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Ibaco Interactive Wall Engages Mall Visitors and Facebook Crowd

Ibaco Interactive Wall Engages Mall Visitors and Facebook Crowd

Ibaco educated the audience about the various flavours of Ibaco ice cream sundaes.

Client: Ibaco

Industry : Food & Beverage

Objective: To educate the audience about the various possibilities of Ibaco ice cream sundaes in a fun, interactive and engaging manner and enhance branding through offline and online interactions.

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall and Multi-Touch MagixKiosk™

Brief: Ibaco can be touted as the ice cream lovers’ paradise. They wanted to host an event where they could inform and educate their audience about their delectable range of ice cream flavors and enviable range of toppings and sauces while also increasing brand awareness. Ibaco took this ice cream party to its promotional event at Mantri Mall, Bangalore where they hosted a number of engaging games for the visitors with the help of the MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall and Multi-Touch Magix Kiosk. All participants had to collect different ice cream toppings that were being dropped via the Interactive Wall placed on the stage. This wall ensured that Ibaco received high visibility and generated quite a buzz amongst the mall goers. To participate visitors had to log in to their Facebook account from the MagixKiosk establishing an offline-online connect. The campaign got visibility not only through the event at the Mall but also hundreds of people on Facebook viewed the activity through the updates posted by participants. People jumped, dived and ran all over the stage to catch all the toppings and sauces that were being ‘dropped’.  A great way to educate the visitors about the numerous of ice cream flavors, toppings and sauces and also multiply the brands visibility by crossing the limitations posed by physical boundaries.

Impact: The audience got informed about all ice creams and toppings that Ibaco had to offer not just on location but also in the virtual world.



Industrial Paints Giant

Decorative and Industrial Paints Giant Adding Colour to a Retailer Meet

Dealer conference became more interesting and enjoyable experience for the participants.

Client: A Decorative and Industrial Paints Giant

Industry: Manufacturing

Objective: To make a dealer conference more interesting and enjoyable experience for the participants

Product: MotionMagixTM Interactive Floor, MotionMagixTM Interactive Wall

Brief: As one of the largest paint companies in the world with unrivaled market coverage our client takes its dealer network very seriously. The dealer meets held periodically are great occasions intended in equal parts to educate and motivate the members of the network. Creating engagement and keeping the participants enthused while spreading product awareness is a key part of this exercise and in a recent meet the MotionMagixTM Interactive Floor and Wall were deployed to great effect for this purpose. Perhaps fittingly for a paint company, more than 150 participants were invited to indulge their artistic sensibilities and try their hand at freestyle painting. Colourful sprays of paint from across the palette of the paints company directed by the gestures of the participants, made for a splashy show while at the same time exposing them to various colours, shades and tones

Impact: This was a fun way to engage the dealers and get them to explore the shades as well

Paints Giant using MotionMagix Interactive Wall

An Interactive Birthday Party for Uncle Sam

An Interactive Birthday Party for Uncle Sam

The MagixFone™ enabled much wider audience participation and education at US Consulate in India.

Client: US Consulate in India

Industry: Government

Objective: To share US history, culture and values with the people of Mumbai in fun and entertaining ways.

Product: Magix Fone

Brief: Among the primary charters of the US Consulate in India is to deepen the connection between the people of the two countries. They carry out several activities intended to promote greater understanding of the history, culture and values of USA. One of these events was a day-long celebration of the US Independence Day in one of Mumbai’s major shopping destinations. The event was packed with several fun activities and one that caught everyone’s eye was the US Knowledge Quiz. This was a game show themed Trivia Quiz that came alive as members of the audience phoned in, well sms’ed in, their answers to the questions related to history and culture of US that came up on the screen using the interactive capabilities of the MagixFone. This allowed simultaneous participation of many visitors thus engaging a much larger portion of the audience than would otherwise have been possible. The operating principle being the more the merrier – it is a birthday party after-all !

Impact: The MagixFone enabled much wider audience participation and education via gamification  – a key benefit for an event held in an outside location over a limited period of time.



JSW Giving a Strong Appeal to its Exhibition Booth

Visitors of JSW booth at the FICCI India Summit were addressed in a manner designed to inform & impress at the same time.

Client: JSW Steel

Industry: Industrial, Exhibition, Event

Objective: To showcase product & corporate information in a manner designed to stand out from other exhibitors

Product: Multi-touch Magix Kiosk

Brief: The customer was participating in the FICCI India Summit with the objective of showcasing their corporate & product information to international delegates. The booth comprised a large video wall & a Magix Kiosk interactively displaying appropriate information. The objective was to give a strong visual appeal to the booth and also to promote higher engagement with more serious subject matter and in the process differentiate the company from the other exhibitors.

