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A dealer event with an interactive touch

A dealer event with an interactive touch


MotionMagix video wall with augmented reality gave brand an opportunity to reach a larger audience through an offline-online connect.

Client: A leading FMCG company

Industry: FMGC

Objective: To build brand image with the dealers and establish an offline-online connect to reach a larger audience

Product: MotionMagix on video wall

Brief: Dealer events today are not just forums where companies can showcase best practices, trends and other information relevant to the company but are also exciting venues for companies to connect at a more personal level with their dealer network. Dealer events are also a great platform to recognize the contribution the dealers make towards the company’s success and for this the company’s go all out to ensure that the dealers have a great time. A leading FMCG company organized one such event in Delhi for their dealers. Apart from the business discussion that went on, the company also wanted to make sure that their dealers have their fair share of fun and have a unique experience. For this they employed the futuristic capabilities of TouchMagix’s technology and clubbed gesture technology with augmented reality. TouchMagix deployed a huge MotionMagix video wall which displayed some spectacular monuments from across India. The guests using gestures could choose and select the monument in front of which they wanted to be photographed. Once selected, the monument would be displayed on the large screen and the guests could take their picture standing in front of their favourite structure. Once clicked the guests could then post their picture directly from the screen on to their Facebook page. This exercise helped this leading FMCG company to not only engage with the audience present at the location of the event but also provided an excellent way to optimize brand visibility by connection with the thousands via the social media channel using the offline-online connect.

Impact: The interactive technology not only engaged the visitors at the venue but also gave the brand an opportunity to reach a larger audience through an offline-online connect.


An Interactive Arsenal

Puma created a unique ‘Arsenal Tunnel of Time’ along with Interactive Floor football games

Client: Puma

Industry: Retail

Objective: To create an experience zone to impress at a high profile and high energy event

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor

Brief: When a leading sportswear brand and a legendary football club team up to launch club kits to kick off the 2014-15 football season, the event has to be spectacular. Puma introduced the much celebrated Arsenal Football Kits in a stunning 4 day event held in Bangalore’s iconic UB City. Puma created a unique ‘Arsenal Tunnel of Time’ as a tribute to the legendary club and showcased Arsenal memorabilia, trophies from the FA Club, the Invincible Trophy, special moments from Arsenal history and photographs of Arsenal legends. This event also saw a special appearance from the former Gunner, Freddie Ljungberg, who flew down especially for this mega event. Puma employed the capabilities of TouchMagix’s interactive technology to create a special experience zone for the event visitors. TouchMagix deployed an 8X6, specially customized, MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor with the Puma and Arsenal logos to reflect the brand identity. This floor was loaded with a number of interactive football games for the visitors to enjoy and test their football skills. The highly engaging format of the games and the interactive capabilities of the floor with single and multi-player options attracted the attention of many visitors and saw great participation. After all entertainment targeted at one of Arsenal’s largest fan bases in the world has to be legendary as the Club itself!

Impact: The MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor provided entertainment which was in tune with the high energy levels of the event and generated great participation from visitors while making a brand impact.


Disseminating information through Interactive Technology

Multi-touch MagixKiosks™ that can easily adjusted on any screen


With the progress in technology most organizations today are looking at innovative ways and methods of dispensing information. Many of these large corporations have looked towards our hardware solutions to disseminate corporate information and run presentations for their employees or clients in a manner that is more interactive. From Multi-touch MagixKiosks™ that can easily adjusted into four form factors, Multi-Touch Thru-glass Film as touchfoils that fit any screen or glass façade to Multi-Touch Snap-on Frames that transform any LCD display into a multi – touch screen, TouchMagix’s hardware systems go a long way in creating experiences that leave a powerful impression. Our hardware systems have been installed in a number of tech companies, banks, hotels, real estate companies and have the ability to seamlessly work with AV integrators and AV partners to implement their technology and meet customized requirements of the client to create futuristic, hi tech displays.


An interactive contest for junior interior designers

Example of great branding exercise by Promoting an Online property for kids in the Offline world.

Client: Worldoo

Industry: Online Entertainment

Objective: Promoting an Online property for kids in the Offline world.

