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Global pharmaceutical giant gets its employees moving and jumping to technology


Global pharmaceutical giant gets its employees moving and jumping to technology

Interactive games at a corporate event for employee engagement

Client: Sanofi

Industry: Pharmaceutical

Objective: Employee engagement at a corporate event for leading Pharma Company.

Product: MotionMagixTM on 60” LCD TV

Brief: Employee engagement is a big priority for any major corporation and it has been ours too over the years. Major businesses like Sanofi in this case look to TouchMagix to create meaningful, memorable and sheer fun filled experiences.
TouchMagix enables corporates to choose from a set of more than 100 games, some more popular than others for purposes of employee engagement. The games are played through bodily gestures and are extremely addictive and challenging.
For Sanofi, we installed a MotionMagixTM front sensing Interactive wall with a set of 10 games customized to reflect their corporate identity. We used a 60” LCD TV as the display.
As people discovered the installment and games, the desire to personally experience the game play caused a huge rush at the venue. And before the event was even over people started pouring in with request for more such events. If you count success of an event by sheer joy on people’s faces, this was certainly a successful one. We thank our partners and the clients for the overall success of the event.

Impact: The event became successful and served purpose of employee engagement with interactive games on LCD screen.

Disseminating information through Interactive Technology


Disseminating information through Interactive Technology

Multi-touch MagixKiosks™ that can easily adjusted on any screen


With the progress in technology most organizations today are looking at innovative ways and methods of dispensing information. Many of these large corporations have looked towards our hardware solutions to disseminate corporate information and run presentations for their employees or clients in a manner that is more interactive. From Multi-touch MagixKiosks™ that can easily adjusted into four form factors, Multi-Touch Thru-glass Film as touchfoils that fit any screen or glass façade to Multi-Touch Snap-on Frames that transform any LCD display into a multi – touch screen, TouchMagix’s hardware systems go a long way in creating experiences that leave a powerful impression. Our hardware systems have been installed in a number of tech companies, banks, hotels, real estate companies and have the ability to seamlessly work with AV integrators and AV partners to implement their technology and meet customized requirements of the client to create futuristic, hi tech displays.

The Interactive Way To Employee Engagement


The Interactive Way To Employee Engagement

Corporate game engagement packs for building leadership, teamwork, problem solving attitude in employees.

Objective: To move employees – physically as well as in tune with corporate values

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor, MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor, Magix™ Table, Multi-touch MagixKiosk™

Brief: Employee engagement is becoming key and corporates are recognising that special effort has to be continuously made to keep employees involved and happy. This is full-time occupation – be it while at work as usual or during company events and outings. Games and other fun activities play a key role in this strategy for most companies and the role that Interactivity can play here is immediately apparent. With this in mind we recently released focused corporate game engagement packs for deployment in the office as well at corporate events like outings. The pack has 10 specially designed games targeted at corporates, 5 each for the floor and the wall. These games include favourites like soccer and tennis along with other, more unusual games testing balance, reaction time and speed.
The games promote not only physical exercise but also have themes relevant to corporate culture building like leadership, teamwork, problem solving and taking the initiative among others.
Versions of the games are also available on the MagixTable™ and the MagixKiosk™ for offices with space constraints.

Impact: Interactive games have been proven to be effective at promoting employee interest and engagement within the corporate context and the games packs should go a long way towards that objective.