Connecting with yourself!

Holism taken to an interactive level!

Client: Yoga Prana Vidya
Industry: Healthcare
Objective: Making their Pune event more interactive with a ‘Wishing Wall’
Product: MagixFone™
Brief: Yoga Prana Vidya is a no-drug, no-touch healing with prana – life force. The therapy is a way of healing the affected area by providing it with prana or the life force of a person. The founder of Yoga Prana Vidya, is from ancient India and travels all over the world conducting classes on this simple but effective way of healing oneself.
To create engagement, we were asked to provide a solution that would fortify the objective of interactive engagement without losing the essence of the event – Holism.
For this, MagixFone™ was most apt. Blessings and good wishes to the Guru in the form of messages, from participants via MagixFone™ were displayed on the spot, on the Wishing Wall which was a projection screen.
Impact: This not only amused and delighted the participants, but also made the event an interactively memorable event.

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