Disseminating information through Interactive Technology

Multi-touch MagixKiosks™ that can easily adjusted on any screen


With the progress in technology most organizations today are looking at innovative ways and methods of dispensing information. Many of these large corporations have looked towards our hardware solutions to disseminate corporate information and run presentations for their employees or clients in a manner that is more interactive. From Multi-touch MagixKiosks™ that can easily adjusted into four form factors, Multi-Touch Thru-glass Film as touchfoils that fit any screen or glass façade to Multi-Touch Snap-on Frames that transform any LCD display into a multi – touch screen, TouchMagix’s hardware systems go a long way in creating experiences that leave a powerful impression. Our hardware systems have been installed in a number of tech companies, banks, hotels, real estate companies and have the ability to seamlessly work with AV integrators and AV partners to implement their technology and meet customized requirements of the client to create futuristic, hi tech displays.

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