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Capgemini, enthralls its guests with a fire blazing welcome experience.

Captivate your guests with an unforgettable experience.

Client: Capgemini / Agency

Industry: IT

Objective: To enthrall the guests with an interactive welcome experience.

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor

Brief: Capgemini, providing IT services, is one of the world’s largest consulting, outsourcing and professional services companies. At a corporate event they wanted to enthrall the guests with an interactive welcome experience, to serve this, our product MotionMagix was most apt. MotionMagix™ by TouchMagix is the next generation gesture tracking platform with endless possibilities. MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor was applied to create a blazing fire effect, wherein when the guests walked on the floor, visuals of fire blazing on the floor with every footstep taken by the guest were displayed on a floor area of 8*6 feet.

Impact:The audience left captivated with an unforgettable experience.


Experience Your New Home on Multi Touch

Visitors appreciated 3D view of the new property by Kolte Patil at a property expo in Pune.

Client: Kolte Patil Builders, Pune

Industry: Real Estate

Objective: Showcasing company information and project videos on multi touch kiosk.

Product: MagixKiosk™

Brief: Credai is an exhibition dedicated to promoting the Real estate sector and the most distinguished Real estate companies. It sees participation from all the major players in the real estate industry. Every participating company tries to do something unique to attract prospective buyers to their stall and stand out from amongst all the other players.

We helped one of the biggest Real Estate companies in the region to differentiate itself and create a breathtaking experience for its visitors. Our client Kolte Patil Builders used MagixKiosk to showcase videos of their newest properties. MagixKiosk being a multi-touch device has an advantage of letting potential visitors experience property videos with significantly more detail and clarity.

Multi touch kiosks were placed at two separate locations in the exhibition. Guests could experience 3D view of their latest projects and control it from every angle. Kolte Patil Builders also showed the previous projects on MagixKiosk. Our software allowed them to catalog all their projects in a way that the discovery becomes enjoyable for the visitors, most of whom spent many minutes at the Kolte Patil stall.

Guests really appreciated interacting with the highly immersive content on the multi-touch kiosk. Visitors thronged both the exhibition and our client’s stall.

Impact: Number of bookings for homes was significantly higher with the use of MagixKiosk.


The Technology Face of Vibrant Gujarat.

Abbott India showcased their products, events, upcoming plants on multi touch kiosk at Vibrant Gujarat.

Client: Abbott India at Vibrant Gujarat

Industry: Healthcare, Event and Media

Objective: Showcasing company’s details and videos on multi touch kiosk

Product: MagixKiosk™

Brief: Vibrant Gujarat is an annual event organized to promote industries from all over the world in the state of Gujarat. The event provides a platform for investors and industries to interact with renowned business leaders from across multinational companies. More than 3000 companies participated in the Vibrant Gujarat in its 2015 installment. Companies vie to stand out and differentiate amongst themselves, in an event which sees everyone putting their best foot forward. Therefore it becomes an exercise in innovation and creativity, with everyone trying to bring on board the best solution possible.

Abbott India approached TouchMagix for their stall in Vibrant Gujarat. Abbott is one of the biggest names in pharmaceutical industry and known as a highly innovative company. They wanted to use the latest in interactivity to display company information and we suggested a combination of multi-touch hardware and software to make their experience come alive.

A customized content experience was designed to showcase the very latest from Abbott in the form of a video interface. People could click on any part of the screen for a different video to launch. Once could just tap on the screen to start or stop videos or to launch one which they wanted to see from among the rest.

Using the kiosk for knowledge sharing, Abbott could not only engage people to their content but also make sure an experience far superior than any other alternative could be delivered.

Abbott India installed three MagixKiosk at three separate locations in Vibrant Gujarat to showcase their products, events, upcoming plants. They announced the inauguration of some of their major investments in Gujarat.

Impact: A superior interactive experience could be delivered with both style and manner fitting one of Gujarat’s most prominent events.


Wayfinding – The fun and interactive way!


Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC) used Wayfinding solution on multitouch kiosk with various features.

