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Global pharmaceutical giant gets its employees moving and jumping to technology

Interactive games at a corporate event for employee engagement

Client: Sanofi

Industry: Pharmaceutical

Objective: Employee engagement at a corporate event for leading Pharma Company.

Product: MotionMagixTM on 60” LCD TV

Brief: Employee engagement is a big priority for any major corporation and it has been ours too over the years. Major businesses like Sanofi in this case look to TouchMagix to create meaningful, memorable and sheer fun filled experiences.
TouchMagix enables corporates to choose from a set of more than 100 games, some more popular than others for purposes of employee engagement. The games are played through bodily gestures and are extremely addictive and challenging.
For Sanofi, we installed a MotionMagixTM front sensing Interactive wall with a set of 10 games customized to reflect their corporate identity. We used a 60” LCD TV as the display.
As people discovered the installment and games, the desire to personally experience the game play caused a huge rush at the venue. And before the event was even over people started pouring in with request for more such events. If you count success of an event by sheer joy on people’s faces, this was certainly a successful one. We thank our partners and the clients for the overall success of the event.

Impact: The event became successful and served purpose of employee engagement with interactive games on LCD screen.

Dr. Reddy’s Labs Gives Interactive Route to the Stall

Dr. Reddy’s Labs Gives Interactive Route to the Stall



In IPSCON 2013 the interactive floors across the event venue served as extensions of the exhibit.

Client: Dr. Reddy’s Labs

Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Objective: To drive traffic to an event exhibit using Interactive methods

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor

Brief: IPSCON 2013 is among the largest pharmaceutical events in India. While this presents a huge potential audience to reach out to the challenge for pharmaceutical companies exhibiting is how to drive foot traffic to your specific stall in the face of extreme competition from the leading pharma brands present there? Dr. Reddy’s Labs went to where the people were – all across the event floor. They deployed 8 MotionMagix™ Interactive Floors at strategic locations around the event venue each dedicated to a different brand. The content itself was not necessarily brand-specific – the intent was to engage the visitors in interactions designed to deliver a higher level messaging about how the right pharmaceutical products had the power to make life easier – a road to an un-complicated life as it were. The intent was to motivate event visitors to seek out more details about these products and take that uncomplicated road as it passed through the Dr. Reddy’s Lab exhibit. An innovative way to connect with people even before they made the trip over their exhibit if there ever was one!

Impact: The interactive floors across the event venue served as extensions of the exhibit and were an effective way to interest visitors in the exhibit itself.

GE Educates Visitors using MultiTouch Display

GE Educates Visitors using Multi-Touch Display

A highly successful installation where the delegates couldn’t stop appreciating the way information was laid out for them.

Client: GE Healthcare

Industry: Healthcare, Exhibition, Event

Objective: To display product information in an “easy-to-find” manner for extremely knowledgeable booth visitors.

Product: Multi-touch Displays and MagixKiosk

Brief: The customer was exhibiting at a leading International conference focused on a very specific field within the medical discipline. The delegates were doctors & other eminent experts in the area & the objective was to design the stall in a manner allowing the delegates to explore the exhibited products & models & find the information they were seeking. The media was made available in formats like PDF’s, videos, Image galleries, PPT’s and the visitor could browse and email the same. The Multi-touch MagixKiosk was the ideal system for the purpose – delegates were able to go through the presentations on the new technology & the innovations displayed & get all the information they needed.

Impact: The display attracted a high delegate turnout & the feedback was that the delegates appreciated the way the information was laid out for them.



If the Content is Cutting-edge the Display must be too!

An interactive display was the perfect channel to deliver a rich research oriented content to the audience of Astra Zeneca.

Client: Astra Zeneca

Industry: Healthcare, Exhibition, Event

Objective: To convey information on cutting edge research in an innovative manner.

Product: Multi-touch displays and MagixKiosk

Brief: As one of the leading Pharma companies with a name for research the customer had a lot of information to convey about its various cutting edge research initiatives in a conference attended by pharma executives, doctors & leaders of the business. They chose the Multi-touch MagixKiosk as the vehicle for presenting all this information in an interactive and visually appealing manner without sacrificing any of the gravity of the content. The visitors were left informed as well as impressed.

Impact: The interactive display was the perfect channel to deliver the rich research oriented content to the audience.


MotionMagix Interactive Wall at Dermacon

MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall at Dermacon


At Dermacon, MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall created an experience for the advancement of drugs in a good way.

A Leading Pharmaceutical company, through their media managers, used the MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall system at Dermacon, a public event aimed at promotion and advancement of Dermatology, Venereology & Leprology and allied subjects in India. The visitors learnt the importance of the drugs in a playful way.

Merck Pharma: Interactive Table MultiTouch System by TouchMagix

Merck Pharma: Interactive Table MultiTouch System by TouchMagix


Touchmagix designed a multitouch Touchscreen quest game for merck pharma.


Touchscreen quest game. To answer a question, you need to navigate the diver to discover the pearl. Beware of the Sharks!!!