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A Passenger Information System Fit for the Best

A mix of valuable information and glam with MultiTouch MagixKiosks™.

Client: CSIA Mumbai

Title : A passenger information system fit for the best

Industry: Transportation Services

Product: Multi-touch MagixKiosk™

Brief: The recently opened Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport T2 has set for itself an ambitious goal – to be the very best airport in the whole world. No expense has been spared in its design, architecture or construction or even in the many flourishes like India’a largest public art programme that calls the terminal its home. In such an environment it was inconceivable that the Passenger Information systems used would be anything less than the best. CIAL deployed no less than 4 Multi-touch MagixKiosk™ with large 55 in screens in the extremely high traffic area just inside the security hold area. Passengers could use these intuitive kiosks to seek for themselves all kinds of information of value to them – flight timings, airport information, location information, route maps and so on. The kiosks are intended to serve a dual purpose – firstly as a service to the large volume of passengers expected to flow through the terminal and secondly to showcase the most modern technology. After-all if everything else at the terminal is designed to dazzle the passenger then shouldn’t the system that supplies them information also do the same?

Impact: The information kiosks serve the purpose of informing the passengers while also impressing on them the modern feel of the terminal.


An Interactive Driving Game that Teaches and Entertains

Annual GCC Traffic Week in Qatar, visitors played a racing game on a MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall while learning about traffic safety.

Client: Qatar Police

Industry: Public / Government Services

Objective: To drive road and traffic awareness in an interactive manner

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall

Brief: The prosperity of the Gulf countries has brought with it a mini crisis on the roads. The authorities across the region are cognizant of the problem and among the many initiatives they have taken to try and improve the situation is the annual GCC Traffic Week. Held in Darb El-Saai the event this year saw enthusiastic participation from a number of government and other bodies with a stake in the issue. The Qatar Police was prominent among the participants. Their thrust was on creating awareness about road safety, reducing accidents and finding solutions to traffic problems. The approach was to target the youth and the young ones with a traffic exhibition, a safe driving simulator and games. A big hit with the visitors was an interactive racing game played on a MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall. The visitors could use their moves and gestures to control their cars and race through the course – while learning about traffic safety of-course. What better way to drive home these rather dry concepts into the consciousness of the visitors.

Impact: The Interactive game played a big role in re-enforcing the traffic and road safety concepts among the visitors.


A Good Time for all Using the Magix of Interactive Technologies

The highly creative approach to getting the audience members to interact with each other by ‘Gifting a Beer’.

Client: Google / GroupM

Industry: Media

Objective: Draw the members of the audience into an interaction using innovative technology

Product: MagixFone

Brief: Google hosted an event at the GroupM office & used a unique combination of interactive technologies to draw members of the audience into a fun-filled interaction with each other. People were invited to “Gift a Beer” to their friends by sending an SMS to the MagixFone system through their own phones that would be publicly displayed. The messages offered a fascinating range of communications with people thanking others for a specific job well done or for more personal reasons. The intended recipients could get a coupon code if they sent an acknowledgement over SMS that would be similarly displayed & the coupon could be redeemed for a free beer. A beer for an sms – a good bargain all around !

Impact: The highly creative approach to getting the audience members to interact with each other was in keeping with the profile of the audience.


The Walls at Tata Housing Tell a Story

Tata Housing impresses the visitors to their office using a differentiated approach to present corporate and project information.

Client: Tata Housing

Industry: Real Estate

Objective: To use a differentiated approach to presenting corporate and project information.

Product: MotionMagix Interactive Wall

Brief: Tata Housing is among the fastest growing real estate companies in India. Their focus is on higher end, highly differentiated projects aimed at discerning buyers. The promotional materials and approaches they adopt have to adhere to the sensibilities of this audience. In a customer experience centre that is coming up at their corporate office in the heart of New Delhi is a prime example of this approach. A MotionMagix Interactive Wall is deployed with visually appealing content from the corporate brochure and one of their upcoming projects in the hills of Himachal Pradesh. The effect is dazzling and the interactive possibilities magnify the impact. Visitors can get the information they want and at the same time cannot escape the conclusion that this is a real estate developer with a difference. In a crowded space with a lot of established players vying for the attentions of the premium buyer this goes a long way in creating a stamp of Tata Housing’s image in their minds.

Impact: The prime need is for Tata Housing to impress upon the visitors to their office a perception of themselves as a company that stands apart from the competition – an effect that the Customer Experience Center goes a long way to support.


Google Showcases the Cutting-edge Image of Google Play

Google Showcases the Cutting-edge Image of Google Play

The display communicated the salient qualities of the brand fundamental to its experience.

Client: Google

Industry: High Tech

Objective: An advertising display as cutting edge as Google Play itself

Product: Multi-touch Magix Kiosk

Brief: When Google wanted an advertising display to bring home the cutting-edge image of Google Play to an appropriately elite audience, they adopted a concept as pioneering as the brand itself. Visitors to Delhi International Airports T3 were wowed by a 42” Magix Kiosk based Android Tablet simulator that magnified the screen of the tablet without sacrificing its touch based capabilities.

