Google Chooses an Interactive Way to Promote Social Initiative

Google used a MagixKiosk™ with customized content to help Women Get Online.

Client: Google

Industry: Technology

Objective:  To provide less technically equipped audience an easy way to absorb information

Product: Multi-Touch MagixKiosk™

Brief: Indian internet usage is heavily skewed in favour of males. As a technology giant so heavily invested in the internet Google has launched an initiative to try and change that by Helping Women Get Online and as a result empower them. The effort follows research that had shown how getting online had helped the lives of women, especially rural women. Google created a special multi-lingual website and a toll-free number with information on how to use the internet for getting information of relevance to their daily lives and activities and a collection of women-centric content. A key part of the plan was a launch event designed to disseminate information, introduce the website and its content and the objectives of the initiative. Google used a MagixKiosk™ to supplement their efforts to engage the visitors but most importantly to disseminate the required information in an easy, friendly manner designed to appeal to some of the “digitally illiterate” visitors. The content was laid out in a manner similar to the HWGO website to create a sense of familiarity that would help them when they themselves went online.

Impact:  The easy, interactive means used to deliver the information proved effective and memorable at the same time.

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