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall


One of the fastest growing and hardest to impress demographics in the entertainment segment is children. With the elevated exposure that kids have, it becomes imperative to design entertainment to match their intellect. The internet, thus, has become a go-to for most kids and parents in search of entertainment and games. Making such online content more child driven is Worldoo, an online portal where kids can experience a virtual world where they can play age appropriate games and learn new and exciting things. In their promotional event with Hamleys across four locations, Worldoo used the power of TouchMagix’s Interactive Technology to bring this fantasy world to life. Kids played the Worldoo ‘Home’ game, an Augmented Reality 3D game using the power of TouchMagix’s gesture tracking technology. The aim of the game was for participants to decorate a room displayed on the MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall as aesthetically and creatively as possible. Different objects such as furniture, appliances etc. were placed around the room and the children had to drag and drop them into place using gestures. They could also choose different layouts, wall colors and interiors to create their personalized 3D home.

Once the layout was complete the kids could post the pictures of their creations on the Worldoo Facebook page and solicit ‘likes’ to win. This helped to establish a great offline-online connect. The promotion saw great and enthusiastic participation from kids owing to the interactive content and also ensured high visibility that went beyond the physical space.

Impact: : The event saw great participation because of its engaging content and also proved to be a great branding exercise by establishing an offline-online connect.


An Interactive Family Affair

The use of interactive technology made the Corporate HR event more engaging and generated greater participation.

Client: PayPal

Industry: E-Commerce

Objective: To make a corporate HR engagement program highly engaging and encourage greater participation

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall, MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor


Employee engagement is a key focus area for all companies today. Greater employee engagement helps in employee retention and also helps to boost productivity. When PayPal organized their annual Family Day, among their considerations was not only having an entertaining event but also to ensure a high degree of employee engagement and interaction. In order to make the event more interactive PayPal deployed a MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall and a MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor. While the grown up participants had a great time playing a number of interactive games that tested their capabilities, the children too, were not far behind. The MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor generated a lot of interest amongst the junior members who were seen having a rollicking time and enjoying the event to the fullest. Now that’s what employee engagement looks like when it is coupled with interactive technology!

Impact: : The use of interactive technology made the event more engaging and generated greater participation.


TouchMagix Makes Samsung Enterprise Solutions Expo Interactive

Samsung Enterprise Solutions Expo 2014 explored the interactive capabilities of TouchMagix

Client: Samsung Enterprise Solutions Expo 2014

Objective: To showcase the various possibilities of Interactive technologies in a variety of industries.

Product: MagixKiosk™, MagixScreen, MagixTable, Multi-Touch Overlay

Samsung Enterprise Solutions Expo 2014 showcased innovation and leadership of Samsung’s Enterprise Business. A two day event, the expo presented a whole host of technologies from Samsung and its partner companies for a variety of industries. The Samsung Enterprise Solutions Expo 2014 also explored the interactive capabilities of TouchMagix’s technology in different environments such as retail, customer experience centres and banks. For this, TouchMagix used a MagixKiosk™, 46” MagixScreen™, MagixTable™. Along with this TouchMagix also deployed a 3*3 video wall with gesture technology to showcase Samsung’s rich history and corporate vision.

Impact: Samsung and Samsung partners found Inspiration and business use for the entire range of TouchMagix’ interactive products.

news nation

Election coverage gets the interactive edge

A leading news channel used our highly interactive elements and products and it enhanced the election coverage experience for the audience.

Client: News Nation

Industry: Media and Entertainment

Objective: To provide an interactive edge to election coverage

Product: Magix Screen, Multi-Touch Overlay, Multi-touch Hardware


The polls this year have been drumming up great interest for one and all these last few months. As the election season began, most media houses and news channels focused all their energies to look up mediums where they could differentiate in ways of showcasing their electoral coverage. News Nation rose to this challenge and opted to look at TouchMagix technology to leverage the best in class multi-touch experience for their studios for live election analysis. News Nation made use of the TouchMagix Multi-touch overlay to give the audience a unique experience in viewing electoral news. The TouchMagix Multi-touch Overlay was retrofitted over a 180 inch Barco video wall, giving it a yet more classy and edgy appeal. News Nation also installed Multi-touch overlay on their 75” Samsung video wall. These surfaces had the software required to bring out the visually appealing interactive content right on to the TV screen! Instead of installing separate kiosks and booths, a huge interactive surface was created right where a television stood. Visitors could touch and expand relevant election news which was supported by high impact visuals and move or close news that did not generate their interest. The visitors and employees made full use of the display and found it an extremely engaging medium to view electoral information of their choice.