Impact: The booth visitors got the information they required in a manner designed to inform & impress at the same time


Multitouch for the Sony PS Vita

Multi-touch for the Sony PS Vita


The MagixTouch™ Multi-touch was the perfect option for Sony given the uniqueness of PSP Vita to gamers.

Client: Sony PS Vita

Industry: Technology, Entertainment, Event, Exhibition, Mall

Objective: To showcase the unique multi-touch capabilities of the PSP Vita to gamers.

Product: MagixTouch Multi-touch

Brief: One of the innovative features of the PS Vita from Sony is a Multi-touch screen & a Multi-touch rear touch pad. In a “road-show” kind of environment, Sony chose a MagixTouch Multi-touch with original game content to showcase the full scope of the experience provided by the multi-touch features on a large scale model of Sony PS. The MagixTouch offered a touch-based interaction for the users where they could &get a sense of the unique game play & the sheer enjoyment that an actual Sony PS VITA can provide.

Impact: The MagixTouch Multi-touch was an obvious large-format display option for Sony given the uniqueness of the multi-touch capabilities they wanted to display.




The InterContinental – Marks a Grand Occasion in a Grand Manner

InterContinental hotel celebrated its 50th Anniversary with sheer awesomeness of MotionMagix™.

Client: The InterContinental

Industry: Hospitality, Event

Objective: To mark a grand occasion in a suitably grand manner

Product: MotionMagix Interactive Floor

Brief: The InterContinental celebrated the 50th Anniversary of it’s grand inauguration. The several events to commemorate it’s status as the first five start hotel in the kingdom & the largest such hotel there were planned to be equally grand with attendance by various dignitaries. The events included a impressive 70 feet long interactive projections across 10 MotionMagix Interactive Floors. Guests interacted with projections of the iconic InterContinental logo & visuals of flowers.

Impact: The sheer size of the Interactive Floors installed conveyed the significance & the grandeur of the of the occasion to guests.


Vodafone Provides Fun & Memorable Experience for Young Visitors to the Exhibit

Vodafone Provides Fun & Memorable Experience for Young Visitors to the Exhibit

Visitors were floored by this display of interactivity.

Client: Vodafone – Mumbai

Industry: Exhibition, Telecom, Kids Games

Objective: To provide a fun & memorable experience for the young visitors to the exhibit

Product: MotionMagix Interactive Floor

Brief: Visitors to a recent Vodafone Mumbai event were in for a melodious treat. A unique 2 camera blended projection of piano keys on the MotionMagix Interactive Floor invited the musically inclined to try to make music as they tapped out the keys on the floor. The resultant sound was corrected & tuned for better effect & the melody was piped to the entire exhibition floor in a manner reminiscent of a live pianist at work.

Impact: Visitors were able to not only interact with the exhibit but also to see other visitors react to the music created by them.


Differently abled Kids Explore Techno Games

Differently abled Kids Explore Techno Games

TouchMagix with Lions Club of Pune organized a festival to provide entertainment for specially abled children.

TouchMagix, in association with Lions Club of Pune recently organized a festival at Bal Kalyan Sanstha for differently-abled children.

The purpose of this activity was to provide a sense of entertainment as well as achievement to these specially abled children. They played games which they would’ve never been able to play in real life and the best part is that they responded very well to the MotionMagix interactive floor.


The activity was well appreciated by various newspapers as well


GE Educates Visitors using MultiTouch Display

GE Educates Visitors using Multi-Touch Display

A highly successful installation where the delegates couldn’t stop appreciating the way information was laid out for them.

Client: GE Healthcare

Industry: Healthcare, Exhibition, Event

Objective: To display product information in an “easy-to-find” manner for extremely knowledgeable booth visitors.

Product: Multi-touch Displays and MagixKiosk

Brief: The customer was exhibiting at a leading International conference focused on a very specific field within the medical discipline. The delegates were doctors & other eminent experts in the area & the objective was to design the stall in a manner allowing the delegates to explore the exhibited products & models & find the information they were seeking. The media was made available in formats like PDF’s, videos, Image galleries, PPT’s and the visitor could browse and email the same. The Multi-touch MagixKiosk was the ideal system for the purpose – delegates were able to go through the presentations on the new technology & the innovations displayed & get all the information they needed.

Impact: The display attracted a high delegate turnout & the feedback was that the delegates appreciated the way the information was laid out for them.


Interactive Augmented Reality With Interactive Wall

Interactive Augmented Reality – With Interactive Wall

An Augmented Reality Experience for Associate Decor’s customers that made them feel various climatic conditions.

TouchMagix takes Augmented Reality one step ahead by creating this interactive Augmented Reality Experience for Associate Decor – India’s largest particleboard manufacturing plant. TouchMagix setup an Interactive Wall where people standing in front of the wall got an experience of standing in rain, sun and various such climatic conditions and learnt about unique offerings of Associate Decor. A very effective educative branding for sure!