Disseminating Mahatma Gandhi’s Life Lessons & Ideology through Interactive Technology

The life & teachings of Mahatma Gandhi’s lessons & ideology in an interactive manner.

Objective: Disseminate Mahatma Gandhi’s life lessons & ideology in a state of the art interactive manner.

Product: TouchMagix’ MotionMagix, MagixTouch, MagixTable and MagixKiosk

Brief: The Gandhi Research Foundation in Jalgaon aims to be the premier international center for Gandhian Study, Research & Dialogue. It houses a state-of-the-art Interactive multi-media Museum that includes an Experience Center targeted at the youth. The GRF aim was to attempt “a close encounter between Gandhiji and the visitor, engaging them in an imaginary yet almost-real dialogue without any human interface or intermediary”. This was achieved by utilizing over 20 Interactive exhibits incorporating the latest in gesture & touch technology & creating a hand-on environment that touches & inspires at the same time.

Impact: The primary target audience, the youth, are finding the life & teachings of Gandhiji engaging, appealing & worth following.


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