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Wayfinding – The fun and interactive way!


Wayfinding – The fun and interactive way!


Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC) used Wayfinding solution on multitouch kiosk with various features.

Client: Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC)

Industry: Events and Exhibitions

Objective: Wayfinding solution at EEPC event

Product: MagixKiosk™

Brief: Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC), an arm of the Ministry of Commerce, India works to advance export of engineering goods, projects and services from India. With a membership of 12,000 among large Industrial Corporate Houses, Small & Medium Scale Units (SME), and trading houses in the engineering business, its annual exhibition (IESS) promised to be nothing short of big and busy.
Grappling with the problem of an simple wayfinding solution which gives not only directions but company information too, EEPC came to TouchMagix.
In every exhibition, a major problem visitors face is not being able to visit every stall or not knowing the correct way to reach desired stall.
We designed a customised wayfinding solution for EEPC on multi touch MagixKiosk™. 3 MagixKiosks™ by TouchMagix were installed at the exhibition. The wayfinding software, had advanced search and category functions and gave visitors a glimpse of the companies they wanted to visit.
It would be quite right to say that the exhibition began from the Wayfinding Kiosks and thats where everyone got their first dose of the exhibition at large and plan their way through India’s largest such confluence.

Impact: An exhibition of around 200+ exhibitors became a less intimidating affair to negotiate!

An Interactive Birthday Party for Uncle Sam

An Interactive Birthday Party for Uncle Sam

An Interactive Birthday Party for Uncle Sam

The MagixFone™ enabled much wider audience participation and education at US Consulate in India.

Client: US Consulate in India

Industry: Government

Objective: To share US history, culture and values with the people of Mumbai in fun and entertaining ways.

Product: Magix Fone

Brief: Among the primary charters of the US Consulate in India is to deepen the connection between the people of the two countries. They carry out several activities intended to promote greater understanding of the history, culture and values of USA. One of these events was a day-long celebration of the US Independence Day in one of Mumbai’s major shopping destinations. The event was packed with several fun activities and one that caught everyone’s eye was the US Knowledge Quiz. This was a game show themed Trivia Quiz that came alive as members of the audience phoned in, well sms’ed in, their answers to the questions related to history and culture of US that came up on the screen using the interactive capabilities of the MagixFone. This allowed simultaneous participation of many visitors thus engaging a much larger portion of the audience than would otherwise have been possible. The operating principle being the more the merrier – it is a birthday party after-all !

Impact: The MagixFone enabled much wider audience participation and education via gamification  – a key benefit for an event held in an outside location over a limited period of time.