Customer Experience Center Befitting Brand Value & Innovative Spirit

Interactivity provided the deisred impact in line with the customer’s status as a Global giant.

Client: Tier 1 Business & Technology Consulting Company

Industry: Corporate

Objective: Build a Corporate & Customer Experience Center befitting their brand value & Innovative spirit.

Product: MotionMagix Interactive Wall, MagixTable, MagixKiosk

Brief: One of the largest shared services center of this tier 1 consultant in India offers support services like Software Development, Markets, Finance, Knowledge, Business & Creative Services & Human Resources to over 100,000+ employees of the firm worldwide. Innovation has always been highly valued & this is amply reflected in the Innovation Center equipped with multiple MultiTouch Tables & an Interactive Wall. These displays showcase corporate information as well as powerful presentations & impactful training materials. A specially unforgettable visual element is provided by the Interactive Wall stretched across multiple side-by-side displays.

Impact: The Interactive elements provide an impact in line with the customer’s status as a Global giant & truly reflecting the value of Innovation.


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