NIT Trichy Showcases Interaction Between Man & Technology in an Unusual Manner

Interactive displays at NIT Trichy to promote the co-existential relationship between Man & Technology!

Client: National Institute of Technology – Trichy

Industry: Exhibition, Education

Objective: Showcase the interaction between Man & Technology in an unusual manner

Product: MotionMagix Interactive Floor, Magix Touch Multi touch displays

Brief: The National Institute of Technology at Trichy is one of the premier educational institutions in the country offering Engineering education & Pragyan is their flagship techno-management festival. This year the exhibition invited visitors to “Explore the power of touch”. The MotionMagix Interactive floor allowed visitors to play games like soccer on the floor & have the visuals & sounds react to their movements. The Multi touch displays created a mind-boggling display allowing multiple users to interact with the system simultaneously & get it to perform the tasks set of it.

Impact: The interactive displays fit in remarkably well with the overall attempt of the festival to promote & foster the co-existential relationship between Man & Technology !

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