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Breezer Bustle Launch with MotionMagix Interactive Floor

Breezer Bustle Launch with MotionMagix Interactive Floor

Breezer Bustle Launch with MotionMagix Interactive Floor

Reinforcing association of Bacardi with music with Interactive Floor.

Client: Bacardi

Industry: Consumer

Objective: To reinforce the association of Bacardi with music and to create greater awareness about the different variants of the brand.

Product: MotionMagix Interactive Wall, MotionMagix Interactive Floor

Brief: Bacardi is known world-wide for its colourful, fruity flavours and also for its strong association with fresh, youthful music. Digital media and online connections also form a key part of the communication strategy of the brand. Among its most popular promotions in India was associated with the Breezer Bustle Music CD and promotional online game – a massive effort spread across 108 days and 36 pubs across the country. Pub visitors were invited to join the on-screen character in a dance and points were earned by following instructions to step on mats representing the different flavours of the brand.

The engagement was further deepened as players were encouraged to publish their scores to Facebook and Twitter thus also ensuring the virality of the message. A significant challenge was posed by the space constraint in the various locations –an innovative combination of the Interactive Floor and Interactive Wall helped overcome that. The movements of the players were tracked on the floor but the resulting interaction with the on-screen dancer was visually represented on the wall. All in all this was one of our most satisfying projects bringing together several uniquely challenging needs like the space-constrained deployment, the offline – online connect and the content into one launch.

Impact: The launch ensured that the Bacardi Breezer Bustle was one of the most talked about launches for the brand and also drove home the message of the various variants in a fun and engaging manner while staying with the musical theme of all Bacardi’s communications.