Google Showcases the Cutting-edge Image of Google Play

The display communicated the salient qualities of the brand fundamental to its experience.

Client: Google

Industry: High Tech

Objective: An advertising display as cutting edge as Google Play itself

Product: Multi-touch Magix Kiosk

Brief: When Google wanted an advertising display to bring home the cutting-edge image of Google Play to an appropriately elite audience, they adopted a concept as pioneering as the brand itself. Visitors to Delhi International Airports T3 were wowed by a 42” Magix Kiosk based Android Tablet simulator that magnified the screen of the tablet without sacrificing its touch based capabilities.

Playing with the giant screen left a lasting impact of the experience as well as the brand in their minds.

Impact: The display was able to communicate a lasting impression of the salient qualities of the brand and also some features of the tablet fundamental to its experience.



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