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The Technology Face of Vibrant Gujarat.

Abbott India showcased their products, events, upcoming plants on multi touch kiosk at Vibrant Gujarat.

Client: Abbott India at Vibrant Gujarat

Industry: Healthcare, Event and Media

Objective: Showcasing company’s details and videos on multi touch kiosk

Product: MagixKiosk™

Brief: Vibrant Gujarat is an annual event organized to promote industries from all over the world in the state of Gujarat. The event provides a platform for investors and industries to interact with renowned business leaders from across multinational companies. More than 3000 companies participated in the Vibrant Gujarat in its 2015 installment. Companies vie to stand out and differentiate amongst themselves, in an event which sees everyone putting their best foot forward. Therefore it becomes an exercise in innovation and creativity, with everyone trying to bring on board the best solution possible.

Abbott India approached TouchMagix for their stall in Vibrant Gujarat. Abbott is one of the biggest names in pharmaceutical industry and known as a highly innovative company. They wanted to use the latest in interactivity to display company information and we suggested a combination of multi-touch hardware and software to make their experience come alive.

A customized content experience was designed to showcase the very latest from Abbott in the form of a video interface. People could click on any part of the screen for a different video to launch. Once could just tap on the screen to start or stop videos or to launch one which they wanted to see from among the rest.

Using the kiosk for knowledge sharing, Abbott could not only engage people to their content but also make sure an experience far superior than any other alternative could be delivered.

Abbott India installed three MagixKiosk at three separate locations in Vibrant Gujarat to showcase their products, events, upcoming plants. They announced the inauguration of some of their major investments in Gujarat.

Impact: A superior interactive experience could be delivered with both style and manner fitting one of Gujarat’s most prominent events.


A Passenger Information System Fit for the Best

A mix of valuable information and glam with MultiTouch MagixKiosks™.

Client: CSIA Mumbai

Title : A passenger information system fit for the best

Industry: Transportation Services

Product: Multi-touch MagixKiosk™

Brief: The recently opened Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport T2 has set for itself an ambitious goal – to be the very best airport in the whole world. No expense has been spared in its design, architecture or construction or even in the many flourishes like India’a largest public art programme that calls the terminal its home. In such an environment it was inconceivable that the Passenger Information systems used would be anything less than the best. CIAL deployed no less than 4 Multi-touch MagixKiosk™ with large 55 in screens in the extremely high traffic area just inside the security hold area. Passengers could use these intuitive kiosks to seek for themselves all kinds of information of value to them – flight timings, airport information, location information, route maps and so on. The kiosks are intended to serve a dual purpose – firstly as a service to the large volume of passengers expected to flow through the terminal and secondly to showcase the most modern technology. After-all if everything else at the terminal is designed to dazzle the passenger then shouldn’t the system that supplies them information also do the same?

Impact: The information kiosks serve the purpose of informing the passengers while also impressing on them the modern feel of the terminal.


An Interactive Driving Game that Teaches and Entertains

Annual GCC Traffic Week in Qatar, visitors played a racing game on a MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall while learning about traffic safety.

Client: Qatar Police

Industry: Public / Government Services

Objective: To drive road and traffic awareness in an interactive manner

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall

Brief: The prosperity of the Gulf countries has brought with it a mini crisis on the roads. The authorities across the region are cognizant of the problem and among the many initiatives they have taken to try and improve the situation is the annual GCC Traffic Week. Held in Darb El-Saai the event this year saw enthusiastic participation from a number of government and other bodies with a stake in the issue. The Qatar Police was prominent among the participants. Their thrust was on creating awareness about road safety, reducing accidents and finding solutions to traffic problems. The approach was to target the youth and the young ones with a traffic exhibition, a safe driving simulator and games. A big hit with the visitors was an interactive racing game played on a MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall. The visitors could use their moves and gestures to control their cars and race through the course – while learning about traffic safety of-course. What better way to drive home these rather dry concepts into the consciousness of the visitors.

Impact: The Interactive game played a big role in re-enforcing the traffic and road safety concepts among the visitors.

An Interactive Birthday Party for Uncle Sam

An Interactive Birthday Party for Uncle Sam

The MagixFone™ enabled much wider audience participation and education at US Consulate in India.

Client: US Consulate in India

Industry: Government

Objective: To share US history, culture and values with the people of Mumbai in fun and entertaining ways.

Product: Magix Fone

Brief: Among the primary charters of the US Consulate in India is to deepen the connection between the people of the two countries. They carry out several activities intended to promote greater understanding of the history, culture and values of USA. One of these events was a day-long celebration of the US Independence Day in one of Mumbai’s major shopping destinations. The event was packed with several fun activities and one that caught everyone’s eye was the US Knowledge Quiz. This was a game show themed Trivia Quiz that came alive as members of the audience phoned in, well sms’ed in, their answers to the questions related to history and culture of US that came up on the screen using the interactive capabilities of the MagixFone. This allowed simultaneous participation of many visitors thus engaging a much larger portion of the audience than would otherwise have been possible. The operating principle being the more the merrier – it is a birthday party after-all !

Impact: The MagixFone enabled much wider audience participation and education via gamification  – a key benefit for an event held in an outside location over a limited period of time.


Multi-Touch experience in Dubai via Emirads

Multi-Touch experience in Dubai via Emirads


An innovative interactive experience where the client showcased videos, pictures, corporate PDF’s in an elegant manner.

Our partner in Dubai showcased an innovative interactive experience for one of the Leading Banks in the Middle East. By choosing MagixTouch 46″ multi-touch solution, with easily customizable application, the client could showcase videos, pictures, Corporate PDF’s and its ongoing programs in an elegant and captivating manner.