Impact: The highly interactive elements of the displayed content greatly enhanced the election coverage experience for the audience.

Power up the sports season with interactive technology

Power up the sports season with interactive technology


Using MagixFone™ to engage a larger number of people from the audience and help in generating higher revenues.


Industry: F&B/Retail

Objective: To use the capabilities of interactive technology for promotions and increased interactions.

Product: MagixFone™

Come sport season and most food & beverage outlets gear up to come up with innovative ways to promote their outlet to generate footfalls and increase traffic. With the football season round the corner TouchMagix has come up with a unique package that restaurants and pubs can use to increase guest participation and offer them a lot more than just viewing the match as a part of their promotion strategy. Using the capabilities of the MagixFone™ the restaurant owners can incentivise footfalls at their venue by distributing goodies, discount coupons, vouchers etc. to guests who play the quiz while the game is played. The quiz questions run on the same screen where the game will play and requires no additional displays. To participate the guests simply have to text their answer to the number flashing on the screen and the MagixFone™ sends the gift coupon through a text to the winner. The capabilities of the MagixFone™ allow multiple users to participate in the event at the same time and thus engages a much wider audience in an interactive manner which otherwise would be difficult to achieve.

Impact: The interactive capabilities of the MagixFone™ can be used to engage a larger number of people from the audience and help in generating higher revenues.

A musical social interaction using gesture technology

A musical social interaction using gesture technology


The installation using gesture technology generated a lot of buzz both online and offline because of its unique content and technology capability.

Client: eyeSight

Industry:: Media and Entertainment

Objective: To use gesture technology to boost social interaction

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall

Gesture recognition is all set to change the way we interact with almost everything. What would you say if we told you that you could DJ a beat box on the street? Our partner wanted to see how people react to gesture recognition technology and if this technology could boost social interaction. TouchMagix developed the content and software for this installation for this very purpose. At the heart of this interaction lies the technology behind MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall. A hand icon flashed on the screen and people had to copy the motion displayed on the screen to start the program. As in a music mixer the content was designed to split into smaller parts, this screen and the music could be controlled by many people at the same time. A large number of people gathered to check out and interact with this installation. It was a lot of fun to see people grooving to the tune of this gesture controlled beat box. This novel public interaction program was a huge success and generated a lot of interest even online because of its unique interactive content. It got its share of appreciation even in social media and received close to a 100,000 views soon after it was uploaded.

Impact: The installation generated a lot of buzz both online and offline because of its unique content and technology capability becoming a viral sensation.


A cutting edge window display for a really smart smart phone

Creating buzz with interactive display and attracting potential buyers to explore the new offering from Nokia.

Client: Nokia Priority Store

Industry: Mobile Retail

Objective: To create a window display that educates and creates awareness using interactive technology

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall

Nokia mobiles are back and how! The Nokia X series smartphones definitely belong to the next generation smartphone category. So when a Nokia Priority Dealer in Mumbai decided to showcase this smartphone, the window display could be nothing less than a showstopper. Using the MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall, a large 65 inch LED screen with a 3D depth sensor with ‘through the glass’ gesture and silhouette tracking technology became the store’s window display. Unlike most stores where the display shut when the store closed, this display was live 24X7. Displayed on the screen were a number of Nokia X apps and interacting with those apps was a shadow. The apps on the screen were static and became dynamic as soon as someone passed past or stopped in front of the display. The ‘through the glass’ gesture tracking technology enabled people to interact with the shadow and play games and use the several other apps displayed on the screen using silhouette tracking technology. The unique nature of the content displayed on the window managed to generate a huge amount of interest among the crowd and also managed to showcase the unique capabilities of the new Nokia smartphone in an engaging format. The window display for this Nokia store, much like the tagline for the Nokia X, was definitely ‘not like everyone else’.

Impact: The display generated a lot of buzz regarding the smartphone and encouraged potential buyers to explore the new offering from Nokia