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GE Educates Visitors using Multi-Touch Display

GE Educates Visitors using MultiTouch Display

GE Educates Visitors using Multi-Touch Display

A highly successful installation where the delegates couldn’t stop appreciating the way information was laid out for them.

Client: GE Healthcare

Industry: Healthcare, Exhibition, Event

Objective: To display product information in an “easy-to-find” manner for extremely knowledgeable booth visitors.

Product: Multi-touch Displays and MagixKiosk

Brief: The customer was exhibiting at a leading International conference focused on a very specific field within the medical discipline. The delegates were doctors & other eminent experts in the area & the objective was to design the stall in a manner allowing the delegates to explore the exhibited products & models & find the information they were seeking. The media was made available in formats like PDF’s, videos, Image galleries, PPT’s and the visitor could browse and email the same. The Multi-touch MagixKiosk was the ideal system for the purpose – delegates were able to go through the presentations on the new technology & the innovations displayed & get all the information they needed.

Impact: The display attracted a high delegate turnout & the feedback was that the delegates appreciated the way the information was laid out for them.