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The Technology Face of Vibrant Gujarat.

Abbott India showcased their products, events, upcoming plants on multi touch kiosk at Vibrant Gujarat.

Client: Abbott India at Vibrant Gujarat

Industry: Healthcare, Event and Media

Objective: Showcasing company’s details and videos on multi touch kiosk

Product: MagixKiosk™

Brief: Vibrant Gujarat is an annual event organized to promote industries from all over the world in the state of Gujarat. The event provides a platform for investors and industries to interact with renowned business leaders from across multinational companies. More than 3000 companies participated in the Vibrant Gujarat in its 2015 installment. Companies vie to stand out and differentiate amongst themselves, in an event which sees everyone putting their best foot forward. Therefore it becomes an exercise in innovation and creativity, with everyone trying to bring on board the best solution possible.

Abbott India approached TouchMagix for their stall in Vibrant Gujarat. Abbott is one of the biggest names in pharmaceutical industry and known as a highly innovative company. They wanted to use the latest in interactivity to display company information and we suggested a combination of multi-touch hardware and software to make their experience come alive.

A customized content experience was designed to showcase the very latest from Abbott in the form of a video interface. People could click on any part of the screen for a different video to launch. Once could just tap on the screen to start or stop videos or to launch one which they wanted to see from among the rest.

Using the kiosk for knowledge sharing, Abbott could not only engage people to their content but also make sure an experience far superior than any other alternative could be delivered.

Abbott India installed three MagixKiosk at three separate locations in Vibrant Gujarat to showcase their products, events, upcoming plants. They announced the inauguration of some of their major investments in Gujarat.

Impact: A superior interactive experience could be delivered with both style and manner fitting one of Gujarat’s most prominent events.

An Interactive InfoComm MEA in Dazzling Dubai

An Interactive InfoComm MEA in Dazzling Dubai

TouchMagix Media exhibited a range of Interactive solutions at InfoComm Middle East.

InfoComm Middle East & Africa 2013 in Dubai was held between Oct 20 – 24, 2013 and it was buzzing with excitement. The biggest event in the region for all things Pro-AV and Digital Signage offered an obvious choice for us at TouchMagix Media to exhibit our range of Interactive solutions. Crowds flocked to the event and we got more than our fair share of visitors marveling at the Touch and Gesture based interactivities on display. Here’s big thank you to all our partners who helped put the show together for us and especially to all those who stopped by our stall – until InfoComm MEA 2014 !


A Book Launch with a Difference

Multi-touch MagixKiosk™ made the book experience unique and nvere seen before.

Client: SETU Advertising

Industry: Advertising, Publishing

Objective: At a book launch event, they wanted to showcase the book in a unique manner.

Product: Multi-touch MagixKiosk™

Brief: One of the leading advertising agencies in Pune was looking to showcase its rich history through the publication of a book. They wanted to launch the book in a similarly unique manner & for this they chose to leverage the touch based interactivity capabilities of the Magix Kiosk. The Kiosk allowed invitees to flip through pages, chapters & pictures & give the look & feel of doing so with a real publication. Truly a wonderful way to promote a historic publication!

Impact: The interactive kiosk focused the attention of the visitors on the unique nature of the publication & it’s rich content.



JSW Giving a Strong Appeal to its Exhibition Booth

Visitors of JSW booth at the FICCI India Summit were addressed in a manner designed to inform & impress at the same time.

Client: JSW Steel

Industry: Industrial, Exhibition, Event

Objective: To showcase product & corporate information in a manner designed to stand out from other exhibitors

Product: Multi-touch Magix Kiosk

Brief: The customer was participating in the FICCI India Summit with the objective of showcasing their corporate & product information to international delegates. The booth comprised a large video wall & a Magix Kiosk interactively displaying appropriate information. The objective was to give a strong visual appeal to the booth and also to promote higher engagement with more serious subject matter and in the process differentiate the company from the other exhibitors.

Impact: The booth visitors got the information they required in a manner designed to inform & impress at the same time



Real Estate Developer Creating Lasting Impression at Property Expo

Leading Real Estate developer attracted visitors and dazzled them like never before.

Client: A Leading Real Estate Developer

Industry: Real Estate

Objective: To differentiate their exhibit in a highly competitive environment.

Product: MagixTable, Multi-touch on wall, MotionMagix Interactive Wall

Brief: One of the leading Real Estate developers in the country was participating in the MCHI Credai Property expo in an environment where over a 100 exhibitors were vying for the attentions of thousands of prospective buyers. They chose to deploy a full range of Interactive solutions with eye-catching & informative content to leave a lasting impression in the minds of the visitors. This ranged from their branding on the MotionMagix Interactive Floor interacting with visitors to on-demand information of their projects on the MotionMagix Interactive Wall & the MagixTables. The stall caught the eye of visitors  & exhibition organisers alike & ended up being among the most awarded in the show.

