JSW Giving a Strong Appeal to its Exhibition Booth

Visitors of JSW booth at the FICCI India Summit were addressed in a manner designed to inform & impress at the same time.

Client: JSW Steel

Industry: Industrial, Exhibition, Event

Objective: To showcase product & corporate information in a manner designed to stand out from other exhibitors

Product: Multi-touch Magix Kiosk

Brief: The customer was participating in the FICCI India Summit with the objective of showcasing their corporate & product information to international delegates. The booth comprised a large video wall & a Magix Kiosk interactively displaying appropriate information. The objective was to give a strong visual appeal to the booth and also to promote higher engagement with more serious subject matter and in the process differentiate the company from the other exhibitors.

Impact: The booth visitors got the information they required in a manner designed to inform & impress at the same time


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