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Getting Up-close and Personal with the Latest Car Models at Auto Expo

Getting Up-close and Personal with the Latest Car Models at Auto Expo

Getting Up-close and Personal with the Latest Car Models at Auto Expo


At the Auto Expo, Volkswagen deployed 5 Multi-touch MagixKiosk™’s with custom content.

Client: Volkswagen

Industry: Automotive

Objective: To provide a fresh, new feel across the display space and the allow the visitors to virtually touch and feel the cars.

Product: Multi-touch MagixKiosk™

Brief: The Auto-Expo was a landmark event in the calendar of pretty much every car maker worth the name. Given the large number of high quality brands clamouring for the attention from the visitors, each exhibit had to lay extra emphasis on means to attract and engage them. Volkswagen chose to take the Interactive route towards this goal. They deployed 5 Multi-touch MagixKiosk™’s across their exhibit. Each kiosk was fitted into a custom developed casing that provided additional messaging and branding space. The kiosks were equipped with custom content that contained visuals and simulations along with specs other details of the new models being exhibited. Visitors could view different variants and colours of the newly launched model with a touch or a swipe. They could zoom in or out, rotate the view and capture different perspectives of the car. The inner state was maintained consistent with the model chosen as the visitors viewed the interiors of the car. Once virtually inside they could open doors and windows and also the boot, retract mirrors, adjust handles, open the glove box, turn on and switch off the lights and see the seats as they actually would be in each case in addition to discovering other features of the models. Visitors could also access videos of the high-tech manufacturing plant where the cars were made and also view videos of the testing of the cars. The entire experience was designed to give visitors as close a look and feel of the vehicle as could be given without actually getting in and driving away in it and in the process inform them about the capabilities of the models even as they were entertained.

Impact: Even in an event as dazzling as the AutoExpo the Interactive kiosks ensured that visitors left with an indelible impression of the Volkswagen exhibit.