Dr. Reddy’s Labs Gives Interactive Route to the Stall



In IPSCON 2013 the interactive floors across the event venue served as extensions of the exhibit.

Client: Dr. Reddy’s Labs

Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Objective: To drive traffic to an event exhibit using Interactive methods

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor

Brief: IPSCON 2013 is among the largest pharmaceutical events in India. While this presents a huge potential audience to reach out to the challenge for pharmaceutical companies exhibiting is how to drive foot traffic to your specific stall in the face of extreme competition from the leading pharma brands present there? Dr. Reddy’s Labs went to where the people were – all across the event floor. They deployed 8 MotionMagix™ Interactive Floors at strategic locations around the event venue each dedicated to a different brand. The content itself was not necessarily brand-specific – the intent was to engage the visitors in interactions designed to deliver a higher level messaging about how the right pharmaceutical products had the power to make life easier – a road to an un-complicated life as it were. The intent was to motivate event visitors to seek out more details about these products and take that uncomplicated road as it passed through the Dr. Reddy’s Lab exhibit. An innovative way to connect with people even before they made the trip over their exhibit if there ever was one!

Impact: The interactive floors across the event venue served as extensions of the exhibit and were an effective way to interest visitors in the exhibit itself.

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