Client: Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC)

Industry: Events and Exhibitions

Objective: Wayfinding solution at EEPC event

Product: MagixKiosk™

Brief: Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC), an arm of the Ministry of Commerce, India works to advance export of engineering goods, projects and services from India. With a membership of 12,000 among large Industrial Corporate Houses, Small & Medium Scale Units (SME), and trading houses in the engineering business, its annual exhibition (IESS) promised to be nothing short of big and busy.
Grappling with the problem of an simple wayfinding solution which gives not only directions but company information too, EEPC came to TouchMagix.
In every exhibition, a major problem visitors face is not being able to visit every stall or not knowing the correct way to reach desired stall.
We designed a customised wayfinding solution for EEPC on multi touch MagixKiosk™. 3 MagixKiosks™ by TouchMagix were installed at the exhibition. The wayfinding software, had advanced search and category functions and gave visitors a glimpse of the companies they wanted to visit.
It would be quite right to say that the exhibition began from the Wayfinding Kiosks and thats where everyone got their first dose of the exhibition at large and plan their way through India’s largest such confluence.

Impact: An exhibition of around 200+ exhibitors became a less intimidating affair to negotiate!


And the writing on the wall,’Happily Ever After’!

Making 25th wedding anniversary memorable by showing guests best-wishes SMSes on the big screen.

Client: Wedding party,Dubai

Industry: Event and Media

Objective: Making 25th wedding anniversary memorable.

Product: MagixFone


It was their 25th wedding anniversary and for their silver Jubilee, the hosts wanted something that makes the business of sending best wishes as elegant as it can be!
TouchMagix MagixFone was the perfect solution for this event. The seamlessness of MagixFone, which doesn’t ask you to anything more than just send a message through your phone the usual way made it a joy to interact with. The easy setup of MagixFone installation easy. The guests could send Anniversary wishes as phone texts to the couple and they were projected live on a big screen using a projector.
The UI for the message wall was specially designed for the occasion and reflected the theme and décor of the event.
Guests and couple both loved the concept and event was hugely successful. More than 200 people attended the party and an even larger number of messages were shown on the wall.

Impact: The event became more alive when guests could see their best-wishes SMSes on the big screen

Making kid’s birthday parties a fun-filled success!

Making kid’s birthday parties a fun-filled success!


An easy way to get kids engaged & physically active in a controlled environment.

Client: Party

Industry: Kids

Objective: Giving unique gaming experience at kid’s party.

Product: MotionMagixTM Interactive wall

Brief:A 10 year olds birthday is a big deal! And to match the inexhaustible energy levels of those between the age groups of 8-14 and give them the best fun filled moments of the day, MotionMagixTM Interactive wall is the ideal match for any such birthday parties. MotionMagixTM Interactive wall for birthday parties is a complete solution offered by TouchMagix and through its partners throughout the world.
The entire MotionMagixTM hardware/software bundle along with 5-10 games is available for per day rentals for birthday parties. The speed of installation and the total physical fun filled and unique experience it offers kids ensures you can execute the best possible experience for a birthday party.
We provided this client of ours with a set of games including Ice Cream Catch game, Car Race, Table Tennis, Balloons, Coconut Catch and Basketball. These are some of the most loved games by the age group between 8-14.
And just to show much the kids loved it, we saw total number of kids who played on the 8 X 10 projected interactive wall to be around more than 100 in a brief 2 hour period.

Impact: Kids loved playing games like ice cream catch, car race on interactive wall!


Microsoft raises the bar


For launch of the Xbox One gaming console in India, Microsoft used Interactive bar to give visitors a unique interactive experience at this high end launch.

Client: Microsoft

Industry: Gaming

Objective: To give visitors a unique interactive experience at a high end launch

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Bar

Brief: Microsoft launched the Xbox One gaming console in India in a sparkling celebration in Mumbai much to the delight of thousands of gaming fans. Gaming in India is growing at an unprecedented pace with gaming fans always on the lookout for entertainment experiences. Xbox One is positioned as one such destination where amazing experiences will always be in store for the users. The launch party of the Xbox One was a glittering event held at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel and saw spectacular music and dance performances. Just like everything else in this event, the bar too was nothing but extraordinary. Microsoft decided to use the cutting edge interactive technology of TouchMagix to provide their guests with a unique experience by installing a 16 feet long MotionMagix™ Interactive Bar to create a great ambient experience. This was the only functional bar in the event and blended effortlessly with the futuristic technology of the product itself. The intelligent tracking system of the bar detected any object touching the surface and used this input to interact with the movement on the bar counter. When the Xbox logo was displayed on the bar and tracking system in the bar identified the movements on the table and would make the logos glow and then scatter into multiple logos across the table. This interactive bar mesmerized the visitors and gave them a very unique way to engage with the brand.

