Displaying heritage and history interactively!

Bharati Vidyapeeth Museum displays heritage and career history on TouchMagix™ Multi-Touch Neo Kiosks.

Client: Bharati Vidyapeeth Museum / Lokus

Industry: Museums

Objective: Optimum space utilization for an engaging and innovative display of antiquity and patrimony.

Product: 32” TouchMagix™ Multi-Touch Neo Kiosks

Brief: The journey of an eminent politician is always compelling and inquisitive. Public is always curious to know how a politician creates history and the career map of becoming the politician that one goes on to be.
At this museum, Dr. Patangrao Kadam’s entire career map is demonstrated for visitors on 32” TouchMagix™ Multi-Touch Neo Kiosks. The kiosk displays information of Dr.Kadam’s historical career with all achievements including the ministries he was honored with.
This lead to optimum space utilization, considering the huge quantity of details in the form of newspaper clippings, videos, images etc, that were to be displayed for visitors.

Impact:Visitors delighted with an elaborately composed history and an unforgettable interactive experience.

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