Create potential consumers using interactivity.

British Council, informs their prospective students, audiences about the investment plans and higher degree programs using interactive technology.

Client: British Council, Bangalore

Industry: Government

Objective: To engage audiences in their promotional activities.

Product: MagixFone™

Brief: British Council creates opportunities to expand knowledge of the English language and to connect to the UK. Whether you want to learn or teach English or take an exam, study in the UK or acquire a qualification from a UK university, or if you want to network, this is the place to start. At this event, British Council, while promoting their foundation wanted their prospective students, audiences to know about the investment plans and higher degree programs. MagixFone™ was used to engage the audiences in a fun question and answer round, entailing questions from History and Finance. MagixFone™ is Any Display Any Phone interactive technology which gives your audience the ability to control the screen for playing games, answering quizzes, sending social messages and much more.

Impact: The interactive capabilities of the MagixFone™ were used to engage a larger number of people from the audience and educating them in an innovative way.

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