Impact: The MotionMagix™ Interactive Bar created a futuristic user experience which blended with the marketing theme of a high end product


Real estate giant uses interactive technology for a project launch

Launching new project in interactive format enhanced the brand image among visitors!

Client: Lodha Group

Industry: Real Estate

Objective: To have an engaging and innovative property project launch

Product: MultiTouch Kiosk

Brief: Lodha Group is a one of India’s premier real estate groups and have developed over 350 million square foot of premium real estate. Some of their landmark constructions have changed the landscape of Mumbai and they are recognized as one of India’s most trusted brand in the real estate category. This group recently held a huge event to launch their swanking new property. Just like the group itself, the display through this interactive medium was to be viewed had to be equally impressive and dramatic. TouchMagix gave them the perfect solution and provided them with a huge 32 inch MagixKiosk™ on which their entire web content was ported in HTML 5. The MagixKiosk™ gave the visitors browsing options so that they could navigate the site easily and also zoom in on required areas. The high quality display gave the visitors the true look and feel of the real estate giant’s projects as could browse the layouts, plans, picture gallery and all other project related information just as they were displayed on the website quite easily through the kiosk. The interactive display generated a great deal of interest amongst the guests and communicated quite clearly the level of excellence that they could expect from them.

Impact: Visitors got a chance to view the company website in an interactive format which enhanced the brand image and facilitated deeper discussions.


Finding your way is way more fun

The interactive display made way finding an engaging and informative exercise at Infocomm 2014.

Client: InfoComm

Objective: To provide a unique way finding solution at a high profile AV event

Product: MagixKiosk™

Brief:When an AV event is as high profile and technology driven as the InfoComm 2014, it is a given that the displays and the way finding solutions have to be equally spectacular. InfoComm chose TouchMagix as their official interactive screen partner to make sure that the visitors get an exceptional experience when they search for the event information. TouchMagix provided 4 interactive MagixKiosks™ which had 32 inch display screens to provide way finding solutions to the visitors. 3 of these MagixKiosks™ were located near the reception and registration area and one was placed outside the seminar hall. The main function of these kiosks was to provide required directions to the visitors. Our way finding solution was, however, far more comprehensive. The kiosks not only fulfilled the primary role of providing directions to the stalls but would also throw up additional information regarding the company and its products as well. People could also get all the information they needed on the seminars apart from providing the directions to the seminar halls, the kiosk also provided bios of the speakers as well making these kiosk more of information centres.
The visitors made full use of these kiosks and we witnessed a large number of people queueing up to operate it and gather information. These information kiosks were a phenomenal success and saw a great appreciation not only from the visitors but the InfoComm officials as well.

Impact: The interactive display made way finding an engaging as well as informative exercise.

An incredible InfoComm 2014

An incredible InfoComm 2014


TouchMagix showcased our latest products and interactive technology solutions with some of our iconic content solutions which were used by industry giants at Infocomm 2014.

Brief: India’s largest AV and ICT event, InfoComm2014, held recently in Mumbai was buzzing with excitement. The Mecca for all AV technology lovers, this event gave us a huge opportunity to showcase some of our latest products and interactive technology solutions. The event saw enthusiastic participation and we are happy that we got quite a high share of visitors (in fact, we are told we probably had the highest number of footfalls). Our displays had the visitors marveling at our cutting edge touch and gesture based interactive technology solutions. We displayed two of our new technologies; a collaboration screen for BYOD solution and the new MotionMagix 5.0 hardware solution. Apart from this we had our visitors admiring our other tech displays, the multi- touch MagixKiosk™ and the multi- touch MagixTable™. We also showcased some of our iconic content solutions which were used by industry giants such as Royal Enfield, Reebok, Cisco, Lakeview and Volkswagen to make their company and branding events a mega success.
InfoComm is also a great place to update yourself on the latest in AV technology via the seminars conducted by industry stalwarts. Our CEO Anup Tapadia conducted one such session on interactive technology which saw a packed house. We spoke to some of the attendees and were overwhelmed to find that many had traveled across the globe to attend this session specifically.
Here’s a big thank you to all who helped us, our partners, InfoComm and especially our visitors, in making this event such a huge success.