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Experience Your New Home on Multi Touch

Visitors appreciated 3D view of the new property by Kolte Patil at a property expo in Pune.

Client: Kolte Patil Builders, Pune

Industry: Real Estate

Objective: Showcasing company information and project videos on multi touch kiosk.

Product: MagixKiosk™

Brief: Credai is an exhibition dedicated to promoting the Real estate sector and the most distinguished Real estate companies. It sees participation from all the major players in the real estate industry. Every participating company tries to do something unique to attract prospective buyers to their stall and stand out from amongst all the other players.

We helped one of the biggest Real Estate companies in the region to differentiate itself and create a breathtaking experience for its visitors. Our client Kolte Patil Builders used MagixKiosk to showcase videos of their newest properties. MagixKiosk being a multi-touch device has an advantage of letting potential visitors experience property videos with significantly more detail and clarity.

Multi touch kiosks were placed at two separate locations in the exhibition. Guests could experience 3D view of their latest projects and control it from every angle. Kolte Patil Builders also showed the previous projects on MagixKiosk. Our software allowed them to catalog all their projects in a way that the discovery becomes enjoyable for the visitors, most of whom spent many minutes at the Kolte Patil stall.

Guests really appreciated interacting with the highly immersive content on the multi-touch kiosk. Visitors thronged both the exhibition and our client’s stall.

Impact: Number of bookings for homes was significantly higher with the use of MagixKiosk.


Real estate giant uses interactive technology for a project launch

Launching new project in interactive format enhanced the brand image among visitors!

Client: Lodha Group

Industry: Real Estate

Objective: To have an engaging and innovative property project launch

Product: MultiTouch Kiosk

Brief: Lodha Group is a one of India’s premier real estate groups and have developed over 350 million square foot of premium real estate. Some of their landmark constructions have changed the landscape of Mumbai and they are recognized as one of India’s most trusted brand in the real estate category. This group recently held a huge event to launch their swanking new property. Just like the group itself, the display through this interactive medium was to be viewed had to be equally impressive and dramatic. TouchMagix gave them the perfect solution and provided them with a huge 32 inch MagixKiosk™ on which their entire web content was ported in HTML 5. The MagixKiosk™ gave the visitors browsing options so that they could navigate the site easily and also zoom in on required areas. The high quality display gave the visitors the true look and feel of the real estate giant’s projects as could browse the layouts, plans, picture gallery and all other project related information just as they were displayed on the website quite easily through the kiosk. The interactive display generated a great deal of interest amongst the guests and communicated quite clearly the level of excellence that they could expect from them.

Impact: Visitors got a chance to view the company website in an interactive format which enhanced the brand image and facilitated deeper discussions.


A real estate showcase with an interactive feel

Real Estate Company made an impression on their prospective customers with highly enriched, interactive MagixKiosk™

Client: T Bhimjyani Realty

Industry: Real Estate

Objective: To showcase real estate projects in differentiated format

Product: MagixKiosk™

Brief: The real estate industry is fiercely competitive and it is getting harder to woo the prospective customer. When one of Mumbai’s prominent builders decided to have a product showcase at one of the most prominent real estate exhibitions, they decided to use the interactive capabilities of TouchMagix’s interactive technology to do so. Bhimjyani Realty participated in recent the MHCI Real Estate Exhibition and showcased some of their upcoming properties. However, they wanted their project showcase to stand out from the rest and leave a lasting impression on the potential customers. To do so they deployed the TouchMagix MagixKiosk™ to present project information through visually enriched interactive content. The visitors could see the project designs, features and specifications and also have a look at the project floor plans. Since the content loaded on the MagixKiosk™ is customizable, it also allowed the prospective buyers to zoom in on the visuals for a closer look. This plug and play kiosk helped our client make a huge impact on their visitors since it provided a highly enriched, interactive and differentiated experience.

Impact: The interactive nature of the display attracted a large number of walk ins and generated a lot of interest amongst the visitors of the exhibition because of its innovative and engaging format.


Any Surface can Become an Interactive Surface

We convereted a regular table to an interactive on for a leading Real Estate Developer.

Client: DSK Real Estate Developers

Industry: Real Estate

Objective: To introduce interactivity into the presentations delivered within the normal office set-up

Product: Multi-touch Film

Brief: Real Estate developers are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves in the way they present project information to their customers and Interactivity has played a role in these efforts for some time now. While specially designed Interactive content that allows the developer to show off project and floor plans, features and other specifications in an attractive manner has tremendous impact it does suffer slightly from the disadvantage of requiring special kiosks or similar hardware – not any longer. A leading developer wanted to extend the Interactive appeal to the workspaces of the staff so that their interactions with prospective customers could also be enriched. This challenge was addressed by retrofitting the existing tables with Interactive surfaces. An attractive glassy surface set flush with the table had the software required to bring the visually impressive interactive content to life right at the work space. This allowed them to support their discussions with prospective customers with highly impactful visuals.

Impact: The availability of interactive content at the disposal of the staff without having to take recourse to special hardware greatly enhanced the quality of each discussion


The Interactive Way to Experience Your Home Before Buying It

MagixTable™ provides a highly interactive and visually appealing way for prospective buyers to experience.

Client: A Premium Real Estate Brand

Industry: Real Estate

Objective: Providing a highly interactive and visually appealing way to prospective buyers to experience the details of this luxury realty project.

