork, problem solving and taking the initiative among others.
Versions of the games are also available on the MagixTable™ and the MagixKiosk™ for offices with space constraints.

Impact: Interactive games have been proven to be effective at promoting employee interest and engagement within the corporate context and the games packs should go a long way towards that objective.