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MagixSuite™ – Flick and display your case study!

Client: Capgemini
Industry: IT – ITES
Objective: To have a prodigious interactive experience center that provides a radical understanding of case studies to clients.
Product: MagixSuite™
Brief: Capgemini, providing IT services, is one of the world’s largest consulting, outsourcing and professional services companies. Capgemini has crafted a structured storyline around transformation through its focus on “one path” strategy that is wrapped around an “everything digital” core. Its Applied Innovation Exchange is a contemporary and global business platform and IP-based design and delivery model for the application of business innovation and for achieving proficiency in Applied Innovation as an enterprise competency.
Such a great platform requires a savvy yet easily comprehensive display solution, which will meet the objective of showcasing case studies to clients. With MagixSuite™ you can flick images from a primary display to a secondary display. This means images and videos of a case study can be simply pushed physically by gesture, from one display to another.
Impact: Good understanding of case studies, expanded client base.

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Healthcare events can be fun too, the interactive way!

MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor at Novartis’ event creates interactive entertainment.

Client: Novartis / Collective Heads
Industry: Healthcare
Objective: Entertain guests with an interactive welcome.
Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor
Brief: Novartis, Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, is a world leader in the research and development of products to protect and improve health and well-being. The company has core businesses in pharmaceuticals, vaccines, consumer health, generics, eye care and animal health.
For an event, they wanted to enthrall guests with a captivating welcome. Our Tile Flip effect for MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor was implemented to serve their purpose. In this, a cluster of tiles that first appear still, flip when interaction in the form of footsteps taken occurs! This amusing effect is actually a dual effect, where first tiles appear still on the projected area, upon touch, these texture tiles flip, to blue colored files with fish going around and ripples being formed.
Thus creating the much objected entertainment at visitor’s welcome.
Impact: The audience left captivated with an unforgettable experience.


Cricket World Cup fever taken to another level!

Samsung expands its reach with prospective consumers along with a fun interactive gaming experience.

Client: Samsung

Industry: Electronics

Objective: To enthrall the guests with an interactive gaming experience.

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall / MagixKiosk™

Brief: Samsung, at a recent CIO meet user our MagixKiosk™ and equipped a video wall with MotionMagix™ gesture technology used for engaging customers visiting the booth at the conference. The MotionMagix™ wall enabled guests to involve themselves in an interactive game of cricket, wherein MagixKiosk™ created a cricket related trivia for visitors to engage with.

Impact: Samsung increased its reach with prospective consumers along with a fun interactive session at the meet.


Master Card allures its guests with a flower-scattering welcome experience.

Mesmerize guests with an interactive welcome experience for a striking experience.

Client: Master Card / Agency

Industry: Finance

Objective: To mesmerize the guests with an interactive welcome experience

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor

Brief: Master Card a leading Finance entity launched its new office where they thought of mesmerizing their guests with a rather welcoming experience. We offered them an interactive welcome with the application of our MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor.
MotionMagix™ by TouchMagix is the next generation gesture tracking platform with endless possibilities. MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor was used to create a flower scatter effect, wherein when the guests walked on the floor, visuals of scattering flowers on the floor with every footstep taken provided a warm and traditional welcome.

Impact: The audience left enthralled with an unforgettable experience.


Create potential consumers using interactivity.

British Council, informs their prospective students, audiences about the investment plans and higher degree programs using interactive technology.

Client: British Council, Bangalore

Industry: Government

Objective: To engage audiences in their promotional activities.

Product: MagixFone™

Brief: British Council creates opportunities to expand knowledge of the English language and to connect to the UK. Whether you want to learn or teach English or take an exam, study in the UK or acquire a qualification from a UK university, or if you want to network, this is the place to start. At this event, British Council, while promoting their foundation wanted their prospective students, audiences to know about the investment plans and higher degree programs. MagixFone™ was used to engage the audiences in a fun question and answer round, entailing questions from History and Finance. MagixFone™ is Any Display Any Phone interactive technology which gives your audience the ability to control the screen for playing games, answering quizzes, sending social messages and much more.

Impact: The interactive capabilities of the MagixFone™ were used to engage a larger number of people from the audience and educating them in an innovative way.


Create engagement and interaction using augmented reality.

A fast growing pharmaceutical company showcases key benefits and advantages using augmented reality.

Client: Abbott India Ltd.

Industry: Healthcare

Objective: Showcasing product base to doctors in a memorable way

Product: Gesture based augmented reality, interactive 55”LED screen

Brief: Abbott,one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies recently held an event in Chennai. The event comprising of doctors, Abbott wanted to have an interactive and engaging way for the doctors and other guests to inform them about the products the company offers. They wanted to showcase key benefits and advantages of their drug in comparison to others along with the brand message.
To assist this, we offered them our gesture based 55”LED screen with augmented reality. With state of the art sensor and built-in computer loaded with advanced gesture tracking software, it was compact as well as powerful. The user could see an image floating in front of him with a live camera feed and interact with the display with hand gesture just like the way it happens in movies!

