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Transforming boardroom conferences!

Remodeling conventional boardroom meetings structure by introducing inetractivity.

Client: Bharat Forge, Pune

Industry: Engineering

Objective: To make boardroom conferences and meetings interactive.

Product: MagixTouch™ Overlay / Collaboration software

Brief: One of a leading Indian multinational, Bharat Forge is a technology driven global leader in metal forming, having a transcontinental presence across eight manufacturing locations, serving several sectors including automotive, power, oil and gas, construction & mining, locomotive, marine and aerospace.
For making regular boardroom conferences and meetings interactive and elaborative, they have installed MagixTouch™ Overlay along with Collaboration software. To assist this, TouchMagix installed an 85” MagixTouch Overlay on a LED screen provided by them.

Impact: Increased engagement and interactivity with elaborate comprehensions at the boardroom conferences and meetings.


Google Chooses an Interactive Way to Promote Social Initiative

Google used a MagixKiosk™ with customized content to help Women Get Online.

Client: Google

Industry: Technology

Objective:  To provide less technically equipped audience an easy way to absorb information

Product: Multi-Touch MagixKiosk™

Brief: Indian internet usage is heavily skewed in favour of males. As a technology giant so heavily invested in the internet Google has launched an initiative to try and change that by Helping Women Get Online and as a result empower them. The effort follows research that had shown how getting online had helped the lives of women, especially rural women. Google created a special multi-lingual website and a toll-free number with information on how to use the internet for getting information of relevance to their daily lives and activities and a collection of women-centric content. A key part of the plan was a launch event designed to disseminate information, introduce the website and its content and the objectives of the initiative. Google used a MagixKiosk™ to supplement their efforts to engage the visitors but most importantly to disseminate the required information in an easy, friendly manner designed to appeal to some of the “digitally illiterate” visitors. The content was laid out in a manner similar to the HWGO website to create a sense of familiarity that would help them when they themselves went online.

Impact:  The easy, interactive means used to deliver the information proved effective and memorable at the same time.

Multitouch for the Sony PS Vita

Multi-touch for the Sony PS Vita


The MagixTouch™ Multi-touch was the perfect option for Sony given the uniqueness of PSP Vita to gamers.

Client: Sony PS Vita

Industry: Technology, Entertainment, Event, Exhibition, Mall

Objective: To showcase the unique multi-touch capabilities of the PSP Vita to gamers.

Product: MagixTouch Multi-touch

Brief: One of the innovative features of the PS Vita from Sony is a Multi-touch screen & a Multi-touch rear touch pad. In a “road-show” kind of environment, Sony chose a MagixTouch Multi-touch with original game content to showcase the full scope of the experience provided by the multi-touch features on a large scale model of Sony PS. The MagixTouch offered a touch-based interaction for the users where they could &get a sense of the unique game play & the sheer enjoyment that an actual Sony PS VITA can provide.

Impact: The MagixTouch Multi-touch was an obvious large-format display option for Sony given the uniqueness of the multi-touch capabilities they wanted to display.



A Walk with the Stars

A Walk with the Stars


An innovative way to launch the new message from YouTube.

Client: YouTube

Industry: Technology

Objective: To use Interactivity to provide a dazzling accompaniment to the launch of a new media property

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor

Brief: YouTube is a household name. Sometimes being such a well-known brand can be a problem especially when the intent is to launch a sub-brand or a service that goes even a little away from the traditional perception of the brand. YouTube is still largely known as a location for user generated and possibly somewhat “home grown” content so when they wanted to launch a media property focused on the online movie watching experience they wanted to make the launch memorable. Such content is obviously much more professionally produced and with the trademark showbiz “razzle dazzle”. The obvious intent was to leverage the star power resident within the content and they chose an Interactive method to drive home that message. The venue featured multiple installations of the MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor. The first with a dazzling display of “Flip Card” style albums containing collages of still images as well as popular movie clips of the day & the second providing a “halo” effect at each spot that the guest interacted with. As visitors walked with, or rather on, the stars the connect between YouTube and their new focus on movies was amply reinforced.

Impact: An innovative way was found to supplement the altered message for the new service from an established brand.

Not Just Information…Delivering More

Not Just Information…Delivering More


The interactive display proved to be the perfect channel to deliver rich content and keep visitors engaged in an IT exhibition.

