Connecting People – to Nokia 5800

Launch of Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic in Africa using interactivity.

Client: Nokia

Industry: Telecom

Objective: To create a retail environment that engage customers in a suitably high-tech manner in line with the brand’s positioning.

Product: Multi-Touch MagixTouch™ Overlays

Brief:  The launch of Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic in Africa was like very few others at the time. The brand was adopting a “cutting edge of technology” kind of positioning in the face of stiff competition from various smart phone brands emerging around the more developed world. The brand message was reinforced at Nokia retail stores by leveraging custom content and the Multi-Touch MagixTouch™ overlays fitted into a large phone model. Customers experienced what was essentially a large mobile phone simulator with a touch enabled screen. They were invited to try out the various capabilities of the offering as well as to engage themselves in fun activities while exploring the features of the mobile phone. Customers got involved with the experience of choosing a phone in a way that they never had before while picking up essential information about the product and its capabilities. And all this was achieved while remaining in line with the brand’s positioning.

Impact: Educational and engaging experience, while creating a high-tech image of the brand in the minds of consumers.


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