Create engagement and interaction using augmented reality.

A fast growing pharmaceutical company showcases key benefits and advantages using augmented reality.

Client: Abbott India Ltd.

Industry: Healthcare

Objective: Showcasing product base to doctors in a memorable way

Product: Gesture based augmented reality, interactive 55”LED screen

Brief: Abbott,one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies recently held an event in Chennai. The event comprising of doctors, Abbott wanted to have an interactive and engaging way for the doctors and other guests to inform them about the products the company offers. They wanted to showcase key benefits and advantages of their drug in comparison to others along with the brand message.
To assist this, we offered them our gesture based 55”LED screen with augmented reality. With state of the art sensor and built-in computer loaded with advanced gesture tracking software, it was compact as well as powerful. The user could see an image floating in front of him with a live camera feed and interact with the display with hand gesture just like the way it happens in movies!

Impact: Interactivity that lead to absorbed knowledge amongst the visitors and doctors about the company’s products leaving a long lasting wow experience!

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