Impact: Interactivity that lead to absorbed knowledge amongst the visitors and doctors about the company’s products leaving a long lasting wow experience!

An incredible InfoComm 2014

An incredible InfoComm 2014


TouchMagix showcased our latest products and interactive technology solutions with some of our iconic content solutions which were used by industry giants at Infocomm 2014.

Brief: India’s largest AV and ICT event, InfoComm2014, held recently in Mumbai was buzzing with excitement. The Mecca for all AV technology lovers, this event gave us a huge opportunity to showcase some of our latest products and interactive technology solutions. The event saw enthusiastic participation and we are happy that we got quite a high share of visitors (in fact, we are told we probably had the highest number of footfalls). Our displays had the visitors marveling at our cutting edge touch and gesture based interactive technology solutions. We displayed two of our new technologies; a collaboration screen for BYOD solution and the new MotionMagix 5.0 hardware solution. Apart from this we had our visitors admiring our other tech displays, the multi- touch MagixKiosk™ and the multi- touch MagixTable™. We also showcased some of our iconic content solutions which were used by industry giants such as Royal Enfield, Reebok, Cisco, Lakeview and Volkswagen to make their company and branding events a mega success.
InfoComm is also a great place to update yourself on the latest in AV technology via the seminars conducted by industry stalwarts. Our CEO Anup Tapadia conducted one such session on interactive technology which saw a packed house. We spoke to some of the attendees and were overwhelmed to find that many had traveled across the globe to attend this session specifically.
Here’s a big thank you to all who helped us, our partners, InfoComm and especially our visitors, in making this event such a huge success.


An Interactive Driving Game that Teaches and Entertains

Annual GCC Traffic Week in Qatar, visitors played a racing game on a MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall while learning about traffic safety.

Client: Qatar Police

Industry: Public / Government Services

Objective: To drive road and traffic awareness in an interactive manner

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall

Brief: The prosperity of the Gulf countries has brought with it a mini crisis on the roads. The authorities across the region are cognizant of the problem and among the many initiatives they have taken to try and improve the situation is the annual GCC Traffic Week. Held in Darb El-Saai the event this year saw enthusiastic participation from a number of government and other bodies with a stake in the issue. The Qatar Police was prominent among the participants. Their thrust was on creating awareness about road safety, reducing accidents and finding solutions to traffic problems. The approach was to target the youth and the young ones with a traffic exhibition, a safe driving simulator and games. A big hit with the visitors was an interactive racing game played on a MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall. The visitors could use their moves and gestures to control their cars and race through the course – while learning about traffic safety of-course. What better way to drive home these rather dry concepts into the consciousness of the visitors.

Impact: The Interactive game played a big role in re-enforcing the traffic and road safety concepts among the visitors.


An Interactive Beer Launch in Africa

At a launch event for Harp Lager, MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor attracted visitors with the logo.

Client: Harp Lager by Guinness

Industry: Consumer

Objective: To reflect the sense of enjoyment embodied in the brand at the launch event

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor

Brief: Africa is rapidly becoming the cynosure of every discerning brand marketer’s eye. This is even more so in a product category like beverages and Harp Lager by Guinness is no exception in the importance it places on the region. The category in general and the brand in particular stand for some very specific values like a sense of fun, playfulness and the good life. When the brand was launched in parts of Africa it was thus, important that the launch events represented that same spirit accurately. At a large launch event one medium chosen for the purpose of reinforcing those values was a MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor with content custom designed for the purpose. A visual of a suitably appealing glass of Harp Lager appeared on the floor and as event participants walked across it the visual “wiped away” into the distinctive Harp logo. The effect added a touch of Interactive class to the event venue. The entire effort was wonderfully supervised, serviced and supported by our partner in Africa, Quintech.

Impact: The launch venue was suitably aligned with the brand values courtesy the MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor


HP’s Printer Launch Left an Imprint

The launch of a common product like printer became “interactive” with MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor.

Client: HP

Industry: Technology

Objective: To enliven up a product launch in a product category seen as staid and mundane

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor

Brief: Printers as a product category sometimes suffer the disadvantage of being so common place that building up excitement for a launch may present a challenge. The products are extremely high tech and almost by definition “colourful” – the problem facing HP while launching the latest OfficeJet Pro X in Africa was how to make these virtues apparent to the consumers? The approach they settled on was to make the launch event in a premier mall reflect these very qualities. Apart from the suitably dazzling displays of the printer the event space itself was jazzed up using the MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor. Visitors to the event location walked in over the projection of a giant HP logo and a message welcoming them to “The HP Elite Experience”. The floor responded to the footfalls of the visitors with 3 different display effects – a scattering into small HP logos, a swipe effect and a smash effect. Even as early as walking to the venue a subtle reinforcement was provided to the central messaging of the product – perhaps helping the visitors view the product and the category in a different light. The entire effort was wonderfully supervised, serviced and supported by our partner in Africa, Quintech.

Impact: The interactive floor played well into the High Tech and Colourful messaging for the product being launched.