Product: MagixTable™

Brief: Real Estate is one of those spaces where extreme competition drives developers to come up with more and more innovative ways of positioning their projects. The challenge they then face is how to convey the features they are leading the projects with to prospective customers given that the projects probably exist only on the drawing board at that stage. On the launch of a luxury real estate project a premium developer in Western India, addressed this problem through an innovative combination of Interactive Technology and visually stunning content. The location and features were clearly targeted towards the higher end of the market and great care had to be taken to ensure that the entire customer experience was similarly focused. With this in mind this they deployed multiple MagixTable’s at the project site. Prospective customers who visited the site were able to browse through information on the projects, view some of the innovative features and amenities provided, explore floor plans and compare details of importance to them. This gave them a way to engage with the project, virtually touch and feel it in a manner of speaking, before making the decision to buy. An interactive way was found to bring the details of the project to life for an elite clientele looking to make this luxury development their home.

Impact: An experience in keeping with the luxury image of the project was being conveyed while still providing all the essential information sought by the prospective buyer


Atlas Copco and Wirtgen Choose Interactive Technology to Stand Out at Exhibition

Atlas Copco and Wirtgen stood out in South Asia’s largest event with eye catching displays of technology.

Client: Atlas Copco and Wirtgen

Industry: Industrial

Product: Multi-Touch MagixKiosk™

Brief: It is South Asia’s largest event for the Construction Equipment sector. With its focus on cutting edge construction and industrial technology it would not seem to be the obvious candidate for eye catching displays leveraging technology. Only that it was. The sheer size of the event, the quality of the international participants and the extremely high profile of the visitors convinced at-least a couple of exhibitors to do something special to stand out from this crowd. Atlas Copco, a leader in Construction Technique, and Wirtgen India, a road construction machine manufacturer, deployed the MagixKiosk™ to great effect to engage visitors to their respective booths. Atlas Copco took a fun, gamified approach to achieve this end – they displayed company and product information and images in the form of simple puzzles. Wirtgen used a more direct approach – product information displayed in a visually appealing fashion on the Interactive kiosks. In both these cases the objective was that the visitors to the exhibit should get the information they needed in a manner designed to leave an imprint and this was amply achieved.

Impact: The interactive technology helped the booth stand out in an exhibition with many other exhibitors with products in similar areas.


The Walls at Tata Housing Tell a Story

Tata Housing impresses the visitors to their office using a differentiated approach to present corporate and project information.

Client: Tata Housing

Industry: Real Estate

Objective: To use a differentiated approach to presenting corporate and project information.

Product: MotionMagix Interactive Wall

Brief: Tata Housing is among the fastest growing real estate companies in India. Their focus is on higher end, highly differentiated projects aimed at discerning buyers. The promotional materials and approaches they adopt have to adhere to the sensibilities of this audience. In a customer experience centre that is coming up at their corporate office in the heart of New Delhi is a prime example of this approach. A MotionMagix Interactive Wall is deployed with visually appealing content from the corporate brochure and one of their upcoming projects in the hills of Himachal Pradesh. The effect is dazzling and the interactive possibilities magnify the impact. Visitors can get the information they want and at the same time cannot escape the conclusion that this is a real estate developer with a difference. In a crowded space with a lot of established players vying for the attentions of the premium buyer this goes a long way in creating a stamp of Tata Housing’s image in their minds.

Impact: The prime need is for Tata Housing to impress upon the visitors to their office a perception of themselves as a company that stands apart from the competition – an effect that the Customer Experience Center goes a long way to support.



Real Estate Developer Creating Lasting Impression at Property Expo

Leading Real Estate developer attracted visitors and dazzled them like never before.

Client: A Leading Real Estate Developer

Industry: Real Estate

Objective: To differentiate their exhibit in a highly competitive environment.

Product: MagixTable, Multi-touch on wall, MotionMagix Interactive Wall

Brief: One of the leading Real Estate developers in the country was participating in the MCHI Credai Property expo in an environment where over a 100 exhibitors were vying for the attentions of thousands of prospective buyers. They chose to deploy a full range of Interactive solutions with eye-catching & informative content to leave a lasting impression in the minds of the visitors. This ranged from their branding on the MotionMagix Interactive Floor interacting with visitors to on-demand information of their projects on the MotionMagix Interactive Wall & the MagixTables. The stall caught the eye of visitors  & exhibition organisers alike & ended up being among the most awarded in the show.

Impact: The booth attracted visitors from among the prospective buyers visiting the exhibition & was able to make a mark due to it’s unique look.




A big show at The BIG Show

At The BIG Show Muscat, TouchMagix exhibited the various interactive capabilities and made sure they had a never before experience.

TouchMagix via its partner in Oman exhibited the various interactive capabilities & the display possibilities of the Multi-touch MagixKiosk and gesture based MotionMagix Interactive Wall at The BIG Show Muscat one of the most important events in the Middle East for the building & construction industry.


ARAI using Interactive Floor at International Symposium

ARAI using Interactive Floor at International Symposium

ARAI installed multiple Magix Kiosks at their showcase to enhance instructional experience and to welcome visitors.

ARAI installed multiple Magix Kiosks at their showcase International Symposium to enhance the instructional experience for the exhibit visitors. They also installed a 25 feet long Interactive Floor to welcome visitors to the event.