Green is Volkswagen’s Colour of the Season

MagixKiosk™ & MagixFone™ increased awareness of Volkswagen’s environmental policies.

Client: Volkswagen

Industry: Automobile

Objective: To increase awareness of Volkswagen’s environmental policies and to demonstrate their commitment to the environment among employees

Product: MagixFone, Multi-touch Magix Kiosk

Brief: As one of the largest automobile makers in the world Volkswagen has always demonstrated an admirable commitment to the environment. Their policies are extensive and often visionary. On the occasion of the World Environment Day they wanted to re-iterate this commitment in the eyes of employees and also to drive up awareness of the various policies and methods. They chose to do this in an engaging game show like format using a combination of the Magix Kiosk & MagixFone. Questions about the environmental policies of Volkswagen appeared on the screen and employees were invited to send in their responses using their phones. The responses were associated with the mobile numbers of employees and tracked through MagixFone. The contest drew such a tremendous response that Volkswagen has decided to run such contests at other locations and around the year. The employee that scores the highest across all of these could be eligible for a grand prize. Policies sometimes get the rap for being dry & un-interesting – not when presented in this manner!

Impact: The interesting approach adopted to drive up awareness of the policies among the many employees was a great success.



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