Footprints on sand. The dustfree interactive edition!

Welcoming guests with an Interactive floor and a highly unusual experience


Client: A Five star hotel, Dubai

Industry: Hospitality

Objective: Welcoming guests with an Interactive floor and an highly unusual experience.

Product: MotionMagix Interactive Floor


Being in Dubai can come with its own problems of plenty. There are a plenty of five star hotels with plenty to write home about. Luckily they have TouchMagix too! When this particular Five Star hotel informed us of their intention to create a desert like experience at the reception, we sprung into our techno-creative mode. We created a footprint trail effect for interactive floor but in a highly realistic twist, the content was programmed to detect the direction the person was coming from, therefore always creating a real sand walking experience. Of course without the dust.
The local visitors and kids loved the interactive welcome, and the hotel secured on its shoulder another star for one of a kind hospitality.

Impact: Awesomeness, surprise and people of all ages walking back and forth on the interactive floor, to experience it for that ‘one more time’.

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