RFID technology marking an interactive launch!

Telkomsel, Indonesia delivered interactive and interactive content to consumers.

Client: Telkomsel, Indonesia / Agency

Industry: Consumer and Retail

Objective: Making content interactive and interesting to consumers

Product: IT/ ITES

Brief: Telkomsel is a brand name of a GSM and UMTS Mobile phone network operator which operates in Indonesia. Telkomsel 4G LTE is the first commercial mobile 4G LTE in Indonesia.
The event was the launch of Telkomsel 4G LTE post-paid and pre-paid plans! With five mobile brands- iPhone, Blackberry, Xperia, Samsung and Nokia RFID technology was used to develop their given content. Featuring mobile plans with handsets, the event showcased interactive kiosks which provided information when handsets were placed on the kiosk. The handsets had RFID tags on them, on placing them on the device; details about the handsets were provided with suitable mobile details on the kiosks.
Along with this, the kiosks had an interactive user interface, consisting of games, songs, photos and other such applications.

Impact:Unique consumer experience due to the interactive and fun user interface.

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