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A hotel lobby can be an interesting place maybe an interactive place?

The interactive floor livened up the lobby and visitors enjoyed the different experience.

Client: Hotel Pullman Dubai

Industry: Hospitality

Objective: To add a “fun” element to the experience of a hotel guest

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor

Brief: Let’s face it – a hotel lobby is not the most interesting place in the world. For a hotel guest or a visitor it is often just a place to pass through while going about their business but it is also the one place that every single visitor passes through. The Pullman Hotel in Dubai saw this as an opportunity to reinforce the brand and to stand out. The objective was to use the lobby space creatively to add an element of visual appeal different from that usual experience their visitors would have been accustomed to. A MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor was deployed close to the main entrance with a ripple effect and the Pullman logo reacting to the footsteps of visitors. The net impact expected was that visitors would notice the distinctly different lobby and associate the different and fun approach with the brand.

Impact: The interactive floor livened up the lobby and visitors were seen interacting with the content and retracing their footsteps to enjoy the different experience.

Larger Than Life Virtual Aquarium at Oceans Café Lounge

Larger Than Life Virtual Aquarium at Oceans Café Lounge

MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall installation plays up the Ocean theme wonderfully and creates an unforgettable environment for diners.

Client: Oceans Café Lounge

Industry: Hospitality, F&B

Objective: To create a completely unique experience guaranteed to make the location the talk of the town

Product: MotionMagixTM Interactive Wall

Brief: The restaurant industry is one of extreme competition with the “Next Big Thing” always waiting in the wings to take over from the current favourite. Apart from the food and the location a major factor that drives success is the dining experience. Customers will become loyal patrons who return again and again only if their visit is unique, memorable and enjoyable and visitors to the Oceans Café Lounge in Nagpur certainly have that. As the name suggests the dominant theme is the Ocean and a massive MotionMagixTM Interactive Wall plays a key role in giving an appropriate feel. At 20 feet X 8 feet the installation is huge – as wide as an ocean you could say.

Enthralled visitors can interact with several exotic aquatic creatures in the fish tank. A seamlessly blended image from 2 projectors serves to make this an experience to remember and to talk about.

Impact: The installation plays up the Ocean theme wonderfully and creates an unforgettable environment for the diners.


Interactive Bar Table in Jordan

Interactive Bar Table in Jordan

An exclusive 11 feet long interactive MotionMagix table at a branded lounge mesmerized patrons with its exclusive effects.


Our partner in Jordan recently installed an exclusive 11 feet long interactive MotionMagix table at one of their clients branded lounge. With exclusive effects to mesmerize the patrons, the lounge bar creates a unique experience for visitors to engage with the brand.



Have a look at the video

Interactive Wall and Floor at Club Shockk

Interactive Wall and Floor at Club Shockk


How TouchMagix turned a DJ show into a visual extravanganza.

Club Shockk Pune, organized a sound blasting evening with Pune’s top DJ’s in action – DJ Vaggy, DJ Agnel, DJ Sunny and Harneet, DJ Nakul. Also setting the dance floor on fire was DJ Stash with some energetic Hip Hop and Bhangra numbers. The show host MC Ketan Dossa ensured the audience remained captivated. Using MotionMagix Interactive Floor at the entrance, the guests were in for an electric start to the evening. Behind the DJ Console was the MotionMagix Interactive Wall, showcasing some exciting visual effects triggered by the DJ’s hand gestures.

MagixFone at One Lounge, Pune

MagixFone™ at One Lounge, Pune

MagixFone™: A local social network was created displaying messages from the audience.

Client: One Lounge

Industry: Lounge/Club

Objective: Engage audience in an interactive display to gather feedback

Product: MagixFone™

Brief: One lounge is one of the premium clubs in Pune with a great visitor list. They organize exclusive events at their facility which are followed by audiences looking for a variety in music, cuisine, ambience and event management. One such occasion was to be graced by World’s number 8 DJ popular amongst club goers. One Lounge expected us to build an interactive solution considering the young footfall targeted. Due to constraint of space, they wanted to keep the solution small yet noticeable. Using our MagixFone, we create a local social network displaying the One Lounge Branding. Users saw a number displayed on the screen, where they were to send SMS using their regular phone to be displayed. Within 1 hour of introduction of this new concept amongst party goers, we had displayed around 100+ messages. As the party went in a full swing, the MagixFone displayed messages in praise of the DJ, his music, the ambience and the event being managed. People posted their message in favor of the next song they would like to hear, working as a cue for the DJ to conclude the party, the party goers way.

Impact: At the end of the party, the MagixFone had displayed 400+ messages creating a unique local social network, without violating sentiments or ethics.