Ogilvy Team Having a Good Time Using the Magix of Interactive Technologies

A highly creative approach to get audience members to interact with each other using innovative technology.

Client: Google / Ogilvy

Industry: Media

Objective: Draw the members of the audience into an interaction using innovative technology

Product: MagixFone and MagixKiosk

Brief: Google hosted an event at the Ogilvy & Mather office & used a unique combination of interactive technologies to draw members of the audience into a fun-filled interaction with each other. People were invited to “Gift a Beer” to their friends by sending an SMS to the MagixFone system through their own phones that would be publicly displayed. The intended recipients could get a coupon code if they sent an acknowledgement over SMS that would be similarly displayed & the coupon could be redeemed for a free beer. A beer for an SMS – a good bargain all around !

Impact: The highly creative approach to getting the audience members to interact with each other was in keeping with the profile of the audience.


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