Decorative and Industrial Paints Giant Adding Colour to a Retailer Meet

Dealer conference became more interesting and enjoyable experience for the participants.

Client: A Decorative and Industrial Paints Giant

Industry: Manufacturing

Objective: To make a dealer conference more interesting and enjoyable experience for the participants

Product: MotionMagixTM Interactive Floor, MotionMagixTM Interactive Wall

Brief: As one of the largest paint companies in the world with unrivaled market coverage our client takes its dealer network very seriously. The dealer meets held periodically are great occasions intended in equal parts to educate and motivate the members of the network. Creating engagement and keeping the participants enthused while spreading product awareness is a key part of this exercise and in a recent meet the MotionMagixTM Interactive Floor and Wall were deployed to great effect for this purpose. Perhaps fittingly for a paint company, more than 150 participants were invited to indulge their artistic sensibilities and try their hand at freestyle painting. Colourful sprays of paint from across the palette of the paints company directed by the gestures of the participants, made for a splashy show while at the same time exposing them to various colours, shades and tones

Impact: This was a fun way to engage the dealers and get them to explore the shades as well

Paints Giant using MotionMagix Interactive Wall

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