Impact: The booth attracted visitors from among the prospective buyers visiting the exhibition & was able to make a mark due to it’s unique look.



Multitouch for the Sony PS Vita

Multi-touch for the Sony PS Vita


The MagixTouch™ Multi-touch was the perfect option for Sony given the uniqueness of PSP Vita to gamers.

Client: Sony PS Vita

Industry: Technology, Entertainment, Event, Exhibition, Mall

Objective: To showcase the unique multi-touch capabilities of the PSP Vita to gamers.

Product: MagixTouch Multi-touch

Brief: One of the innovative features of the PS Vita from Sony is a Multi-touch screen & a Multi-touch rear touch pad. In a “road-show” kind of environment, Sony chose a MagixTouch Multi-touch with original game content to showcase the full scope of the experience provided by the multi-touch features on a large scale model of Sony PS. The MagixTouch offered a touch-based interaction for the users where they could &get a sense of the unique game play & the sheer enjoyment that an actual Sony PS VITA can provide.

Impact: The MagixTouch Multi-touch was an obvious large-format display option for Sony given the uniqueness of the multi-touch capabilities they wanted to display.



Vodafone Provides Fun & Memorable Experience for Young Visitors to the Exhibit

Vodafone Provides Fun & Memorable Experience for Young Visitors to the Exhibit

Visitors were floored by this display of interactivity.

Client: Vodafone – Mumbai

Industry: Exhibition, Telecom, Kids Games

Objective: To provide a fun & memorable experience for the young visitors to the exhibit

Product: MotionMagix Interactive Floor

Brief: Visitors to a recent Vodafone Mumbai event were in for a melodious treat. A unique 2 camera blended projection of piano keys on the MotionMagix Interactive Floor invited the musically inclined to try to make music as they tapped out the keys on the floor. The resultant sound was corrected & tuned for better effect & the melody was piped to the entire exhibition floor in a manner reminiscent of a live pianist at work.

Impact: Visitors were able to not only interact with the exhibit but also to see other visitors react to the music created by them.


NIT Trichy Showcases Interaction Between Man & Technology in an Unusual Manner

NIT Trichy Showcases Interaction Between Man & Technology in an Unusual Manner

Interactive displays at NIT Trichy to promote the co-existential relationship between Man & Technology!

Client: National Institute of Technology – Trichy

Industry: Exhibition, Education

Objective: Showcase the interaction between Man & Technology in an unusual manner

Product: MotionMagix Interactive Floor, Magix Touch Multi touch displays

Brief: The National Institute of Technology at Trichy is one of the premier educational institutions in the country offering Engineering education & Pragyan is their flagship techno-management festival. This year the exhibition invited visitors to “Explore the power of touch”. The MotionMagix Interactive floor allowed visitors to play games like soccer on the floor & have the visuals & sounds react to their movements. The Multi touch displays created a mind-boggling display allowing multiple users to interact with the system simultaneously & get it to perform the tasks set of it.

Impact: The interactive displays fit in remarkably well with the overall attempt of the festival to promote & foster the co-existential relationship between Man & Technology !

In Media:



GE Educates Visitors using MultiTouch Display

GE Educates Visitors using Multi-Touch Display

A highly successful installation where the delegates couldn’t stop appreciating the way information was laid out for them.

Client: GE Healthcare

Industry: Healthcare, Exhibition, Event

Objective: To display product information in an “easy-to-find” manner for extremely knowledgeable booth visitors.

Product: Multi-touch Displays and MagixKiosk

Brief: The customer was exhibiting at a leading International conference focused on a very specific field within the medical discipline. The delegates were doctors & other eminent experts in the area & the objective was to design the stall in a manner allowing the delegates to explore the exhibited products & models & find the information they were seeking. The media was made available in formats like PDF’s, videos, Image galleries, PPT’s and the visitor could browse and email the same. The Multi-touch MagixKiosk was the ideal system for the purpose – delegates were able to go through the presentations on the new technology & the innovations displayed & get all the information they needed.

Impact: The display attracted a high delegate turnout & the feedback was that the delegates appreciated the way the information was laid out for them.


Interactive Augmented Reality With Interactive Wall

Interactive Augmented Reality – With Interactive Wall

An Augmented Reality Experience for Associate Decor’s customers that made them feel various climatic conditions.

TouchMagix takes Augmented Reality one step ahead by creating this interactive Augmented Reality Experience for Associate Decor – India’s largest particleboard manufacturing plant. TouchMagix setup an Interactive Wall where people standing in front of the wall got an experience of standing in rain, sun and various such climatic conditions and learnt about unique offerings of Associate Decor. A very effective educative branding for sure!