Many Mini Michael Jordans on the Floor at Chicago Bulls Sox Academy

The Bulls Sox academy’s mission is to create a fun, safe and invigorating environment. TouchMagix made sure.

Client: Chicago Bulls Sox Academy

Industry: Sports / Entertainment

Objective: To induce the kids to greater levels of physical activity by engaging them through a video game like medium

Product: MotionMagix Interactive Floor

Brief: The Bulls / Sox academy is a leading youth player development program with the imposing heritage of 2 iconic sports teams backing it. Among the most popular facilities is The Vault where fitness meets gaming. The facility boasts a variety of exercise – game combinations including an Interactive Floor that occupies pride of place. The floor has eye-catching visuals and invites kids to practice their moves on the floor in a game kind of environment while interacting with the floor as well as other kids. In a day and age where parents and teachers alike are struggling with the challenges posed to them by the need to keep their children entertained, exercised and educated here in The Vault the kids get active while having a great time. The Interactive Experience goes beyond just the interface with a computing device & extends to the way an activity is performed – an opportunity to be immersed and participate in an Interactive experience for the kids to learn from, play with and enjoy.

Impact: The Bulls Sox academy’s mission is to create a fun, safe and invigorating environment to nurture the athletic ambitions of the youth and the Interactive Floor fits right into that mission.


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