Playing with the giant screen left a lasting impact of the experience as well as the brand in their minds.

Impact: The display was able to communicate a lasting impression of the salient qualities of the brand and also some features of the tablet fundamental to its experience.




A Book Launch with a Difference

Multi-touch MagixKiosk™ made the book experience unique and nvere seen before.

Client: SETU Advertising

Industry: Advertising, Publishing

Objective: At a book launch event, they wanted to showcase the book in a unique manner.

Product: Multi-touch MagixKiosk™

Brief: One of the leading advertising agencies in Pune was looking to showcase its rich history through the publication of a book. They wanted to launch the book in a similarly unique manner & for this they chose to leverage the touch based interactivity capabilities of the Magix Kiosk. The Kiosk allowed invitees to flip through pages, chapters & pictures & give the look & feel of doing so with a real publication. Truly a wonderful way to promote a historic publication!

Impact: The interactive kiosk focused the attention of the visitors on the unique nature of the publication & it’s rich content.


Multitouch for the Sony PS Vita

Multi-touch for the Sony PS Vita


The MagixTouch™ Multi-touch was the perfect option for Sony given the uniqueness of PSP Vita to gamers.

Client: Sony PS Vita

Industry: Technology, Entertainment, Event, Exhibition, Mall

Objective: To showcase the unique multi-touch capabilities of the PSP Vita to gamers.

Product: MagixTouch Multi-touch

Brief: One of the innovative features of the PS Vita from Sony is a Multi-touch screen & a Multi-touch rear touch pad. In a “road-show” kind of environment, Sony chose a MagixTouch Multi-touch with original game content to showcase the full scope of the experience provided by the multi-touch features on a large scale model of Sony PS. The MagixTouch offered a touch-based interaction for the users where they could &get a sense of the unique game play & the sheer enjoyment that an actual Sony PS VITA can provide.

Impact: The MagixTouch Multi-touch was an obvious large-format display option for Sony given the uniqueness of the multi-touch capabilities they wanted to display.



Cisco’s Future Perfect Partner Meet

Cisco’s Future Perfect Partner Meet


Cisco showcased its vision for the future to its partners in an equally progressive manner with MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall.

Client: Cisco

Industry: Technology

Objective: To present the company’s vision for the future in an engaging manner using MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall

Cisco is a name that has always been associated with pushing boundaries and creating unprecedented value for its customers and partners worldwide. This networking leader has pioneered networking solutions and has played a key role in transforming the way people connect and communicate. When it came to presenting their future predictions to their partners, it was but natural for them to use an engaging and interactive medium to do so. Using the MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall, Cisco created a Prediction Wall for this partner meets. This Interactive Wall allowed the partners to take a peek into the predictions that Cisco made for their future using a gesture based tracking technology. The wall was activated with the wave of a hand. The user could then point at the menu section at the bottom  of the page which listed the years ahead. The specific year being pointed at would then open and allow the partner to see what the company was going to achieve during that period. The MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall livened up this partner meet by providing the Cisco partners all the insight and information that they needed in an engaging and interactive manner and presented a clear outlook of what they could expect from this networking giant in the future.

Impact: An innovative and progressive technology company needed to showcase its vision for the future to its partners in an equally progressive manner. This was well demonstrated and amply achieved using the MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall.


Interactive Wall at NIKE Store

Interactive Wall at NIKE Store

Nike engaged shoppers in the most unique fashion with Interactive wall.




Client: Nike

Industry: Retail

Objective: Enhancing the retail store experience

Product: MagixTouch Multi-Touch

Brief:  Nike leads the world when it comes to branding, marketing and retailing of sportswear. When they wanted to revolutionize the retail experience within their flagship Nike stores they decided to go futuristic with a MagixTouch Multi-Touch displays. Shoppers were invited to browse the catalogue of shoes on a virtual shoe rack and flick through the many different models with a simple touch or gesture. The shoppers could also narrow down to a specific model and view more details like shoe-type, features such as cushioning, weight, model name, colors, including a 360 degree view. The shoppers were engaged more deeply with the product and this experience provided a vital connection right up to the actual trial and purchase – a futuristic concept for a product that is well-known for driving the future.

Impact:  Nike continues to drive the future along with engaging the shoppers in-store in the most unique fashion. The installations also resulted in more educated shoppers.



TouchMagix Unveils the Revolutionary MagixTable

TouchMagix™ Unveils the Revolutionary MagixTable™


The MagixTable™ is the first of its kind multi touch interactive table, leaving behind its bulky and complex predecessors.

The MagixTable™ is the first of its kind multi touch interactive table, leaving behind its bulky and complex predecessors. The MagixTable™ has a rich application suite with easy customization tools and 40 simultaneous touch points. TouchMagix™ also provides SDK for 3rd party application developers to design their own content for use on the table. For technical information visit