Max Steel: Of Teenage Superheroes, Aliens and Interactive Floors

Mattel Toys used a highly appreciated futuristic theme and similarly futuristic ambiance at the launch venue.

Client: Mattel Toys

Industry: Media & Entertainment, Kids

Objective: To create an ambiance in line with the futuristic premise of the brand being launched.

Product: MotionMagix Interactive Floor

Brief: India is now ready to face down the might of the super villains from across the galaxy with the advent of Maxwell McGrath and his alien partner Steel to our shores. Mattel unleashed the TURBO energy of their blockbuster worldwide property the teenage superhero Max Steel in a grand event at a luxury hotel in Mumbai to great fanfare. Another youth icon with a cult following,Virat Kohli, was the guest of honour at the event and he launched the range of Max Steel toys, a music video and an animated series as he showed off his best super villain busting moves to an appreciative young audience. The event was also made memorable by a MotionMagix Interactive Floor that was deployed at the venue. Kids big and small hopped, skipped and jumped in their own Max Steel inspired fashion to interact with the heroes, villains and other characters that appeared on the floor – you could say they jumped with both feet into the story of their new favourite teen sensation.

Impact: A futuristic theme needed a similarly futuristic ambiance at the launch venue and this was amply achieved.


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