Client: Dell

Industry : Technology

Objective: To increase footfalls and provide the company overview and showcase customer case studies in an innovative manner

Product: MagixKiosk™ Multi-Touch

When one of the world’s leading technology solution providers decided to participate in an IT exhibition, they had to make sure that their displays were as cutting edge as their solutions and products. Since their inception in 1984, Dell has been driven towards providing long term value and customer driven innovation. To showcase this aspect they decided to use the MagixKiosk™ Multi-Touch systems to engage their visitors at this IT exhibition. Multiple MagixKiosk™ Multi-Touch systems were placed at the Dell Systems exhibition booth. A special log in screen with hand reading capabilities was created for them. When the visitor touched his palm to the screen it converted to the Dell logo. The visitor then could navigate through the exhibit and take a look at the Dell success story, discover Dell products and read about customer case studies. The MagixKiosk™ Multi-Touch allowed the customers to browse through interactive graphs and also match data with their facts. A unique wipe effect allowed the customers to uncover underlying stories left visitors feeling fascinated. This interactive experience left the visitors not just well informed but immensely impressed as well.

Impact: The interactive display proved to be the perfect channel to deliver rich content and keep visitors engaged.



LG Promotes New Smart Phones using Interactive Technology

LG Promotes New Smart Phones using Interactive Technology

LG promoted their range of smart phones by engaging their target audience with Interactive Wall and Floor.

Client: LG Mobile

Industry: Mobile Handset Manufacturers

Objective: Promote new range of smart phones using interactive technology

Product: MotionMagix WALL & FLOOR

Installation Type: Overhead Projection on Wall combined with Overhead Projection on Floor on a single system.

Brief: LG Mobile was one of the participants at the Mobile Conference in Middle East and wanted to promote their latest range of touch and smart phones. Their idea was to create a gaming interface and then distribute free phones to winners after some competitive games. We created a unique interactive experience by using the MotionMagix Interactive Floor and Wall together on a single PC. The Interactive Floor had videos of LG mobile phones in the background which were revealed as people stepped on it. From here they were prompted to play the exciting catch game on the wall. The idea was to collect multiple points using body sideways movements. Winners were then clubbed together each round to reach final and subsequently to win handsets.

Impact: LG promoted their range of smart phones by engaging their target audience in a fun filled and entertaining game.


Cisco’s Future Perfect Partner Meet

Cisco’s Future Perfect Partner Meet


Cisco showcased its vision for the future to its partners in an equally progressive manner with MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall.

Client: Cisco

Industry: Technology

Objective: To present the company’s vision for the future in an engaging manner using MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall

Cisco is a name that has always been associated with pushing boundaries and creating unprecedented value for its customers and partners worldwide. This networking leader has pioneered networking solutions and has played a key role in transforming the way people connect and communicate. When it came to presenting their future predictions to their partners, it was but natural for them to use an engaging and interactive medium to do so. Using the MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall, Cisco created a Prediction Wall for this partner meets. This Interactive Wall allowed the partners to take a peek into the predictions that Cisco made for their future using a gesture based tracking technology. The wall was activated with the wave of a hand. The user could then point at the menu section at the bottom  of the page which listed the years ahead. The specific year being pointed at would then open and allow the partner to see what the company was going to achieve during that period. The MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall livened up this partner meet by providing the Cisco partners all the insight and information that they needed in an engaging and interactive manner and presented a clear outlook of what they could expect from this networking giant in the future.

Impact: An innovative and progressive technology company needed to showcase its vision for the future to its partners in an equally progressive manner. This was well demonstrated and amply achieved using the MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall.


TouchMagix Unveils the Revolutionary MagixTable

TouchMagix™ Unveils the Revolutionary MagixTable™


The MagixTable™ is the first of its kind multi touch interactive table, leaving behind its bulky and complex predecessors.

The MagixTable™ is the first of its kind multi touch interactive table, leaving behind its bulky and complex predecessors. The MagixTable™ has a rich application suite with easy customization tools and 40 simultaneous touch points. TouchMagix™ also provides SDK for 3rd party application developers to design their own content for use on the table. For technical information visit

Connecting People to Nokia 5800

Connecting People – to Nokia 5800

Launch of Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic in Africa using interactivity.

Client: Nokia

Industry: Telecom

Objective: To create a retail environment that engage customers in a suitably high-tech manner in line with the brand’s positioning.

Product: Multi-Touch MagixTouch™ Overlays

Brief:  The launch of Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic in Africa was like very few others at the time. The brand was adopting a “cutting edge of technology” kind of positioning in the face of stiff competition from various smart phone brands emerging around the more developed world. The brand message was reinforced at Nokia retail stores by leveraging custom content and the Multi-Touch MagixTouch™ overlays fitted into a large phone model. Customers experienced what was essentially a large mobile phone simulator with a touch enabled screen. They were invited to try out the various capabilities of the offering as well as to engage themselves in fun activities while exploring the features of the mobile phone. Customers got involved with the experience of choosing a phone in a way that they never had before while picking up essential information about the product and its capabilities. And all this was achieved while remaining in line with the brand’s positioning.

Impact: Educational and engaging experience, while creating a high-tech image of the brand in the minds of consumers.